GVSU Course Reviews

Grand Valley State University

ART 477Advanced Ceramics 100000
ATH 314Athletic Injury Assessment I00000
ART 265Introduction to Printmaking00000
ART 421Surrealism00000
ART 335Digital Creativity00000
ART 159Drawing Fundamentals00000
ASL 210Introduction To American Sign Language Interpreting00000
ANT 206Human Origins00000
ART 312Graphic Design IV Experience Design00000
ANT 375Language, Identity, and Diversity00000
ART 395Space Studio00000
ART 362Intermediate Painting II00000
ART 109Graphic Design Basics00000
ART 467Advanced Printmaking I00000
ACC 680Accounting & Auditing Res00000
ART 490Internship in Art History00000
ART 219History of Illustration00000
ASL 422Deaf History and Culture Practicum00000
ACC 511Financial and Managerial Accounting Concepts00000
ATH 420Advanced Techniques in Athletic Training00000
ANT 320Culture and Disease00000
ART 323Rethinking Renaissance Art00000
ACC 608Forensic Accounting00000
ART 350Learning to See: Visual Training for the Health Care Profess...00000
ARA 285Colloquial And Media Arabic00000
ART 391Civic Studio00000
ART 371Intermediate Sculpture 1: Fabrications00000
ARC 400Archaeological Methods and Research Design00000
ART 410Graphic Design V00000
ACC 628Fiduciary Income Tax00000
ART 448Advanced Jewelry and Metalsmithing II00000
ART 152Foundations: Color and Design00000
ART 472Advanced Sculpture 100000
ACC 414External Auditing00000
ART 479Glaze Calculation00000
ART 211Graphic Design II00000
ART 499Independent Study in Art00000
AFN 417Food Service Practicum00000
ASL 326Educational Interpreting00000
ART 245Introduction to Jewelry and Metalsmithing00000
ATH 218Modern Principles of Athletic Training Lab00000
ACC 212Principles of Financial Accounting00000
ATH 330Athletic Training Clinical IV00000
ART 280History of Illustration00000
ATH 495SWS Organization & Admin00000
ACC 580Internal Auditing00000
ART 321Digital 3D00000
ANT 340Culture and Environment00000
ART 332Introduction to Art Education00000
ACC 308Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting00000
ART 346Intermediate Jewelry and Metalsmithing I00000
ARA 101Beginning Arabic I: Language and Culture00000
ART 356Advanced Drawing II00000
ACC 613Financial Statement Analysis00000
ART 367Intermediate Printmaking II00000
ARA 310Media Arabic00000
ART 382Intermediate Illustration II00000
ART 376Intermediate Ceramics 1: Wheel Throwing00000
ARA 399Independent Study in Arabic00000
ART 393Image Studio00000
ACC 622Tax Research and Writing00000
ART 399Independent Readings in Art00000
ARC 499Independent Study in Archaeology00000
ART 415Senior Project: Graphics/Illustration00000
ACC 340Accounting Systems00000
ART 425Depicting a Nation: 19th Century American Art00000
ART 150Foundations: 2-D Design00000
ART 463Advanced Painting II00000
ACC 632Tax Accounting00000
ART 468Advanced Printmaking II00000
ART 155Foundations: Introduction to Drawing I00000
ART 473Advanced Sculpture 200000
AAA 357The Black Diaspora and the Meaning of Sports, 1800 to the Pr...00000
ART 478Advanced Ceramics 200000
ART 180Basics of Oil Painting00000
ART 482Advanced Illustration I00000
AFN 300Food Protection Management00000
ART 495Issues in Art (capstone)00000
ART 215Advanced Typography00000
ASL 202American Sign Language 200000
ACC 490Accounting Internship00000
ASL 324Legal Interpreting00000
ART 222SWS Survey of Art History II00000
ASL 420American Sign Language Linguistics00000
AHS 180Future Health Care Innovations00000
ATH 210Directed Observation in AT00000
ART 258Intermediate Drawing00000
ATH 225At Emergency Care00000
AAA 300U.S. Africa Relations00000
ATH 316Therapeutic Exercise00000
ART 270Introduction to Sculpture00000
ATH 406Intervention and Referral00000
ANT 314Bioarchaeology00000
ART 307Digital Prepress00000
AAA 201Introduction to African American Studies00000
AAA 337Contemporary Black Literature00000
ACC 321Cost Strategy and Decision Making00000
ACC 617International Accounting00000
ARA 320Practical Arabic Translations00000
ART 380Realism and Impressionism00000