GW Course Reviews

The George Washington University

BISC 3460Conservation Biology43541
EXNS 1110Applied Anatomy/Physiology I31441
ANAT 6291Special Projects in Anatomy00000
AH 6299Museum Internship00000
ANTH 3411Primatology00000
AMST 6998Thesis Research00000
AH 4198Independent Study00000
ANTH 1005Biological Bases/HumanBehavior00000
AH 1031Survey: Art & Architecture I00000
AMST 2210African American Experience00000
AH 2190East Asian Art00000
AMST 2450History/Meaning of US HigherEd00000
AMST 6195Research Seminar in AMST00000
AH 4129Manuscripts&Narrative Revivals00000
ANAT 6181Human Clinical Gross Anatomy00000
ACCY 6602Business Law:Enterprise Org00000
ANES 8386Critical Care Medicine00000
AH 6258Art Historiography00000
ANTH 2750WLatinos in the United States00000
ACCY 4601Business Law: Enterprise Org00000
ANTH 3601Language,Culture, andCognition00000
AH 2145Hist-Dec Art European Heritage00000
AMST 241020th-Century U.S. Immigration00000
ACCY 6105Intermediate Accounting II00000
AMST 2610Science, Technology & Politics00000
AH 3105Reimagining the Roman World00000
AMST 2750WLatinos in the United States00000
AMST 4701WEpidemics in American History00000
AH 3165Later Twentieth-Century Art00000
AMST 6550Architecture&PostWWIILandscape;00000
ACCY 6402Fed Income Tax of Partnerships00000
ANAT 2150Human Microscopic Anatomy00000
AH 4165Women in Islamic Art00000
ANAT 6260Electron Micro:Cell Biol-Lect00000
ACCY 3401Federal Income Tax:Individuals00000
ANES 6212Anesthesiology Research Lab00000
AH 6225Manuscripts &NarrativeRevivals00000
ANTH 1000Transnationalism&Globalization00000
ACCY 8001Doctoral Seminar00000
ANTH 2406Human Evolutionary Genetics00000
AH 6269Global Conceptions00000
ANTH 3403Forensic Anthropology Lab00000
ACA 6224Stage Combat II00000
ANTH 3502Cultural Ecology00000
AMST 2000Nature & Culture of Children00000
ANTH 3603Psycholinguistics00000
ACCY 4995Independent Study00000
AMST 2350U.S. Religion and Politics00000
AH 2161Hist-DecArts: AmericanHeritage00000
AMST 2430Capitalism and Culture00000
ACA 6228Practicum IV00000
AMST 2521American Architecture II00000
AH 3101AncientArtofBronzeAge&Greece00000
AMST 2710The United States in the World00000
ACCY 6112Intl Fin. Reporting Standards00000
AMST 3360African American Hist. to 186500000
AH 3113Islamic Art and Architecture00000
AMST 3600Popular Music and Politics00000
AMST 4500WSTEM & its Cultures00000
AH 3146WMod Arch Eur & Amer 1750-200000000
AMST 6110Cultural Theory & Amer Studies00000
ACCY 6302Fraud Exam & Forensic Acctg00000
AMST 6450Race in America00000
AH 3182WIndian Painting00000
AMST 6730NaturalMagic,Religion&AmerArt00000
ACCY 3102Intermediate Accounting II00000
AMST 8999Dissertation Research00000
AH 4159Portraiture & Cultural Capital00000
ANAT 6130Human Clinical Embryology00000
ACCY 6501Accounting Info Systems & EDP00000
ANAT 6219Ethics for Translational Sci00000
AH 4189Seminar in Photography00000
ANAT 6275Studies Translational Sciences00000
ACA 6220Alexander Technique II00000
ANAT 8120Graduate Human Gross Anatomy00000
AH 6214Medieval Islamic ArtOfTheBook00000
ANES 8382Neurosurgical Anesthesia00000
ACCY 6801Corp. Governance & Ethics00000
ANES 8390Extramural Anesthesiology00000
AH 6245Courbet & Manet: New Visions00000
ANTH 1003Archaeology00000
ACCY 4107Advanced Accounting00000
ANTH 2008WDiscussion00000
AH 6262Photography in India00000
ANTH 2505Intro to Ethnomusicology00000
AFST 1001Intro: Africana Studies00000
ANTH 2822Archaeology in Film/Television00000
AH 6286MuseumPreventiveConservation I00000
ANTH 3407Animal Behavior & Conservation00000
ACA 6210Text II00000
ANTH 3413Evolution of the Human Brain00000
AMST 1100Politics and Film00000
ANTH 3506Politics,Ethnicity&Nationalism;00000
AH 2001Art&Arch of Egypt & Near East00000
AMST 3900Critiquing Culture00000
AMST 2020WWash DC:Hist,Culture,Politics00000
ACA 6206Topics:Classical Drama/Cult II00000
ACA 6215Movement I00000
ACCY 2001Intro to Financial Accounting00000
ACCY 6202Advanced Strategic Cost Mgmt00000