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GGC Course Reviews

Georgia Gwinnett College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 4702Integrated Lab II55551
ARTS 1100Art Appreciation55551
ANTH 1102Intro to Anthropology INTL Online55531
CJCR 3700Criminal Procedure00000
CHIN 2001Intermediate Chinese I00000
BIOL 3020KHuman Physiology00000
ACCT 3501Fraud Examination00000
CJCR 4350Criminal Law Online00000
BIOL 4000KParasitology00000
CSCI 1301Computer Science I00000
BIOL 4560Research Methods in Biology00000
CHEM 4400Computational Chemistry00000
BCHM 4100KAdvanced Biochemistry00000
CJCR 3210Organized Crime Online00000
MATH 2600Mathematical Modeling00000
CJCR 4230Criminal Violence00000
BIOL 3400KCell Biology w/Lab00000
CJCR 4930CJCR Internship Online00000
MATH 0998ASupport Math Modeling00000
EAP 0989EAP Found English Composition00000
ACCT 4201Taxation of Business Entities Online00000
MATH 1101*Intro Mathematical Modeling00000
BIOL 4750Environmental Toxicology00000
ACCT 4751Accounting Internship/Exp Lrn.00000
BUSA 2106Legal Environment of Business00000
BUSA 3300Web Data Visual Hybrid00000
CHEM 4000Chemistry Special Topics: Org. Chem. Med. Pharm00000
ARTS 3100Visual Literacy/Communication Online00000
CHEM 4800Chemistry Internship00000
MATH 2050Stats Data Analysis for Sci Online00000
CJCR 2200Writing in CJCR00000
BIOL 2516KMicrobiology-Health Sciences00000
CJCR 3400U.S. Police Systems00000
MATH 0989Stud Success College Algebra00000
CJCR 4120Race, Ethnicity & Crime00000
BIOL 3150Temperate Biology-Europe00000
CJCR 4250Crime Prevention Online00000
ACCT 3102Financial Account & Report II Hybrid00000
CJCR 4420Comp Crim Justice Syst INTL00000
BIOL 3550KLimnology w/Lab00000
CMAP 4952Cinema Media Arts Prod Intern Online00000
ITEC 4700Artificial Intelligence Online00000
EAP 0090Eap For Success Reading II00000
BIOL 4300Biotechnology Laboratory00000
ECED 3300Instructional Foundations00000
MATH 1001*Quantitative Skill & Reasoning00000
BIOL 4600Readings in Biology00000
ACCT 4650Business Research Methods00000
BUSA 2000Statistical Analysis for Busin00000
ITEC 4820Info Technology Project II00000
BUSA 3100Management Information Systems00000
AFAM 4800Portfolio Requirement00000
MATH 1111College Algebra00000
BUSA 4650Business Research Methods00000
ANTH 3010Cultural Anthropology INTL00000
BUSA 4751Business Internship/Experienti00000
CHEM 1152KSurvey of Chemistry II w/Lab00000
CHEM 3300Bioinorganic Chemistry00000
ARTS 2011Drawing II00000
CHEM 4201KPhysical Chemistry w/Lab00000
MATH 2000Statistics Hybrid00000
CHEM 4701Integrated Lab I00000
ARTS 4000Arts Special Topics: Graphic Design00000
CHIN 1002Elementary Chinese II00000
LEAD 3700Dec. Making & Creat. Prob Solv00000
CJCR 1200Typologies of Crime Hybrid00000
BIOL 1012KIntroductory Biology II00000
CJCR 3100Research Methods00000
MATH 2300Discrete Math00000
CJCR 3230Gangs Online00000
BIOL 3010KHuman Anatomy00000
CJCR 3510Institutional Corrections Online00000
ITEC 4450Web Development Online00000
CJCR 3810Juvenile Justice00000
BIOL 3055Natural History of Africa INTL Online00000
CJCR 4210Criminal & Deviant Behavior Hybrid00000
ACCT 2102Intro to Managerial Accounting00000
CJCR 4240Victimology Online00000
BIOL 3300KMicrobiology with Laboratory00000
CJCR 4340Homeland Security and Terrorism Online00000
MATH 0997BSupport Quant Reason Access00000
CJCR 4410Police & The Community Online00000
BIOL 3500KEcology w/Lab00000
CJCR 4720Con Law Civ Lib Rts00000
ACCT 3301International Accounting Hybrid00000
CMAP 4100Directors Workshop00000
BIOL 3610KMarine Biology00000
COMM 1110Public Speaking00000
ITEC 3200Intro to Databases00000
EAP 0080Eap For Success Reading I00000
BIOL 4200Bioinformatics00000
EAP 0092Eap Success Comm Skills00000
ACCT 4104Govern & Not-for-Prof Acct00000
ANTH 4900Special Topics in Anthropology Hybrid00000
CHEM 1212KPrinciples Chemistry II w/Lab00000
CHEM 2212KOrganic Chemistry II w/Lab00000
BIOL 4540Immunology00000
BIOL 1102Biological Sciences II00000
ITEC 4310Operating Systems Security00000
ITEC 4900Info Technology Internship Online00000