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GSU Perimeter Course Reviews

Perimeter College at Georgia State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
APOR 1001Organ-Freshman I00000
CHEM 1151LSurvey of Chemistry I Lab00000
GRMN 1001Elementary German I00000
ACCT 2101Prin of Acct I00000
KH 2130Intro to Kinesiology & Health00000
ENGL 2120British Literature00000
APVL 2001Violin-Sophomore I00000
BIOL 1103LIntroductory Biology I Lab00000
JAPN 2001Intermediate Japanese I00000
CHEM 1152Survey of Chemistry II00000
SPAN 2002Intermediate Spanish II00000
PERS 2002Scien Persp on Global Problems00000
DHYG 2909Clinical Dental Hygiene IV00000
APCL 2001Clarinet-Sophomore I00000
ARBC 1002Elementary Arabic II00000
APTP 1000Preparatory Major Trumpet00000
ENVS 1402LPlant Resources in Environ(L)00000
ASTR 1020LStellar and Galactic Astr. Lab00000
APOR 1002Organ-Freshman II00000
CRJU 2310Corrections00000
BIOL 2120Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
KH 1069Aerobic Fitness00000
APSX 1000Preparatory Major Saxophone00000
NURS 1924Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurs00000
CHEM 2410Organic Chemistry II00000
PORT 1002Elementary Portuguese II00000
PHYS 1111Introductory Physics I00000
DHYG 1914Periodontics for the Dent Hyg00000
THEA 2212Intermediate Acting00000
APVC 1001Voice-Freshman I00000
ANTH 2020Intro to Cultural Anthropology00000
ECON 2106Principles of Microeconomics00000
APHN 1000Preparatory Major Horn00000
APHN 1002Horn-Freshman II00000
APPR 2002Percussion-Sophomore II00000
ENGR 2040Electric Circuit Analysis00000
APVC 1000Preparatory Major Voice00000
ASL 1001Elem American Sign Language I00000
ART 2050Fundamentals of Ceramics00000
FREN 2002Intermediate French II00000
BIOL 2110Hon: Human Anatomy & Phys I00000
APCE 1002Cello-Freshman II00000
CHEM 2410LOrganic Chemistry II Lab00000
HUMN 1000Introduction to the Humanities00000
CSC 2510Theor Foundations of Comp Sci00000
APPR 1000Preparatory Major Percussion00000
JOUR 2010Opinion Writing and Analysis00000
BUSA 2106Legal & Ethical Env Bus00000
KH 2101Personal Trainer I00000
APEU 1000Preparatory Major Euphonium00000
KH 2221Anatomy in Kh Laboratory00000
CHEM 1212Principles of Chemistry II00000
NURS 2927Pediatric Nursing Concepts00000
APTB 1000Preparatory Major Trombone00000
PHIL 1010Critical Thinking00000
CIS 2010Intro to Info Systems00000
POLS 2101Intro to Political Science00000
PHYS 1112Introductory Physics II00000
CSC 2920Eth/Soc Issues in Computing00000
PSYC 2099Hon: Special Topics In Psych00000
APTU 2002Tuba-Sophomore II00000
THEA 1660Makeup For The Stage00000
DHYG 1921KDental Tissues00000
THEA 2613Applied Theater Workshop00000
APGT 1001Guitar-Freshman I00000
AH 2000Survey of Art Since 190000000
DHYG 2925Public Health II00000
APCE 1001Cello-Freshman I00000
APVL 1001Violin-Freshman I00000
APFL 1002Flute-Freshman II00000
ENGL 1101English Composition I00000
APJG 1000Preparatory Major Jazz Guitar00000
ANTH 2030Archaeology and Prehistory00000
APPF 2001Piano-Sophomore I00000
ENGR 1212Engr Graphics & Design II00000
APSX 2002Saxophone-Sophomore II00000
ART 1050Introductory Studio00000
APTU 1001Tuba-Freshman I00000
ENSL 0093Academic Reading III00000
APVC 2002Voice-Sophomore II00000
APJG 1001Jazz Guitar-Freshman I00000
ART 1010Drawing I00000
FLME 2900Language of Film Through Prod00000
ASL 2001Intrmd Americn Sign Language I00000
ASTR 1010LAstronomy of the Solar Sys Lab00000
BIOL 1104LHON: Intro Biology II Lab00000
GEOL 1122Introductory Geology II00000
BIOL 2310Fundamental Microbiology Lab00000
ACCT 2102Prin of Acct II00000
CHEM 1212LPrinciples of Chemistry II Lab00000
HBRM 2002Intermediate Modern Hebrew II00000
CHIN 2002Intermediate Chinese II00000
BIOL 2107LPrinciples of Biology I Lab00000
ITAL 1002Elementary Italian II00000
AAS 1140Intro To Afr & Afr-Am History00000
AL 2101Exploring Language00000
APFL 1001Flute-Freshman I00000
APTB 2001Trombone-Sophomore I00000
CRJU 2700American Criminal Courts00000
PHYS 2212LPrinciples of Physics II Lab00000