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GVSU Course Reviews

Grand Valley State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 403Plant Structure and Function00000
BMS 305Clinical Nutrition00000
ART 376Intermediate Ceramics 1: Wheel Throwing00000
BIO 272Insect Biology and Diversity00000
ART 479Glaze Calculation00000
ART 101Introduction to Art00000
BIO 560Advanced Community Ecology00000
AHS 180Future Health Care Innovations00000
ART 415Senior Project: Graphics/Illustration00000
ANT 215Origins of Civilization00000
ATH 675Therapeutic Interventions II00000
ASL 327ASL to English00000
ARA 102Beginning Arabic II: Language and Culture00000
BIO 342Ornithology00000
ACC 627Estate, Gift, and Trust I00000
BIO 475Population Genetics00000
ART 323Rethinking Renaissance Art00000
BIO 699Independent Study00000
ACC 408Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting00000
BMS 393Laboratory Assistant in Human Anatomy00000
AHS 495SWS Issues in Health Prof00000
ART 462Advanced Painting I00000
ACC 499Independent Research00000
ASL 201American Sign Language 100000
ANT 317Advanced Crosscultural Linguistics00000
ATH 515Assessment and Evaluation II00000
ATH 220Athletic Trn Clinical I00000
ANT 430Issues in Contemporary Anthropology00000
BIO 120General Biology I00000
ACC 615Entity Taxation-Theory and Practice00000
BIO 317Principles Of Animal Nutrition00000
ARA 312Contemporary Arabic Culture00000
BIO 362Biology and Diversity of Fishes00000
ACC 317Individual Income Taxation00000
BIO 432Comparative Animal Physiology00000
ART 271Digital 3-D Modeling and Design00000
BIO 503Plant Structure and Function00000
ACC 699Independent Study00000
BIO 593Advanced Univariate Methods00000
ART 350Learning to See: Visual Training for the Health Care Profess...00000
BMS 222Introduction to Public Health00000
AAA 380History of South Africa00000
BMS 355Anatomy of Joints00000
ART 393Image Studio00000
BMS 404Community Nutrition00000
ACC 416Information Systems Auditing00000
ART 425Depicting a Nation: 19th Century American Art00000
ANT 206Human Origins00000
ART 472Advanced Sculpture 100000
AAA 499Independent Study and Research00000
ART 491Internship in Studio Art00000
ANT 312Human Osteology00000
ASL 321Medical and Developmental Interpreting00000
ACC 513Internal Auditing00000
ASL 423Asl Interpreting Practicum00000
ANT 330Anthropology Of Selected World Areas00000
ATH 490Internship in Athletic Training00000
ATH 315Athletic Injury Assessment II00000
ANT 405SWS Anthropological Theory00000
ATH 525Prehospital Care of the Injured Patient00000
ACC 611Contemporary Managerial Accounting00000
BIO 104Biology for the 21st Century00000
ANT 498Honors Research in Anthropology00000
BIO 210Evolutionary Biology00000
ACC 308Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting00000
BIO 308Wildlife Ecology00000
ARA 285Colloquial And Media Arabic00000
BIO 328Biomedical Ethics00000
ACC 620Accounting Theory00000
BIO 349The Darwinian Revolution00000
ARA 499Independent Study in Arabic00000
BIO 383Plant-Fungal Interactions00000
AAA 352Black Women's Culture and Communities00000
BIO 415Fire Ecology and Management00000
ART 151Foundations: 3-D Design00000
BIO 452Human Evolution00000
ACC 633International Tax Practice00000
BIO 490Internship00000
ART 310Graphic Design III00000
BIO 515Fire Ecology and Management00000
ACC 330International Accounting00000
BIO 575Population Genetics00000
ART 335Digital Creativity00000
BIO 693Graduate Project00000
AFN 400Applied Medical Nutrition Therapy00000
BMS 202Anatomy and Physiology00000
ART 367Intermediate Printmaking II00000
BMS 280Anatomy and Physiology II Lab00000
AAA 300U.S. Africa Relations00000
BMS 311Pharmacological Aspects of Biomedical Sciences00000
ART 382Intermediate Illustration II00000
BMS 380Assistant in A&P II00000
AHS 340Health Care Management00000
ART 399Independent Readings in Art00000
AAA 201Introduction to African American Studies00000
AAA 337Contemporary Black Literature00000
ACC 212Principles of Financial Accounting00000
ACC 603Accounting and Auditing Research00000
ANT 375Language, Identity, and Diversity00000
ATH 405Therapeutic Modalities00000