Georgia Tech Course Reviews

Georgia Institute of Technology

MATH 4755Mathematical Biology54541
PHYS 2211Introductory Physics I43451
MATH 1552Integral Calculus54551
ISYE 6420Introduction to Theory and Practice of Bayesian Statistics12341
LMC 4100Seminar in STAC00000
CP 6701Urban Trans Planning00000
ID 4824Special Topics00000
ME 4725Prob Risk Assessment00000
ECE 4723Inter Capstone Design00000
VIP 2600VIP Proj Team: SO00000
PORT 8803Special Topics00000
BIOS 4440Human Pathology00000
LMC 3062Film Acting Workshop00000
ECE 4053Research Methods00000
CHEM 6273Analytical Biochemistry00000
LMC 3414Intellectual Property00000
ME 6335Numerical Heat Transfer00000
PHYS 3314Special Topics00000
AS 4411Leadership Laboratory00000
ECON 4190Econ of Strategy & Info00000
VIP 3602VIP Proj Team: JR II00000
VIP 6602VIP Proj Team: GR II00000
AE 3515System Dynamics& Control00000
BCP 6900Econ Risk Fin Ins Safety00000
GMC 6001Global Media & Cultures00000
AE 4525Control System Dsgn Lab00000
BCP 8803Special Topics00000
INTA 6304Modernization&Developmnt00000
CEE 6701Urban Trans Planning00000
CEE 4670Transportation & Health00000
CS 6264Infosec Labs: Defenses00000
LMC 3833Special Topics In Stac00000
ECE 7721Future Faculty00000
AS 1121Leadership Laboratory00000
LMC 2813Special Topics in STAC00000
MATH 7252High-Dim Statistics00000
LMC 4200Seminar Lit/Cult Theory00000
ECE 1100ECE Discovery Studio00000
MGT 8832Special Topics00000
MUSI 3402Chamber Ensemble00000
PORT 1803Special Topics00000
ARCH 1009Fundamentals Of Arch I00000
SWAH 1501Heritage Swahili I00000
VIP 4600VIP Proj Team: SR00000
VIP 4602VIP Project Team: SR II00000
BC 6475Real Estate Develop Law00000
WOLO 1811Special Topics00000
FREN 3420Introduction to Africa00000
AE 4357Space Systems Design II00000
ARCH 2012Arch Design Studio II00000
GMC 6003Prof Portfolio Media00000
APPH 1060Flourish Str Well & Res00000
ARCH 2011Arch Design Studio I00000
ARCH 2472Arch Modeling & Media 200000
BCP 8823Special Topics00000
GRMN 4694200 Yrs Of Grmn Technlgy00000
ARCH 6011Urban Design Laboratory00000
BCP 6700Issues Occup Sfty & Hlth00000
HIN 2501Heritage Hindi II00000
BCP 8833Special Topics00000
BMED 2210Conservation Prin in BME00000
CEE 4360Energy & Resource Recov00000
JAPN 3401Popular Culture in Japan00000
CHEM 4485Computational Chemistry00000
ARCH 6230Construction Tech 200000
CS 4644Deep Learning00000
LMC 3114Sci, Tech & Modernism00000
ECE 3058Arch, Sys, Conc & Engy Comp00000
CEE 6702Urban Trans Planning Lab00000
ECE 6001Technology Entrepreneur00000
LMC 3853Special Topics In Film00000
HIN 1501Heritage Hindi I00000
AE 8813Special Topics00000
ISYE 7205Inventory Theory00000
LMC 4400Seminar in Media Studies00000
LMC 3108Sci Tech & Enlightenment00000
CP 6960Urb Analyt Capstone Prep00000
LMC 3843Spec Topic-Communication00000
ME 4332Renewable Energy Systems00000
LMC 4600Seminar Perform Studies00000
AS 2221Leadership Laboratory00000
MGT 2251Management Science00000
MGT 4195Strategic Management00000
NRE 4725Prob Risk Assessment00000
ECE 3170Crypto HDW Embedded Sys00000
PORT 1002Elementary Portuguese II00000
NS 4323Amphibious Warfare00000
PORT 3420Introduction to Africa00000
AE 4350Ae Design Project I00000
PUBP 6360Sust Energy & Env Mgmt00000
VIP 3601VIP Proj Team: JR I00000
VIP 2601VIP Proj Team: SO I00000
ECE 6374CYB Phys Elec Energy Sys00000
ARCH 6532Environmental Systems II00000
GT 4500ThinkBig@Tech00000
AS 2211Leadership Laboratory00000
AS 3311Leadership Laboratory00000
VIP 4603VIP Project Team: SR III00000
AE 3030RAerodynamics Recitation00000
AE 4359Rotorcraft Design II00000