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GMU Course Reviews

George Mason University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
IT 390Rapid Dev Scalable Cloud App55551
MATH 125Discrete Mathematics I23241
CS 110Essentials of Computer Science33331
AVT 222Drawing I00000
ATEP 460Pediatric Sports Medicine00000
ANTH 616Anthropology of the City00000
AMGT 706Festivals and Special Events00000
AVT 377Cyberpunk00000
ARTH 206Survey of African Art00000
AVT 464Sculpture V00000
ARTH 36019th Cent European Art00000
ATEP 330Emergency Procedures for ATs00000
ANTH 495Internship00000
ATEP 660Pediatric Sports Medicine00000
AMGT 471Introduction to Grant Writing00000
AVT 326Non-Trad Approaches to Drawing00000
ARAB 331Reading and Conversation II00000
AVT 417Package Design00000
AIT 542Fndmntls of Computing Platform00000
AVT 614Brand Identity Design00000
AMGT 795Capstone in Arts Management00000
AIT 660Cyber Security Fundamentals00000
ARTH 384Arts of China00000
ANTH 312Political Anthropology00000
ARTH 471Art & Culture in US Gilded Age00000
ARTH 599Curatng Exhi: GMU Art Col/50th00000
ATEP 205Cultural Competence00000
ANTH 392Forensic Anthropology Lab00000
ATEP 365AT Clinical Techniques 400000
AIT 724Data Analytics in Social Media00000
ATEP 555AT Clinical Techniques 200000
ANTH 578Humans and Animals00000
AVT 1042D Design and Color00000
ACCT 742Governance and Ethics00000
AVT 305Creative Processes00000
ANTH 750Ethnographic Genres00000
AVT 353Darkroom Photography II00000
AMGT 606Governance and Leadership00000
AVT 407Advanced Aesthetics00000
ARAB 430Advanced Arabic Grammar00000
AVT 442Printmaking III00000
ACCT 561Foundations Assurance Services00000
AVT 523Drawing VI00000
ARTH 324Alexander to Cleopatra00000
AVT 622Advanced Drawing00000
AIT 602Intro Research in Applied IT00000
ARTH 373Comic Art and Caricature00000
ANTH 300SA: Civilizations00000
ARTH 399Nubia & the Black Pharaohs00000
ACCT 630Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ARTH 570Proseminar In History Of Decorative Arts00000
ANTH 324Warfare/Viol/Sacrif-Antiquity00000
AIT 672Identity and Access Management00000
ARTH 650The Arts Of Dining00000
ANTH 350Human Growth/Development00000
ASTR 111The Solar System00000
ASTR 124Intro Observational Astronomy00000
ASTR 730Stellar Astrophysics00000
ANTH 388Human Osteology00000
ATEP 265Clinical Techniques II: Physical Assessment Of The Upper Bod...00000
AIT 699Cultural Scams on Social Media00000
ATEP 354AT Clinical Techniques 200000
ANTH 398Peoples and Cultures of Italy00000
ATEP 400Pathopharmacology00000
ACCT 695Graduate Field Experience00000
ATEP 499Practicum 5 Clinical Education00000
ANTH 556Human Growth and Development00000
ATEP 570Upper Body Physical Assessment00000
AIT 790Adv Top Naturl Lang Processing00000
ATEP 680Athletic Training Research00000
ANTH 586Quant. Meth. Anth.00000
AVT 180New Media in the Creative Arts00000
ACCT 472Govt/Not-for-Profit Accounting00000
AVT 253Digital Photography I00000
ANTH 670SA: Reg Studies/Archaeology00000
AVT 318History of Graphic Design00000
AMGT 599Folklore & Festival Management00000
AVT 343Printmaking II00000
ARAB 202Intermediate Arabic II00000
AVT 363Sculpture II00000
AFAM 499Independent Study00000
AVT 390Video Art00000
ARAB 360Neorealism in Arabic Cinema00000
AVT 412Advanced Typography00000
AMGT 640Programming/Project Arts Mngt00000
AVT 432Painting III00000
ARTH 200History of Western Art I00000
AVT 457Documentary Photography00000
ACCT 361Accounting Analytics00000
AVT 496Digital Printing Techniques00000
ARTH 318Art and Arch of Ancient Egypt00000
AVT 606Creativity And Cognition In The Arts And Media00000
AMGT 742Internship I00000
ANTH 366Food/Human Evolution00000
ASTR 328Stars00000
ASTR 403Planetary Science00000
ARTH 342High Ren Art:1480-157000000
ACCT 311Managerial and Cost Accounting00000
ACCT 408Taxes Insurance and Risk Mgmt00000
ACCT 665Advanced Accounting Analytics00000