GMU Course Reviews

George Mason University

HIST 623Recent US Hist:1945-Pres00000
HNRS 411RS: Honors College Thesis00000
HEAL 331Men's Health00000
HIST 396Intro to Public History00000
HIST 271Survey Latin Amer Hist00000
HE 644Org & Admin of Student Affairs00000
HIST 797Policy and Technology00000
HAP 715Health Economics00000
HHS 810Syst Reviews Public Health Rsr00000
HAP 760Phil of Science-Hlth Svcs Rsch00000
HIST 387Sport History and Film00000
HIST 322Modern Britain00000
HDFS 400Advanced Family Processes00000
HIST 565South Africa & the US00000
HAP 635Role of Govt in HC & PH00000
HIST 688Mason Legacies00000
HE 713Internationalization Higher Ed00000
HNRS 230Public Policy Challenges00000
HAP 411Intro to Rev Cycle Mgmt.00000
INFS 774Enterprise Architecture00000
HAP 725Stat Process Contrl Healthcre00000
HIST 122Development of Modern America00000
HAP 442Intr Hlth Care Politics/Policy00000
HIST 305The Renaissance00000
HAP 793Project Applied Health Policy00000
HIST 377The Vietnam War00000
HIST 342History of Olympics and US00000
HAP 998Doctoral Dissertation Proposal00000
HIST 391History of VA to 180000000
HAP 499Senior Housing Research00000
HIST 403Revolu Era Amer Hist 1763-181200000
HE 603Higher Education Digital Age00000
HIST 610Study and Writing of History00000
HAP 392Human Resource Mgmt Healthcare00000
HIST 635Mapping Violence00000
HE 704Scholarship of Tching/Lrning00000
HIST 697Creating History in New Media00000
HAP 704Contemp Iss Health System Mgmt00000
HNRS 109Intro Intro Research Methds II00000
HEAL 220Dimensions of Mental Health00000
HNRS 312RS: Research in Public Sphere00000
LAW 727Sep Writings: Form, Func & Eff00000
INFS 519Program Design/Data Structures00000
HEBR 102Elementary Hebrew II00000
INTS 103Human Creativity: Science/Art00000
HAP 425Health Economics and Policy00000
HHS 850Teaching Practicum in PH00000
HAP 745Healthcare Security Policy00000
HIST 251Survey of East Asian Civ00000
NEUR 424Sleep and Circadian Rhythms00000
HIST 282Survey of Mid East Civilizatio00000
HAP 774AI in Health00000
HIST 312Nationalism in Eastern Europe00000
HAP 459Health Data Standrds/Interoper00000
HIST 328Rise of Russia00000
HAP 823Comparative Effectiveness Anly00000
HIST 365Conquest/Colonztn-Lat Am00000
HIST 352The South Since 186500000
HAP 868Adv Res Sem Hlth Policy Analys00000
HIST 385Humanities College to Career00000
HAP 467Advanced IT Project Management00000
HIST 389Sport History and Film00000
HDFS 250Family Finan Lit/Resource Mngt00000
HIST 394Globalization and History00000
HAP 310Healthcare Ethics00000
HIST 398Roman-Parisian: Urban France00000
HDFS 499Adv Intern/Ana Human Dvlp/Fami00000
HIST 525Transnat'L Hist., The Americas00000
HAP 609Comparative Intl Health System00000
HIST 585The Crusades00000
HE 610Research Designs Higher Educat00000
HIST 617Tpcs Amer Civil War Era00000
LAW 729Tribal Sovereignty Clinic (E)00000
HIST 631Era of the Amer Revoltn00000
HE 685Higher Education Practicum00000
HIST 677The Vietnam War00000
HAP 686Quality Improvemnt Health Serv00000
HIST 692Historical Editing00000
HE 710Leadership in Higher Ed00000
HIST 731Trials in History00000
HAP 403Asst Liv/Senior House Mgt/Phil00000
HIST 998Doct Dissertatn Proposal00000
HE 792Digital Storytelling00000
HNRS 130Identity and Inequality00000
HAP 706Integrated Health Systems Mgmt00000
HNRS 261College Application Coaches00000
HEAL 310Drugs and Health00000
HNRS 360Energy and Civilizations00000
LAW 728Separation of Powers Clinic(E)00000
HNRT 225Applied Calculus00000
HEAL 350Intervention Populatn At Risk00000
INFS 623Web Srch Engines/Recmmdr Syst00000
HAP 719Adv Stats Health Research I00000
HHS 432Healthy Aging00000
LAW 665Appellate Courts: Op & Ref Sem00000
LAW 666Theor&Evid:Intrnt Chng Soc Sem00000
GOVT 560Women, Law, And Justice00000
HAP 462Privacy/Security Health Inform00000
HAP 846Advanced Health Econ00000
HIST 358Post 1949 China00000