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Guttman Course Reviews

Guttman Community College (CUNY)

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ACCT 121Principles of Accounting I00000
AMST 203Civic Engagement in a Global Society00000
ANTH 201Urban Anthropology: Poverty & Affluence00000
BIOL 122Introduction to Life and Environment Science00000
BIOL 212Human Biology00000
BIOL 251Genetics00000
BUSI 298Independent Study00000
CHEM 120Introduction to Biological Chemistry00000
COMM 101Speech Communication00000
ECON 201Macroeconomics00000
ECON 223Economics of Social Issues00000
ENGL 103ACo-requisite Support for ENGL 103 - Composition I00000
ENGL 215Topics in Literature00000
FYS 102First Year Seminar-Learning about Being a Successful Student...00000
GOVT 203Introduction to Urban Planning and Policy00000
HSVC 103Introduction to Human Services00000
HSVC 203Fieldwork and Integrative Seminar II00000
HSVC 223Introduction to Disability Studies00000
INFT 201Networking & Data Communications00000
INFT 204Internship in Information Technology00000
INFT 221Web Technologies & Multimedia00000
LASC 100Studio00000
LASC 102City Seminar II00000
LASC 243Internship Seminar00000
LASC 295Issues in Global Learning00000
MATH 100AAlgebra Practicum00000
MATH 103Statistics00000
MATH 120College Algebra & Trigonometry00000
MATH 210Calculus00000
PHIL 201Environmental Ethics00000
SOCI 102Introduction to Sociology00000
SOCI 231Introduction to Urban Community Health00000
SOSC 113Ethnographies of Work II00000
UBST 201Urban Anthropology: Poverty & Affluence00000
UBST 225Urbanisms Global00000
ACCT 223Principles of Accounting II00000
ANTH 101Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
ART 200The Arts in New York City00000
BIOL 211General Biology00000
BIOL 221Biology II00000
BUSI 102Introduction to Business00000
CHEM 110Introduction to Chemistry00000
CHEM 221General Chemistry II00000
CHEM 241Analytical Chemistry00000
CSM 1CUNY Start Math00000
ECON 204Contemporary Economic Issues00000
ENGL 103Composition I00000
ENGL 203Composition II00000
ENGL 211Cities in Film and Literature00000
FYS 101First Year Seminar-Learning about Being a Successful Student...00000
GOVT 202American Government and Politics00000
HIST 221History of Urban Life00000
HSVC 201Fieldwork and Integrative Seminar I00000
HSVC 213Health and Human Services Policy00000
INFT 102Hardware & Software00000
INFT 203Introduction to Management Information Systems00000
INFT 213Special Topics in Information Technology00000
INFT 233Systems Analysis & Design00000
MATH 120.5College Algebra and Trigonometry with LAB00000
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology00000
SOCI 201Crime & Justice in Urban Society00000
SOSC 111Ethnographies of Work I00000
UBST 102Introduction to Urban Studies00000
UBST 204Special Topics in Urban Studies00000
AMST 103Introduction to Social Justice00000
ANTH 227Sexuality and Gender in Urban Life00000
BIOL 231Microbiology00000
BUSI 201Business Law & Ethics00000
CHEM 211General Chemistry I00000
COMM 102Introduction to Media Studies00000
ECON 203Microeconomics00000
ENGL 100Critical Reading and Writing Practicum00000
ENGL 21420th Century American Lit: Intro Women Writers00000
GOVT 201Urban Politics: New York City Government00000
HIST 201Who Built New York? New York City History00000
HSVC 113Methods of Intervention for Human Services00000
HSVC 204Special Topics in Fields of Practice00000
HSVC 298Independent Study00000
INFT 202Database Management & Design00000
INFT 211Programming I00000
INFT 223Programming II00000
LASC 101City Seminar I00000
LASC 200The Arts in New York City00000
LASC 201Environmental Ethics00000
LASC 254Capstone Seminar in the Liberal Arts & Sciences00000
LASC 298Independent Study00000
MATH 103BStatistics B00000
MATH 103AStatistics A00000
MATH 201Precalculus00000
PHIL 103Introduction to Philosophical and Humanistic Thinking00000
PSYC 220Child Psychology00000
SOSC 110Foundations in the Social Sciences00000
SOSC 213Ethnographies of Work II00000
UBST 203Race, Ethnicity & Community Development00000
UBST 253Urban Research Seminar Capstone00000