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GW Course Reviews

The George Washington University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EXNS 1110Applied Anatomy/Physiology I31441
BISC 3460Conservation Biology43541
EMSE 3815Reqs Analysis and Elicitation00000
ECON 3142Labor Economics00000
HIST 2020WWash DC:Hist,Culture,Politics00000
EHS 3101Leadership Concepts00000
ECE 6691Power Systems Reliability00000
EMSE 6542Cybersec Risk Mgt & Compliance00000
EALL 6881Women,Gender,Religion in China00000
ECON 6300Math Methods for Econ00000
ECE 3915WECE Capstone Project Lab I00000
EDUC 6403Educational Hardware Systems00000
EDUC 8340Methods of Policy Analysis-Edu00000
ECE 6221Intro to Physical Electronics00000
EMED 6508Health Policy Issues/Emer Med00000
DNSC 6313Statistic for Analytics II00000
EMSE 6230Hazardous Waste Mgt & Cleanup00000
ECE 6882Reinforcement Learning00000
HDEV 6110Adolescent Development00000
CSA 3092FA Studio Critical Practices00000
HIST 2322U.S. History since 194500000
ECE 3220Intro Digital Signal Process00000
ECON 6997Independent Research00000
DNSC 6231Consulting for Analytics00000
EDUC 6525Managing College Student Svcs00000
ECE 4610Electrical Energy Conversion00000
EDUC 6620Man Int'l& Int'l StudyProgs00000
EDUC 8175Item Response Theory00000
ECE 6120Advanced Microarchitecture00000
EDUC 8999Dissertation Research00000
DNSC 6298Directed Readings & Research00000
EHS 4198Administrative Internship00000
ECE 6565Telecommunications Security00000
EMED 8391Extramural Emergency Medicine00000
CSA 1501Black&White Photography00000
EMSE 4755Quality Control & Accept Sampl00000
ECE 6830System Optimization00000
EMSE 6305Crisis & Emergency Management00000
DNSC 6404Sports Analytics00000
EMSE 6770Techniques of Risk Anlys & Mgt00000
ECON 2136Natural Resources/Environ Econ00000
HIST 1310American History to 187700000
CPS 4190Capstone Project00000
HIST 2125Twentieth-Century Europe00000
ECON 6250Survey-Economic Development00000
HIST 2380Sexuality in U.S. History00000
DNSC 4403Decision Models00000
ECON 6340App Labor Econ and Pub Policy00000
ECE 3515Computer Organization00000
EDUC 6244School, Fam & Comm Engagmnt00000
CRA 2104Business of Clinical Research00000
EDUC 6425Dev. Effect. Training w/ Tech.00000
ECE 4155Sensors Networks Applications00000
EDUC 6585Masters' Internship-HEA00000
DNSC 6252Risk Analysis for Decis Making00000
EDUC 6703Museum Audiences00000
ECE 4925WECE Capstone Project Lab III00000
EDUC 6804Research in Exper Jewish Ed00000
EDUC 8148Qualitative Data Collection00000
ECE 6045Spl Top: Machine Intelligence00000
EDUC 8277Adv Instr LdrshpSchool Improv00000
DNSC 6275Adv Stat. Modeling Analysis00000
EDUC 8540History of Higher Education00000
ECE 6210Machine Intelligence00000
EHS 2110EmergDeptCritCareAsses&Proced.00000
CRA 6275Ldrshp&Change in ClinRschAdmin00000
EHS 4105Ops Mgmt/Asymmetric Conditions00000
ECE 6505Error Control Coding00000
EMED 6231Emergency Medicine 200000
DNSC 6306Decision Models00000
EMED 8303Emergency Medicine & Pg00000
ECE 6620Electrical Power Systms00000
EMSE 1001Intro to Systems Engineering00000
CPS 2107Models of Policing00000
EMSE 4410Engineering Economic Analysis00000
ECE 6735Numerical Electromagnetics00000
EMSE 6035Marketing Analytics00000
DNSC 6323Visualiztion for Analytics00000
EMSE 6290Climate Change: Policy, Impact00000
ECE 6842Image Engineering00000
EMSE 6410Survey of Finance & Engr Econ00000
CSA 2702Screenprinting00000
EMSE 6701Operations Research Methods00000
ECON 1012Principles of Economics II00000
EMSE 6850Quant Models in Systems Eng00000
CSA 4021WFine Art Studio Seminar00000
HIST 1011World History, 1500-Present00000
ECON 2180International Economics00000
HIST 2005WHistory, Trauma, Memory00000
CPJ 6501Capstone Post-Production Works00000
HIST 2105WLaw, State, and Empire00000
ECON 3191Game Theory00000
HIST 2311The Jacksonian Era00000
ECE 1120C Programming for ECE00000
EDUC 6815Culturalism & Israel Education00000
ECON 6284Survey Intl Macro Finan Theory00000
COMM 4199WSenior Seminar00000
CPJ 7815Thesis Travel Project00000
CRA 6201Critical Analysis Clin Rsch00000
DNSC 6261Intro to Project & Program Mgt00000