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GHC Course Reviews

Georgia Highlands College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
FILM 2700History of Motion Pictures54451
HIST 1112World Civ Since 150000000
PHED 1010Concepts of Fitness/Health00000
SPAN 2002Intermediate Spanish II00000
MUSC 1140Music Ensemble00000
GFA 2010Set Construction & Paint00000
PSYC 2135Psych of Gender & Sexuality00000
ENGL 2112World Literature II00000
ENVS 1123KEnvironmental Science I00000
HSCI 3315Fund of Epidemiology & Biostat00000
HSCI 4520Strategies for Healthy Living00000
MATH 2401Intermediate Statistics00000
FTA 2410Coding for Fin Tech00000
NURS 1200Nurs Practice/Common Hlth Issu00000
DHYG 2510Dental Hygiene IV00000
PHIL 2030Introduction to Ethics00000
HCMT 3100Hlthcare Financing & Insurance00000
SMGT 2230Social Issues in Sport00000
CRJU 2111The American Police System00000
ASTR 1020KStellar and Galactic Astronomy00000
ENGL 2133African-American Literature00000
HSCI 3506Special Populations00000
CRJU 3600Criminal Justice Administratio00000
EXSC 2100Intro Phys Activity & Disease00000
ISCI 2002Physical Science for Teachers00000
LSCM 4100Global Supply Chain Mgmt00000
MATH 2261Calculus I00000
FILM 1100Film Appreciation00000
MUSC 1100Music Appreciation00000
DHYG 1130Oral Pathology00000
MUSC 2111Applied Music Instruction00000
FTA 4100Intro to Info Security Fin Tec00000
NURS 3302Health Assessment00000
CHEM 2402KFund. Organic Chemistry II00000
PHED 1322Soccer00000
GHHU 2901Special Topics: Humanities00000
POLS 2301Intro to Comparative Politics00000
ECON 2105Principles of Macroeconomics00000
PSYC 3850Forensic Psychology00000
HCMT 4700Contmp Issues in Hlthcare Mgmt00000
SOCI 1160Intro to Social Problems00000
BIOL 2107KPrinciples of Biology I00000
ARTS 1100Art Appreciation- eCore00000
HMSV 2100Intro to Social Services00000
BIOL 1107KPrinciples of Biology I00000
CRJU 3200Criminology00000
HSCI 3503Healthcare Informatics & Tech00000
ENGL 2135Latino Literature00000
HSCI 3710Health Education00000
BIOL 2161KIntro Medical Microbiology00000
HSCI 4820Leadership & Mgmt in Hlth Prof00000
ENVS 2202Environmental Science eCore00000
LSCM 3200Prin of Supply Chain Mgmt00000
CRJU 4210Terrorism & Criminal Just Syst00000
EXSC 3800Biomechanics00000
LSCM 4400Supply Chain Financial Mgmt00000
MATH 0996Support for Elementary Stats00000
MATH 1501Calculus 1 eCore00000
FILM 1010Film Aesthetics & Analysis00000
MATH 2280Discrete Mathematics00000
CSCI 2153Intro to Database Systems00000
MGMT 3020Human Resource Management00000
FREN 1001Elementary French I00000
MUSC 1121Music Theory I00000
CHEM 1152KSurvey of Chemistry II00000
MUSC 1171Class Piano I00000
FTA 4002Financial Technologies00000
NURS 1001Health Assessment00000
DHYG 2400Clinical Dental Hygiene III00000
NURS 2600Nurs Pratice Complex Hlth Prob00000
GFA 1000Intro to Film & TV Production00000
NURS 4401Community Health Nursing00000
BIOL 1011KIntro to Biology eCore00000
PHED 1200Introduction to Racquet Sports00000
GFA 2040Fundamentals of Editing00000
PHED 2603Functnl Anatomy & Physiology I00000
DHYG 4080Internship00000
PHYS 1112KIntroductory Physics II00000
GHSS 2901Special Topics: Social Science00000
POLS 3100Constitutional Law00000
COMM 2254Media Ethics00000
PSYC 2230Psychology of Prejudice00000
HCMT 4200Healthcare Human Resources00000
SJUS 3050Politics of Social Justice00000
EDUC 2130Exploring Learning & Teaching00000
SMGT 2400Sports Media00000
HIST 1111World Civilization to 150000000
SOCI 3800Develpmnt of Criminal Behavior00000
ARTS 1112Art History Renaissance to Pre00000
ACCT 2102Principles of Accounting II00000
HIST 2111American History I00000
ARTS 1118Folk & Outsider Art History00000
ENGL 2132American Literature II00000
MATH 0999Support for College Algebra00000
HMSV 2162Field Work III (Practicum)00000
ARTS 1011Drawing II00000
ARTS 2181Painting I00000
BUSA 2106The Environment of Business00000
CRJU 4700Ethical Issues in Criminal Jus00000
EXSC 4000Exercise Physiology00000