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HACC Gettysburg Course Reviews

Harrisburg Area Community College, Gettysburg

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
GERT 105Careers in Gerontology00000
HVAC 101Basic Electrical Fundamentals00000
CVT 217Invasive Cardiovascular Clinical II00000
ENVI 261Clarification and Packaging00000
DMS 240Diagnostic Medical Sonography Lab IV00000
COMM 101HHonors Effective Speaking00000
HIST 282ADHistory of Religion in America00000
BAKE 111Pastry Arts I00000
DH 113Clinical Experience II00000
BIOL 221Microbiology00000
ENGL 102English Composition II00000
EDUC 261Integrating Curriculum in Early Childhood Classrooms00000
CJ 101Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
FIRE 203Fire Protection Systems00000
ASTR 104Introduction to Stellar Astronomy00000
GTEC 208Strength of Materials Lab00000
CULI 107Nutrition for Food Service00000
HUM 101Introduction to Humanities00000
ARCH 253Sustainable Architecture00000
IA 221Sensor Technology00000
BIOL 108Biology for Non-Science Majors00000
DH 230Oral Pathology00000
ART 125Visual Thinking00000
EDUC 140Integrating the Arts and Play as Educative Process00000
CARP 110Carpentry Fundamentals00000
ENGL 029English as a Second Language: Advanced Level00000
ELEC 111AC/DC Circuits I00000
CIS 224Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design00000
ENGL 110Foundations in Professional Writing00000
ART 191Glass00000
ESL 055Grammar II00000
CJ 240Ethics and Diverse Cultures00000
FS 130Promoting Academic Success00000
ARCH 111Architectural Graphics I00000
GIS 275Spatial Analysis00000
COMM 252Business and Professional Communication00000
HIST 111Twentieth Century Europe00000
AUTO 153Suspension Systems00000
HTMT 201Tourism: Theories & Practices00000
CULI 211Interna'l Culinary Tour:France00000
HUMS 121Skills and Methods in Human Services I00000
AGM 291AGM Cooperative Work Experience III00000
HVAC 291HVAC Cooperative Work Experience00000
CVTE 208Strength of Materials00000
MA 140Introduction to Medical Assisting00000
ART 114Interactive Media and Design00000
DH 211Dental Hygiene Theory III00000
BIOL 121Anatomy and Physiology I00000
DMS 150OB/GYN Sonography I00000
ANTH 101Introduction to Anthropology00000
ECON 201Principles of Economics I: Macro00000
BUSI 209Legal Environment of Business00000
EDUC 190Growth and Wellness in Childhood00000
ART 143Typography00000
EDUC 275Teaching and Supporting English Language Learners (ELLs) in...00000
CHEM 102General Inorganic Chemistry II and Qualitative Analysis00000
ENGL 003Strategy-Based Reading III00000
ELEC 203Electronic Circuit Design00000
CIS 135Intermediate Spreadsheet Applications00000
ENGL 057Critical Connections in Reading and Writing00000
ART 182Art through the Ages II - (1300 to 20th Century)00000
ENGL 106Business Writing00000
CIS 257Data Warehousing00000
ENGR 213Statics00000
ARAB 101Elementary Arabic I00000
ESL 030Reading and Writing I00000
CJ 206Criminalistics00000
ENVI 250Vineyard and Winery Capstone00000
ART 209Photography Seminar00000
FRCH 101Elementary French I00000
CNT 140The Physical Network00000
GEOL 201Environmental Geology00000
AGM 203GM Automotive Manual Transmissions/Transaxles and Differenti...00000
GERT 225Long-Term Care Leadership and Management00000
COMM 203Interpersonal Communication00000
GTEC 101Safety: OSHA-30 & NFPA-70E00000
AUCT 106The Auction00000
HIST 101World History to 1500 CE00000
CPS 161Computer Science II - Algorithmic Design JAVA and C++00000
HIST 207Greek and Roman History00000
ARCH 202Architectural Design IV00000
HTMT 104Nutrition for Food Service00000
CULI 153Culinary Arts III00000
HTMT 218Food/Beverage Operations I00000
AUTO 205Intermediate Automotive Electrical/Electronics00000
HUM 202Classical Mythology00000
CVT 102Cardiovascular Technology Laboratory00000
HUMS 217Addictions Counseling Interventions00000
ACCT 208Professional Bookkeeping00000
HVAC 105Fundamentals of Air Conditioning II00000
CVT 223Cardiac Pathophysiology and Echocardiography Concepts II00000
IA 205Computer Numerical Control - CNC00000
BCT 217Construction Project Administration00000
DA 177Dental Sciences00000
ACCT 161Principles of Managerial Accounting II00000
AGM 151GM Automotive Braking Systems00000
AOS 112Desktop Publishing00000
ART 149Design Practice00000
CIS 105Introduction to Software for Business00000
ELOC 172National Electric Code00000