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Georgia Tech Course Reviews

Georgia Institute of Technology

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 1552Integral Calculus54551
MATH 4755Mathematical Biology54541
ISYE 6420Introduction to Theory and Practice of Bayesian Statistics12341
PHYS 2211Introductory Physics I43451
AE 6123Design of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Structures00000
AE 8998Research Assistantship00000
APPH 3754Laboratory in Human Anatomy00000
APPH 4651Human Anatomy00000
AE 4531Aircraft Flight Dynamics00000
AE 6344Aircraft Design II00000
APPH 6223CAD/CAM in Prosthetics and Orthotics Laboratory00000
AE 8751Robotics Research Foundation II00000
AE 6101Advanced Structural Analysis II00000
AS 4420Preparation for Active Duty00000
AE 4132Finite Element Analysis00000
APPH 3902Special Problems00000
AE 6240Numerical Methods in Structural Dynamics00000
APPH 4832Special Topics00000
AE 3355Aerospace Systems Design Competition III00000
AE 4699Undergraduate Research00000
APPH 6240Cellular Physiology and Adaptation00000
AE 6382Computing Systems for Engineering Research Laboratory00000
AE 6414Multi-Phase Combustion00000
AE 3610Experiments in Fluid and Solid Mechanics00000
AE 4794Composite Materials and Manufacturing Testing00000
AE 6504Modern Methods in Aircraft Flight Control00000
AE 7793Manufacturing of Composites00000
AE 6050High-temperature Gas Dynamics I00000
AE 8883Special Topics00000
AE 4060Aeroacoustics00000
AS 1120Foundations of the Air Force II00000
AE 6111Elasticity00000
APPH 2699Undergraduate Research00000
AE 2903Special Problems00000
APPH 3804Special Topics00000
AE 6200Advanced Aeroelasticity I00000
APPH 4200Kinesiological Basis of Human Movement00000
AE 4355Aerospace Systems Design Competition IV00000
APPH 4802Special Topics00000
AE 6310Optimization for the Design of Engineered Systems00000
APPH 6211Systems Physiology I: Cellular Mechanisms of Plasticity00000
AE 22213D Dynamics00000
APPH 6234Physical Activity as a Human Behavior00000
AE 6372Aerospace Systems Engineering00000
APPH 6242Integrative Physiology00000
AE 3530System Dynamics and Vibration00000
AE 6394System of Systems Engineering Applications00000
AE 4760Engineering Acoustics and Noise Control00000
AE 6450Rocket Propulsion00000
AE 2610Introduction to Experimental Methods in Aerospace00000
AE 4802Special Topics00000
AE 6511Optimal Guidance and Control00000
AE 6531Aerospace Robust Control I00000
AE 6551Cognitive Engineering00000
AE 3802Special Topics00000
AE 4883Special Topics00000
AE 6571Air Traffic Control and Management00000
AE 7791Damage, Failure, and Durability of Composite Materials00000
AE 6020High-Speed Flow00000
AE 8740Robotics Internship00000
AE 3903Special Problems00000
AE 8803Special Topics00000
AE 6070Rotary Wing Aerodynamics00000
AE 8902Special Problems00000
AE 2803Special Topics00000
AE 9000Doctoral Thesis00000
AE 6106Analysis of Aerospace Structural Elements00000
AS 3310Leadership Studies I00000
AE 4071Rotorcraft Aeromechanics00000
APPH 1802Special Topics00000
AE 6114Fundamentals of Solid Mechanics00000
APPH 3500Nutrition and Health00000
AE 2011RAR 2011 Recitation00000
APPH 3801Special Topics00000
AE 6165Principles of Fracture and Fatigue00000
APPH 3833Special Topics00000
AE 4341Aircraft Design00000
APPH 3904Special Problems00000
AE 6220Rotorcraft Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity00000
APPH 4400Human Neuroanatomy00000
AE 3140Structural Analysis00000
APPH 4699Undergraduate Research00000
AE 6263Flexible Multi-body Dynamics00000
APPH 4804Special Topics00000
AE 4376Accident Causation and System Safety00000
APPH 6202Clinical Gait Analysis00000
AE 6333Rotorcraft Design I00000
APPH 6214Laboratory Rotations in Prosthetics and Orthotics00000
AE 1601Introduction to Aerospace Engineering00000
APPH 6231Biomechanical Aspects of Human Motor Control00000
AE 6355Planetary Entry, Descent and Landing00000
APPH 6237Methods of Human Neuroimaging00000
AE 4580Introduction to Avionics Integration00000
AE 6701Wind Engineering00000
AE 4903Special Problems00000
AE 6721Evaluation of Human Integrated Systems00000
AE 6761Acoustics II00000
AE 6380Fundamentals of Computer-aided Design and Engineering00000
ACCT 2101Accounting I: Financial Accounting00000
AE 2010Thermodynamics & Fluids Fundamentals00000