GRCC Course Reviews

Grand Rapids Community College

CJ 287Juvenile Services Internship/Capstone00000
ED 220Integrating the Arts in Elementary Education00000
CD 118Human Growth and Development I00000
CIS 279Digital Portfolio00000
CHM 240Survey of Organic Chemistry00000
CA 201Hospitality Cost Control and Financial Analysis00000
DAA 232Registered Dental Assisting Functions Practicum00000
BA 254Introduction to Statistics with Applied Models00000
CHI 101Introductory Chinese I00000
BA 282Organizational Behavior00000
CIS 252Digital Imaging II/ Photoshop00000
CIS 125Visual Basic Programming00000
CA 112Menu Planning and Nutrition00000
CJ 216Client Relations in Corrections00000
BA 160Computerized Accounting I00000
COR 103Sheriff's Corrections Academy III00000
CA 233Beer, Wine, and Spirits Management00000
DR 229Detail Drafting00000
AT 215Painting II00000
EL 144CBasic Electricity and Electronics Module C00000
BA 268Tax Accounting00000
CHM 131General Chemistry I Laboratory00000
AT 245Introduction to Sculpture00000
CHM 271Organic Chemistry Laboratory II00000
BI 101General Biology00000
CIS 228Algorithms and Data Structures00000
CIS 148HTML Essentials00000
BI 232Genetics00000
CIS 273Implementing Network Security (CCNA® Security)00000
BA 144Applied Excel in Business00000
CJ 122Spanish for Criminal Justice00000
CA 140Hospitality Forms and Formulas00000
CJ 246Alcohol Use and Abuse00000
AT 140Drawing I00000
COM 236Intercultural Communication00000
CA 210Principles of Baking and Pastry Science00000
CRB 180Craft Brewing Internship00000
BA 207Business Law I00000
DR 155Introduction to NX00000
CA 265Pastry Centerpieces and Wedding Cakes00000
DXX 115Introduction to Dentistry00000
AR 218Sustainable Residential Design00000
EL 106Technical Electricity00000
CD 218Early Childhood Program Administration00000
EL 161Introduction to Digital Logic00000
AT 230Life Drawing I00000
CHM 110Chemistry in the Modern World00000
BA 274Production and Inventory Management00000
CHM 210Inorganic, Organic, and Biochemistry00000
AS 103Descriptive Astronomy00000
CHM 260Organic Chemistry I00000
BA 286Small Business Management00000
CIS 116Introduction to Computer Programming00000
AT 270History of Architecture00000
CIS 132Linux I00000
BI 118Environmental Science00000
CIS 177Ethical Hacking I00000
CIS 155Microsoft Word00000
BI 152Biological Diversity00000
CIS 235Microsoft Windows Server Administration II00000
BA 106Starting a Business00000
CIS 269CCNA - CyberOps00000
CA 104Bakery00000
CIS 276Computer Forensics00000
AT 131Color00000
CJ 110Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
CA 121Culinary Competition00000
CJ 151Accident Investigations and OWI Laws00000
BA 150Mathematical Applications in Business00000
CJ 237Legal Issues in Corrections00000
CA 180Culinary Internship00000
CJ 275Addiction Treatment with Diverse Populations00000
AR 129Architectural 3D CAD00000
COM 131Fundamentals of Public Speaking00000
CA 205Garde Manger, Meat Fabrication, and Banquets00000
COM 266Fundamentals of Public Relations00000
BA 180Business Internship I00000
CRB 101Introduction to Beer Service, Sensory Analysis, and Brewing...00000
CA 213Food Purchasing and Cost Control00000
CRB 210Advanced Craft Beverage Brewing00000
AT 160Painting for the Non-art Major00000
DHY 128Pre-Clinic II Laboratory00000
CA 245Restaurant Management & Leadership00000
DR 212Tool Design00000
BA 245Records & Information Management00000
DR 258Introduction to Pro Engineer/Creo00000
CD 109Program Management and Professionalism00000
EC 251Principles of Macroeconomics00000
AR 111Orientation to Architecture00000
EL 101Basic Electrical Skills00000
CD 209Creative and Language Arts for Preschoolers00000
EL 132Electronics Mathematics00000
BA 260Computerized Accounting II00000
CD 260Emergent Literacy00000
AN 201Introduction to Anthropology00000
AR 120Architectural Working Drawings I00000
AT 105History of Art Before 140000000
BA 102Business and Technical English II00000
BI 125Personal Health00000
CIS 162Desktop Publishing I/ Indesign00000