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Gonzaga Course Reviews

Gonzaga University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CPSC 222Introduction to Data Science00000
CPSC 491Software Engineering00000
COML 521Travel Writing00000
CPEN 435Parallel & Cloud Computing00000
COMM 340Encounters in Public Spheres00000
CENG 305Environmental Engineering Lab00000
CPSC 348Computer Security00000
BRCO 499Capstone00000
COMM 210Understanding Meaning-making00000
BUSN 256Sales00000
CPEN 342Embedded Computer Systems00000
COMM 450Justice and Arts of Civic Life00000
BUSN 494Small Business Consulting00000
CPSC 121Computer Science I00000
BMIS 342Data Analytics for Business00000
CPSC 313Cloud & High Scale Dist Sys00000
CENG 416Hydrogeology00000
CPSC 431Computer Architecture00000
BIOL 159Studies in Biodiversity00000
CRIM 312Criminological Theories00000
BUSN 252Career Formation00000
COMM 280Communication Theory00000
BIOL 199LInvestigations in Biology Lab00000
COMM 401Communication & Leadership00000
BUSN 261Non-Profit Management II00000
CPEN 231LMicrocomp Arch & Assm Prog Lab00000
COMM 490Crafting Professional Identity00000
BUSN 470Multidisciplinary Act Projects00000
CPEN 430LDigital System Design Lab00000
BIOL 341Human Physiology00000
CPEN 481Comp Hrdwr Design&Architecture00000
CENG 261Introduction to Geomatics00000
CPSC 212Computational Modeling00000
BFIN 489Financial Modeling00000
CPSC 260Computer Organization00000
CENG 352LHydraulic Engineer Lab00000
CPSC 322Data Science Algorithms00000
BRCO 307Writing with Sights & Sounds00000
CPSC 411Internet of Things00000
COML 508Theorizing Communication00000
CPSC 455Chaos & Dynamical Systems00000
ARAB 202Intermediate Arabic II00000
CRES 201Race and Popular Culture00000
COML 598Intn't & Intercultural Comm00000
CRIM 351Criminology00000
BIOL 190Biology Pathways00000
COMM 254Popular Culture00000
BUSN 254Image & Reputation Management00000
COMM 320Resistance, Struggle, & Power00000
BENT 493Social Entrepreneurship00000
COMM 360Media Aesthetics00000
BUSN 259Value Chain Analysis00000
COMM 432CIS: Intergroup Dialogue00000
BIOL 207Genetics00000
COMM 484Senior Seminar00000
BUSN 267Intro to Cryptocurrency00000
CPEN 230LIntro Digital Logic Lab00000
COMM 497Communicating Mentorship00000
BUSN 283Business Law00000
CPEN 231Microcomputer Arch & Assm Prog00000
BIOL 334Advanced Evolution00000
CPEN 342LEmbedded Computer Systems Lab00000
BUSN 485Senior Seminar in Ethics00000
CPEN 430Digital System Design00000
BFIN 423Financial Management Cases00000
CPEN 436Biomedical Informatics & Comp00000
CENG 225Engineering Geology00000
CPSC 110Intro to Cmptnl ProblemSolving00000
BIOL 344LGIS & Ecological TechniquesLab00000
CPSC 211Algorithmic Art00000
CENG 302LConstruction Materials Lab00000
CPSC 215Python Programming00000
ACCT 467Ifrs & U.S. Gaap II00000
CPSC 224Software Development00000
CENG 331LSoil Mechanics Lab00000
CPSC 311UI/UX Design00000
BRCO 204LFund of Audio Production Lab00000
CPSC 315Business Intelligence Tech00000
CENG 390Structural Analysis II00000
CPSC 326Organization of Program Langs00000
BIOL 105Info Flow in Biol Systems00000
CPSC 353Applied Cryptography00000
CENG 421Stormwater Management00000
CPSC 425Computer Graphics00000
BRCO 470Broadcast Leadership00000
CPSC 448Computer Security00000
COML 514Strategic & Appl Public Rltns00000
CPSC 490Usr-Cntrd Dsgn Cncepts &Expect00000
ACCT 361Interm Financial Accounting II00000
CPSC 499Computers and Society00000
COML 550Visual Data Communication00000
CRES 380Race and Reproduction00000
BUSN 190Introduction to Business00000
COML 611Seminar Continuation00000
ACCT 260Principles of Accounting I00000
ACCT 366Federal Taxation II00000
BENT 495New Venture Lab00000
BIOL 305Biological Data Analysis00000
BUSN 269Economics of the Side Hustle00000
CPEN 230Intro Digital Logic00000