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Georgia Southern Course Reviews

Georgia Southern University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
IT 3231Data Communications23111
CSCI 3232Systems Software31331
SOCI 4335Self and Society35111
ENGL 3010Intro To Literary Studies42451
IT 4131Information Technology Capstone Project43551
ACCT 2030Survey of Accounting21121
ENGL 5480Literature of Engl Renaissance42331
ARTS 3720Fiber Sculpture00000
ART 3330HNew Media Design (Honors)00000
BCHM 2910Introduction to Biochemical Research00000
BIOL 1130General Biology00000
ARTS 3240Visual Design on the Web00000
ART 2230Ceramics: Introduction00000
ARTS 5410GArt in the Middle and Second Grades00000
ANTH 3335Caribbean Cultures00000
BCHM 5201GBiochemistry I00000
ART 4232Ceramics: Advanced00000
ADED 7100History and Theory of Adult Education and Literacy00000
BIOL 2081Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
ANTH 4332Anthropology of Sex and Gender00000
ART 7152Design & Semiotics00000
BIOL 2320Honors Research Methods Biology00000
BIOL 3440Field Biology00000
ANTH 4890Medical Anthropology00000
ART 8830Readings and Research in Art00000
ARTH 2531Art History I00000
ARTS 3110Advanced Graphic Design00000
ART 1000Art in Life00000
ARTS 3620Jewelry/Enameling00000
ANTH 3137Foraging to Farming00000
ARTS 4760Internship II--Student Teac00000
ART 2536Animation II00000
ASTR 1211SAstronomy Lab00000
ACCT 7636Expert Witnessing00000
BCHM 3811Intro To Biochemica Techniques00000
ART 3338Typography II00000
BIOL 1107LPrinciples of Biology I Laboratory00000
ANTH 4137Archaeologies of Conflict00000
BIOL 2010LMicrobiology Lab00000
ART 45363D Animation00000
BIOL 2108LPrinciples of Biology II Laboratory00000
ACCT 4790Internship in Accounting00000
BIOL 3131HPrinciples of Physiology (Honors)00000
ART 7254Design of Information00000
BIOL 3541Invertebrate Zoology00000
ADED 7260Issues and Strategies00000
ARTG 3431Planning, Finishing, and Estimating00000
ANTH 6235Advanced Archeological Analysis00000
ACCT 5330Taxation of Corporations and Partnerships00000
ARTH 3251Dada and Surrealism00000
ANTH 1102HIntroduction to Anthropology00000
ANTH 6690Archeology Field Supervision00000
ARTH 3282Pre-Columbian Art00000
ARTH 3437American Art00000
ANTH 7632Historical Archaeology00000
ARTH 3533Baroque Art00000
ARTH 4276Art Theory and Criticism00000
ARTS 2400Introduction to Fibers00000
ARAB 4185Studies Abroad: Speaking II00000
ARTS 3200Art For The Child00000
ANTH 3133Southeastern Prehistory00000
ARTS 3330Ceramic Sculpture00000
ART 10303D Art and Design Foundations00000
ARTS 3680Environmental Art00000
ACCT 7430Seminar in Auditing00000
ARTS 4140Figure Drawing00000
ART 2331Visual Thinking in Graphic Design00000
ARTS 5300GIssues in Art Education00000
ANTH 3331Cultural Anthropology00000
ASTR 1000Introduction to the Universe00000
ART 3137Painting: Intermediate00000
ASTR 5890Astronomy Research Experience00000
ACCT 4530Governmental and Institutional Accounting00000
BCHM 3310LBioinorganic Laboratory00000
ART 3333Design Systems00000
BCHM 4501Biochemistry Seminar00000
ANTH 4020Archaeology Of The Southeast00000
BIOL 1012KIntroductory Biology and Lab00000
ART 3731Graphic Design Internship00000
BIOL 1108LPrinciples of Biology Laboratory II00000
ACCT 7680Professional Problems00000
BIOL 1230Environmental Biology00000
ART 4334Photograhic Imaging III00000
BIOL 2020Plant Biology00000
ANTH 4231Archaeological Methods and Theory00000
BIOL 2107Principles of Biology I00000
ART 4889Graphic Design Portfolio00000
BIOL 2240Microbiology00000
ACCT 3231Managerial Accounting II00000
BIOL 3099Electrophysiology00000
ART 71933D Graduate Studio00000
BIOL 3300LEntomology Lab00000
ANTH 4350Sorcery, Demons and Gods00000
ANTH 2231Biological Anthropology00000
ANTH 7999Thesis00000
ARTH 4631Art History High Renaissance00000
ARTH 7231Art And Architecture Of The Ancient World00000
ARAB 1001Elementary Arabic I00000
ARTH 7630Italian Mannerism00000
ARTS 1011Drawing Ii00000