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Grinnell Course Reviews

Grinnell College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PHI 111Introduction to Philosophy54552
CSC 151Functional Prob Solving w/lab44541
BIO 220Racing Through Genetics41551
ECN 395ST: Sem Global Factor Mvmnts00000
ECN 220Foundations of Policy Analysis00000
BIO 370Advanced Cell Biology w/lab00000
ART 195ST: Contemporary Video00000
EDU 460Sem in Teaching Young Adult00000
CHI 397IP: Twd An Anthropo Chim Ale00000
ENG 232Traditions of Ethnic Am Lit00000
CHM 297GR: Chm Native Amer Medicine00000
CSC 324Software Design & Dev w/Lab00000
BIO 340Aquatic Biology w/lab00000
ECN 295ST: Comparative Economic Syst00000
ARH 232Art Since 194500000
EDU 250Differentiating Instruction00000
CHI 101Beginning Chinese I00000
ENG 223Tradition of English Lit I00000
ANT 305Cultural Politics of Fashion00000
ENG 310Studies in Shakespeare00000
ART 255Fundamentals Video Production00000
ANT 397IP: Anthropology of Sex Work00000
CHM 358Instrumental Analysis w/lab00000
ART 499MAP: Abst-Anthropomorphism00000
CHM 423Advanced Inorganic Chem w/lab00000
CLS 255History of Ancient Greece00000
CSC 282Thinking in C and Unix00000
BIO 305Evltn of the Iowa Flora w/lab00000
CSC 499MAP: Network Science Project00000
ARH 195ST: Art of India00000
ECN 236Health Economics00000
BIO 364Animal Physiology w/lab00000
ECN 369Sem in Environmental Econ00000
ANT 280Theories of Culture00000
EDU 210Histrcl Prspctvs/US Educatn00000
BIO 395ST: Ornithololgy w/lab00000
EDU 342Res/Meth: Lrnng World Languges00000
ARH 297GR: Architectures of SE Asia00000
ENG 205The Craft of Fiction00000
CHI 230Chinese Wm: Past & Present00000
ENG 228American Lit Traditions II00000
ANT 227Mothers and Infants00000
ENG 274PSex, Gender, & Critical Theory00000
CHM 210LInorgnc & Analytcl Chem Lab00000
ENG 325Studies in Ethnic Am Lit00000
ANT 326Anthropology of Religion00000
CHM 330Bioorganic Chemistry00000
ART 315Adv Studio: Contemp Practices00000
CHM 364Physical Chemistry II w/lab00000
ANT 240PIntentional Communities00000
CLS 231History of Ancient Philosophy00000
ASC 101Scholars' Seminar00000
ANT 499MAP: Viking Women's Power00000
CLS 263Political Theory I00000
BCM 395ST: Proteomics00000
CLS 395ST: Gender in Greece and Rome00000
CSC 105The Digital Age w/lab00000
CSC 262Computer Vision00000
BIO 252Orgnsms, Evoltn, Ecolgy w/lab00000
CSC 299DR: Analysis of Rec Systems00000
ARB 395ST: Adv Arabic: Lang/Cultr II00000
CSC 395ST: Adv Operating Systems00000
BIO 334Plant Physiology w/lab00000
ECN 111Introduction to Economics00000
ANT 265Ethngrphy of Comm: Mthd & Thry00000
ECN 230Economic Development00000
BIO 345Advanced Genetics w/lab00000
ECN 280Microeconomic Analysis00000
ARH 222Impressnism/Post-Impressnism00000
ECN 329Advanced Econometrics00000
BIO 365Microbiology w/lab00000
ECN 374Sem International Trade00000
ANT 210Illness, Healing and Culture00000
EDU 115How to Learn Physics00000
BIO 380Molecular Biology w/lab00000
EDU 215Reading & Writing Youth Cult00000
ARH 250Roman Archaeology and Art00000
EDU 301Teaching & Tutoring Writing00000
BIO 397IP: Ecn Botany, Digi Herbaria00000
EDU 345Res/Meth: Learning in Science00000
ANT 293Rsrch for Community Developmnt00000
ENG 120Literary Analysis00000
CHI 102Beginning Chinese II00000
ENG 210Studies in Genre00000
ART 111Introduction to the Studio00000
ENG 225Intro to Postcolonial Lit00000
CHI 295ST: Chinese Language00000
ENG 230English Historical Linguistics00000
ALS 102Korean III00000
ENG 273Feminism and Difference00000
CHM 100Chem is Everywhere00000
ENG 299DR: Queering Poetry00000
ART 240Ceramics00000
BCM 499MAP: Indiv Interferon Gene00000
CSC 205Computational Linguistics00000
CHM 222LOrganic Chemistry II Lab00000
ALS 100Alternate Lang Study00000
AMS 195ST: Ident, Jews, Africana Std00000
ANT 254Jews, Diaspora, Antisemitism00000
ARB 221Intermediate Arabic I00000