GWC Course Reviews

Golden West College

BC C107AKeyboarding00000
BIOL A183Botany00000
ART G142Sculpture 100000
ATHL A260Track & Field Team Men's00000
ASTR A100MIntro Astronomy Lab Honors00000
APT A115Intro to Flight Operations00000
BCT C311International Residential Code00000
AMT A181Arfrm Comm/Nvgation Sys FAA00000
ART A152Intermediate Ceramic Design00000
ANTH A100Cultural Anthropology00000
ATHL A259Tennis Team Men's00000
ATHL A255Golf Team Men's00000
APT A146Advanced Aircraft & Engines00000
AUTO G145Basic Clean Air Car Course00000
AMT A161LArfm Shet Mtl/Cmpst Lab FAA00000
BC C171Web Design/XHTML100000
ART G251Printmaking 400000
BIOL C106Human Ecology00000
ACCT C101Financial Accounting00000
BIOL A114Basic Microbiology00000
AMT A182Avionics Install Practices00000
ART G103History of Asian Art00000
ACCT A111Individual Income Tax00000
ATHL G203Sports Conditioning (I)00000
ANTH A190Intro to Linguistic Anth00000
ATHL G235Basketball Team Women00000
ATHL G210Intercollegiate Sports Off Sea00000
APT A141Instrument Flight Simulatr Lab00000
ATHL A257Soccer Team Men's00000
AMT A172Pwrplnt Prplr/Lube Sys FAA00000
AUTO G002NAutomotive Safety (I)00000
APT A110Intro to Airport Operations00000
AUTO G150Man Drive Trains & Axle00000
ACCT G210Cost Accounting00000
BC C117Mobile App Development00000
ARCH A150CAD 2-D for Architecture00000
BCT C306Electrical Code00000
AMT A160Airframe & Pwrplnt Elec FAA00000
BIOL G221Intro Anatomy and Physiology00000
ART A247Jewelry 200000
BIOL G186Diversity of Organisms00000
ACCT C103Individual Taxation00000
BIOL C103Introduction to Marine Science00000
ART A100Western Art Prehistory-Gothic00000
BIOL G182Zoology00000
ACCT C113Intermediate Accounting 200000
ART C100Survey of Art-Prehist Gothic00000
ANTH C100Cultural Anthropology00000
ASTR A100LIntroduction to Astronomy Lab00000
ACCT G163Accounting for Small Business00000
ASTR A102Stellar Astronomy00000
ANTH A105Nonverbal Behavior00000
ATHL A109Sports Conditioning (I)00000
ALH A115Patient Care00000
ATHL G264Water Polo Team Men00000
ANTH G185Physical Anthropology00000
ATHL A235Basketball Team Women's00000
ATHL A119Athletic Team Training00000
APT A129Adv Flght Instructor Flght Lab00000
ATHL A129Fitness for Performance00000
ALH A010Health Occupations00000
ATHL A236Cross Country Team Women's00000
APT A130Private Pilot Grnd Sch00000
ATHL A222Pep Squad00000
ACCT C104Business Taxation00000
ATHL A239Golf Team Women's00000
APT A131Intro to Unmanned Aircraft Sys00000
AUTO G102NAutomotive Safety00000
AMT A153Gen Mat/Processes/Weld FAA00000
AUTO G004NAutomotive Tire and Wheel (I)00000
APT A128Flight Instructor Flight Lab00000
AUTO G101Intro To Automotive Technology00000
ACCT G113Business Income Taxation00000
BC C162Hit Medical Coding 200000
ARCH A021NFrameCAD Studio 1 NC00000
BC C112Office Organization00000
AMT A150Gen Maintenance Records FAA00000
BC C148Intermediate Microsoft Word00000
ARCH A230HArch Design/Theory 3 Honors00000
BCT C307Mechanical Code00000
ACCT G102Managerial Accounting00000
BIOL G100Introduction To Biology00000
ART A143Story Illustration Tech00000
BIOL A185LIntro to Bio for Majors 2 Lab00000
AMT A180Airframe Instrumentatn FAA (I)00000
BIOL G100LIntro To Biology Lab00000
ART C122Painting 100000
BIOL G210General Microbiology00000
ACCT C116ACCT for Managers/Entrepreneur00000
BIOL A280Evolutionary Ecology00000
ART G119Life Drawing 200000
BIOL C281Biochemistry00000
AMT A180LAirframe Instrument Lab FAA(I)00000
ART A124Advanced Drawing00000
ACCT A213Intermediate Accounting 200000
ACCT A210Cost Accounting00000
ACCT G115Issues In Tax-I-EA & CPA00000
ALH A115LPatient Care Lab00000
ANTH G190Introduction to Linguistics00000
ATHL A258Swimming Team Men's00000