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Grinnell Course Reviews

Grinnell College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PHI 111Introduction to Philosophy54552
CSC 151Functional Prob Solving w/lab44541
BIO 220Racing Through Genetics41551
GWS 395ST: Queer & Trans Literatures00000
GRM 222LContinuing German II Lab00000
EDU 469Student Teaching Internship00000
CHM 363LPhysical Chemistry I Lab00000
HIS 238The Making of Modern Germany00000
ENG 327The Romantics00000
HIS 336The European Metropolis00000
ENV 125Intro to Earth Syst Sci w/lab00000
GRE 302Plato00000
EDU 250Differentiating Instruction00000
GRM 380Critical Approach to Grm Canon00000
CHM 221Organic Chemistry I w/lab00000
HIS 220US Environmntl History00000
ENG 230English Historical Linguistics00000
HIS 283Whn the Wrld Became Global00000
BIO 399DR: Zebrafish Neurogenesis00000
HUM 200PLearning From Alumni00000
CHM 499MAP: Micro Syn Sub Alkenones00000
CHI 221Intermediate Chinese I00000
ENV 399DR: Soil Carbon Cycling00000
CLS 257The Roman Republic00000
FRN 103LAccelerated Intro to Frn I Lab00000
FRN 313Intro French Lit/19 & 20 Cent00000
GLS 291Prspctv 20C Cntrl & E Euro Lit00000
EDU 115How to Learn Physics00000
GRM 102Introductory German II00000
CHI 498Readings in Chinese Literature00000
GRM 302Core Sem I: Frm Cult to Nation00000
EDU 343Res/Meth: Learn Social Studies00000
GWS 211Foundations of LGBTQ Studies00000
BIO 380Molecular Biology w/lab00000
HIS 201Colonial Latin America00000
ENG 215Reading & Writing Youth Cult00000
HIS 226Nat Amer Hist 1871-Prsnt00000
CHM 299DR: Syn char BTSC TM Cat Red00000
HIS 266History of Modern Middle East00000
ENG 295ST: Writing Diaspora00000
HIS 323American Women Since WWII00000
BIO 345LAdvanced Genetics Lab00000
HIS 397IP: Humor & History: Civ War00000
ENG 385PWriting Seminar: Fiction00000
HUM 295ST: Mapping Racial Trauma00000
CHI 101LBeginning Chinese I Lab00000
ENV 251Water, Dvlpmnt & the Envirnmnt00000
CLS 248Greek Archaeology & Art00000
FRN 101Introduction to French I00000
BIO 363Neurobiology w/lab00000
FRN 222Intermediate French II00000
CLS 295ST: Greek Drama00000
CHI 230Chinese Wm: Past & Present00000
FRN 342Orientalism Revisited00000
CLS 495Senior Seminar00000
FRN 397IP: Translation Studies00000
FYE 100FYE: Connections00000
GLS 251Children's & Young Adult Lit00000
EDU 150Teaching Writing00000
GLS 304Studies in Drama II00000
CHI 332Advanced Chinese II00000
GRM 101Introductory German I00000
EDU 215Reading & Writing Youth Cult00000
GRM 212AGerman Conversation00000
BIO 370LAdvanced Cell Biology Lab00000
GRM 263German Cinema00000
EDU 340Res/Meth: Teaching Young Adult00000
GRM 350Avant-Garde to Postmod Grm Clt00000
CHM 129General Chemistry w/lab00000
GRM 499MAP: Translation & Belonging00000
EDU 346Res/Meth: Learn ESL/Bilngl Ed00000
GWS 249Theory & Methods in GWSS00000
BIO 340Aquatic Biology w/lab00000
GWS 499MAP: Dramaturg Music Theatre00000
ENG 195ST: Shakespeare/Mediterranean00000
HIS 210Histrcl Prspctvs/US Educatn00000
CHM 222Organic Chemistry II w/lab00000
HIS 223Hlth & Medicine American Hist00000
ENG 227American Lit Traditions I00000
HIS 232Medieval Europe, 400 - 140000000
BIO 395ST: Ornithololgy w/lab00000
HIS 244World War II on Eastern Front00000
ENG 273Feminism and Difference00000
HIS 277China's Rise00000
CHM 358PInstrumental Analysis00000
HIS 297GR: Digital Archiving Multic00000
ENG 310PStds in Shakespeare00000
HIS 32619th Cent American Pop Culture00000
BIO 299DR: AMR gene Calf CAFO Manure00000
HIS 378U.S.-East Asian Relations00000
ENG 332The Victorians00000
HUM 195ST: Material Cult Stds Intro00000
CHM 397IP: Intro Food Science/Tech00000
ECN 378Seminar in Law & Economics00000
GDS 295ST: African Livelihoods00000
GDS 499MAP: Quant Impact Eval Gender00000
ENG 395ST: Queer & Trans Literatures00000
BIO 150Intro to Biolgcl Inqry w/lab00000
BIO 325LFungal Biology Lab00000
BIO 365LMicrobiology Lab00000