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Georgetown Course Reviews

Georgetown University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARST 564Political Economy: Middle East00000
ARTH 418Mesoamerican Art: Myth Ritual00000
ARAB 213Arabic Media I00000
ARST 457China-MENA Relations00000
ARAB 386Grammar through Poetry & Song00000
ANTH 283Race & the Black Diaspora00000
ARTH 123Art in the Courts of Ren Italy00000
AMUS 550Museum Administration00000
ARAB 333God, Nature, & Society00000
ANLY 520Written/Oral Tech Presentation00000
ARAB 999Thesis Research00000
ARAB 413AdvReadings in Islamic Thought00000
ANTH 231Giant Squid:Humans & Animals00000
ARST 516Literature of Syria00000
AMST 379Sports, Media & Amer Culture00000
ARST 647Politics of Syria00000
ANTH 394CBL:Border Imperialism00000
ARTH 252American Art to 197000000
AFAM 556Mthds & Theories in AFAM Stud00000
ARTH 457Symbolism00000
AMUS 992Continuous Registration00000
ARAB 3451001 Nights00000
AGHL 508Aging & Health Internship/Caps00000
ARAB 401The Syntax of Arabic00000
ANLY 565Adv Analytics Streaming HighD00000
ARAB 773The Ethics of Legal Theory00000
ARAB 450Arabic Political Discourse00000
ANTH 205Justice and Media00000
ARST 367CLab:Devt/Displacment:Arab Wrl00000
AMST 307American Horror 20th Century00000
ARST 478Cult Heritge/Conflct/Diplomacy00000
ANTH 262Racial Capitalism & the NBA00000
ARST 533Refugees: Mideast & N. Africa00000
AFAM 350Baldwin, Hansberry, and Simone00000
ARST 612Issues in Educatn/Devt:MENA00000
ANTH 354Justice in Africa & Diaspora00000
ARST 991Continuous Registration00000
AMUS 509Museums & Community Engagement00000
ARTH 228Northern Renaissance Art00000
ARAB 021Intro MSA Heritage II00000
ARTH 353Exiles and Diasporas00000
ACCT 565Taxes & Business Strategy00000
ARTH 441Colonialism & Art of Race00000
ARAB 289Women & Gender In Islam00000
ARTH 463Earth, Art: China00000
AGHL 504Humanities and Ethics of Aging00000
ARAB 338Arabic Folk Epic00000
ANLY 503Advanced Data Visualization00000
ARAB 365Arabic Gulf Literature00000
ADPP 600Foundations of Addiction I00000
ARAB 395Literature & Social Movements00000
ANLY 555Data Strctrs, Objcts, Algrthms00000
ARAB 406Slavery & Islam00000
AGHL 604Senior Living Internship/Caps00000
ARAB 429Poetry of al-Mutanabbi: Intro00000
ANLY 580NLP for Data Analytics00000
ARAB 624Poetry of Ma'arri:Enga to Dis00000
ARAB 526Polit Phil in Classical Islam00000
ANTH 120Visual Anthro:Ways of Seeing00000
ARAB 991Continuous Registration00000
AMST 204Memory, Power & Culture00000
ARST 321Prison Literature00000
ANTH 219Gender/Race/Nationalism00000
ARST 402Arab Studies Cert Capstone00000
AFAM 308Black Interp of Contemp Unrest00000
ARST 467Palestinian Politics00000
ANTH 250Intro: Medical Anthropology00000
ARST 501Intro to Study of Arab World00000
AMST 344Cutting Class: Turn of the Cen00000
ARST 527War and Capitalism: Arab World00000
ANTH 277Sound in Social Life00000
ARST 546Water Politics00000
ACCT 500Accounting Fundamentals00000
ARST 578Negotiation/Mediation:ME&Beynd00000
ANTH 329Anth Perspectives on Clim Chge00000
ARST 629Environmental Security/Conflct00000
AMUS 506Museum Practice Workshop00000
ARST 901Tutorial: Arab Studies00000
ANTH 364Turkish Culture through Media00000
ARTH 000Art History00000
AFAM 438Race,Inequality&ProgresPoltics00000
ARTH 153American Art00000
ARAB 011Intens 1st Lev Mod Stand Arb I00000
ARTH 244French Art00000
AMUS 530Fall Museum Internship00000
ARTH 256History of Photography00000
ARAB 114Formal Spoken Arabic II00000
ARTH 366Latin American Art & Arch. II00000
ACCT 202Financl Measurement &Risk Mgmt00000
ARTH 431Museum Architecture00000
ARAB 217NonInten Adv Mod Stand Arabic200000
ARTH 448World War I and the Artists00000
AMUS 680Sotheby's London00000
ARAB 320Arab Film00000
ACCT 101Intro to Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 251Advanced Accounting00000
AFAM 270Blackness and Digital Life00000
AMST 051Exploring DC00000
ANLY 601Advanced Machine Learning00000
ARAB 559Intro to Literary Methodology00000