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Georgia Tech Course Reviews

Georgia Institute of Technology

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 1552Integral Calculus54551
MATH 4755Mathematical Biology54541
ECE 6374CYB Phys Elec Energy Sys45341
PHYS 2211Introductory Physics I43451
ISYE 6420Introduction to Theory and Practice of Bayesian Statistics12341
AE 8750Robotics Research Foundation I00000
AE 6170Structural Optimization00000
APPH 1050The Science of Physical Activity and Health00000
APPH 4100Exercise Physiology00000
AE 4451Jet and Rocket Propulsion00000
AE 6362Safety by Design00000
APPH 6215Studies in Responsible Conduct of Research in Prosthetics and Orthotics00000
AE 7773Advanced Fracture Mechanics00000
AE 6104Computational Mechanics00000
AE 8903Special Problems00000
AE 4132Finite Element Analysis00000
APPH 3801Special Topics00000
AE 6280Wave Propagation00000
APPH 4833Special Topics00000
AE 2902Special Problems00000
APPH 6237Methods of Human Neuroimaging00000
AE 4610Dynamics and Control Laboratory00000
AE 6412Turbulent Combustion00000
AE 6503Helicopter Stability and Control00000
AE 3330Introduction to Aerospace Vehicle Performance00000
AE 4760Engineering Acoustics and Noise Control00000
AE 6520Advanced Flight Dynamics00000
AE 7000Master's Thesis00000
AE 6052Flow Diagnostics and Control00000
AE 7792Advanced Mechanics of Composites00000
AE 3903Special Problems00000
AE 8804Special Topics00000
AE 6115Fundamentals of Aerospace Structural Analysis00000
AE 8999Preparation for Doctoral Dissertation00000
AE 2801Special Topics00000
APPH 3500Nutrition and Health00000
AE 6231System Identification in Structural Dynamics00000
APPH 3833Special Topics00000
AE 4355Aerospace Systems Design Competition IV00000
APPH 4699Undergraduate Research00000
AE 6343Aircraft Design I00000
APPH 6209Clinical Pathology00000
AE 2220RAE 2220 Recitation00000
APPH 6231Biomechanical Aspects of Human Motor Control00000
AE 6382Computing Systems for Engineering Research Laboratory00000
APPH 6240Cellular Physiology and Adaptation00000
AE 3090Numerical Methods for Aerospace Engineering00000
AE 6445Combustor Fundamentals00000
AE 4701Wind Engineering00000
AE 6506Aerospace Guidance and Navigation00000
AE 2221RAE 2221 Recitation00000
AE 6531Aerospace Robust Control I00000
AE 4794Composite Materials and Manufacturing Testing00000
AE 6534Control of Aerospace Structures00000
AE 6552Advanced Topics in Humans and Autonomy00000
AE 3450Thermodynamics and Compressible Flow00000
AE 4804Special Topics00000
AE 6571Air Traffic Control and Management00000
AE 6769Linear Elasticity00000
AE 6030Unsteady Aerodynamics00000
AE 7743Robotics Professional Preparation 300000
AE 3803Special Topics00000
AE 7785Introduction to Robotics Resesarch00000
AE 6080Dynamics of Turbulence00000
AE 8002AE Graduate Seminar00000
AE 2698Undergraduate Research Assistantship00000
AE 8801Special Topics00000
AE 6111Elasticity00000
AE 8900Special Problems00000
AE 4070Introduction to Propeller and Rotor Theory00000
AE 9000Doctoral Thesis00000
AE 6161Theory of Plates00000
AS 3310Leadership Studies I00000
AE 2011RAR 2011 Recitation00000
APPH 2699Undergraduate Research00000
AE 6211Advanced Dynamics II00000
APPH 3754Laboratory in Human Anatomy00000
AE 4341Aircraft Design00000
APPH 3804Special Topics00000
AE 6252Smart Structures and Structural Control00000
APPH 3902Special Problems00000
AE 2803Special Topics00000
APPH 4600Muscle Structure and Plasticity00000
AE 6323Spacecraft and Launch Vehicle Design II00000
APPH 4804Special Topics00000
AE 4376Accident Causation and System Safety00000
APPH 6202Clinical Gait Analysis00000
AE 6354Advanced Orbital Mechanics00000
APPH 6212Systems Physiology II: Physiology of Neuromotor Tissues00000
AE 1750Introduction to Bioengineering00000
APPH 6223CAD/CAM in Prosthetics and Orthotics Laboratory00000
AE 6374Advanced Design Methods II00000
APPH 6234Physical Activity as a Human Behavior00000
AE 4532Spacecraft Flight Dynamics00000
AE 6694Graduate Internship00000
AE 4903Special Problems00000
AE 6705Introduction to Mechatronics00000
AE 6761Acoustics II00000
AE 6393Introduction to System of Systems Engineering Principles00000
AE 1355Aerospace Systems Design Competition I00000