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GSW Course Reviews

Georgia Southwestern State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EEDC 8870EdS Pract II in Elem Educ00000
GEOL 3511Structural Geology00000
CMCC 3200Stategies of Care Case Mgmt00000
EDSP 3000The Exceptional Student00000
CSCI 2500Discrete Structures in CS00000
CHEM 3250LQuantitative Analysis Lab00000
ENGL 4210Romanticism in Amer Literature00000
BIOL 3000Advanced Botany00000
CRJU 3501Criminal Investigations II00000
BIOL 4350Natural History of Vertebrates00000
EDMG 6221Readings In MG Mathematics00000
CSCI 4830Artificial Intelligence00000
CHEM 1020Everyday Chemistry00000
EEDC 3400Teaching in Elementary Educ00000
BIOL 1011KeCore Introduction to Biology00000
ENGL 3250Writing Fiction00000
CHIN 1001Elementary Chinese I00000
EURO 4430European Un Envir Policy00000
ARST 4034Adv Glass Blowing IV00000
HIST 3810History of Georgia00000
BIOL 3600Entomology00000
CRJU 4300Community Corrections00000
ARST 4172Advanced Digital Arts IV00000
CSCI 4210Computer Networks00000
BIOL 4900Special Topics00000
EDMG 3060MG Science I Assess-Applic00000
CSCI 6900Sp Prob CS-Linux & AndroidSec00000
BUSA 6150Human Resource Management00000
EDRG 3260Strat Tchg Intermediate Litera00000
ARTX 4081Drawing and Painting00000
EDUC 4970Student Teaching in P-1200000
CHEM 1211KeCore Prin of Chemistry I &Lab00000
EEDC 4970Student Teaching in Elem Educ00000
ARST 3252Intermediate Painting II00000
ENGL 2131American Literature I00000
CHEM 4402LPhysical Chemistry Lab II00000
ENGL 4070Professional Editing00000
BIOL 2030Human Anatomy-Physiology I00000
ENGL 6260Graphic Novel00000
CIS 3300Systems Anal Des-Implem I00000
GEOL 1122KIntroductory Geosciences II00000
ARHS 3080Asian Art History00000
GEOL 4951Igneous/Metamorphic Petrology00000
CRJU 2100Intro to Law Enforcement00000
HIST 4540US History, 1877-192000000
ARST 4163Ceramics III Advanced00000
CRJU 4000Internship to Criminal Justice00000
BIOL 4050Ecology00000
CRJU 4800Senior Capstone00000
ARST 3001Beginning Glassblowing I00000
CSCI 3400Intro to Computer Networks00000
BIOL 4480Ichthyology00000
CSCI 4400Intro to Database Systems00000
ARST 4263Advanced Painting III00000
CSCI 4940Capstone Project00000
BUSA 3021Leadership ll: Perspect & Prac00000
EDEC 7550Issues and Trends in EC00000
EDEC 3600Inquiry & Self Express in Elem00000
BUSA 6100History and Philosophy of Mgmt00000
EDMG 4980Student Teaching Mid Grades00000
ARTX 4060Senior Seminar00000
EDRG 3020Language Arts00000
BUSA 6540Organizational Leadership00000
EDSC 4980Student Teaching in Secondary00000
ARST 3092Intermediate Photo II00000
EDSP 4310Nature of Learning Disabil00000
CHEM 1152LSurvey of Chemistry II Lab00000
EDUC 8420Mentor, Coach & Facilit Lrng00000
ARTX 4084Sculpture00000
EEDC 4200Science for Elementary Educ00000
CHEM 3100Chemical Literature00000
EEDC 7350Elem Curriculum & Instr Strat00000
ACCT 4390Accounting Internship00000
ENGL 1102Composition II00000
CHEM 4350Molecular Modeling00000
ENGL 3010Literature for Young Adults00000
BIOL 1107LEssentials of Biology I Lab00000
ENGL 3460Modern British Literature00000
CHEM 4450LInstrumental Analysis Lab00000
ENGL 4140Restoration-18th Cen Eng Lit00000
ARST 4004Advanced Sculpture IV00000
ENGL 4310Communication in Organizations00000
CIS 2010Audio-Video Prod Technology I00000
ENVS 1100Intro to Environmental Science00000
BIOL 2107KPrinciples of Biology I00000
FTA 4003Commercial Banking & FinTech00000
CIS 6720Distributed Web Applications00000
GEOL 3121Mineralogy00000
ACCT 3260Intermediate Accounting II00000
GEOL 4911Senior Seminar00000
COMM 3135Persuasion00000
HIST 2112United States History II00000
BIOL 3100Cell-Molecular Biology00000
CRJU 3200Criminology00000
ACCT 2101Accounting Principles I00000
ACCT 4235Advanced Income Tax Accounting00000
ARST 3042Intermediate Printmaking II00000
ARTC 1100Art Appreciation00000
BUSA 3105Communications in the Bus Env00000
EDEC 4970Student Teaching Elem Edu00000