GCSU Course Reviews

Georgia College

BIOL 6140Advanced Microbial Ecology00000
CHEM 3010LInorganic Chemistry Lab00000
BIOL 3200Cellular/Molecular Physiology00000
BIOL 5235Molecular Biotechniques00000
BIOL 4300Human Biology Sex & Drugs00000
ASTR 3020Observation Tech in Astronomy00000
CBIS 4120Bus Intelligence & Analytics00000
ARTS 2510Ceramics I00000
BIOL 4155Biology of Cancer00000
ARTS 3300Printmaking II: Relief & Intag00000
BIOL 5120Endocrinology00000
BIOL 4580Morphology & Anatomy of Plants00000
ARTS 4960Internship00000
BIOL 5705Population & Community Ecology00000
ARTH 6900Spec: Trauma and Art Therapy00000
BUAD 4505Cult Dimen & COVID19 Nat Respo00000
BIOL 1120Biodiversity00000
CHEM 1212KPrin of Chemistry II & Lab00000
AFST 3500Geography of Africa00000
CHEM 3600LStructural Chemistry00000
ARTS 3100Painting II00000
BIOL 4227Population Genetics00000
ANTH 4940Independent Study00000
BIOL 4480Ichthyology00000
ARTS 3750Sculpture in Expanded Media II00000
BIOL 4953Capstone: Applied Aquatic Ecol00000
BIOL 4770Field Ornithology00000
ARTS 4510Ceramics III00000
BIOL 5180Microbiology00000
ARTH 6082Research Project II00000
BIOL 5490Phycology00000
ARTS 4996Museum Stds: Sr Curator Rsch00000
BIOL 5800People & Plants of the World00000
ACCT 6350Analysis and Valuation00000
BLST 3444Theories of Racial Stratificat00000
BIOL 1100LBiological Processes Lab00000
CBIS 3210Business Analysis00000
ARTS 1201Three-Dimensional Design00000
CBIS 4600Internship Shaw Industries00000
BIOL 2170Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
CHEM 1312LPrin Chem for Majors II Lab00000
ACCT 5125Taxation of Business Entities00000
CHEM 3361LOrganic Chemistry Lab I00000
BIOL 3999Ddx6 Binding Site Analysis00000
CHEM 3712Biochemistry II00000
ANTH 3010Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL 4185Medical Microbiology00000
ARTS 3200Photography II00000
BIOL 4240Neurophysiology00000
ACCT 6125Advanced Auditing00000
BIOL 4410Biological Systematics00000
ARTS 3510Ceramics II00000
BIOL 4530Mammalogy00000
ARTH 3001Art Therapy Studio00000
BIOL 4740Environmental Conservation00000
ARTS 4198Sculpture in Expanded Media IV00000
BIOL 4951Fire Ecology00000
BIOL 4800People & Plants of The World00000
ARTS 4330Printmaking IV: Adv Studio Wk00000
BIOL 4996Ad E4ORF3 RIG-I00000
ARTH 6060Ind Psychotherapy Couns Theory00000
BIOL 5140Histology00000
ARTS 4845African Art History00000
BIOL 5215Plant Cell Physiology00000
ACCT 6200CPA Exam Review00000
BIOL 5450Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy00000
ARTS 4985Graphic Design I 2630eqv00000
BIOL 5540Ornithology00000
ARTH 6321Intern Supervision: Adolescent00000
BIOL 5770Field Ornithology00000
ASTR 1000LIntro to the Universe Lab00000
BIOL 5950Global Climate Change00000
ACCT 4125Principles of Taxation II00000
BIOL 6940Synaptic Plasticity00000
BCOM 4283Global and Intercul Bus Comm00000
BLST 4950Mandela and Struggle S Africa00000
ARTS 1105Understanding Visual Art00000
CBIS 2810IS/CS Professional Development00000
BIOL 1107LPrinciples of Biology I Lab00000
CBIS 3214Intro to Database Mgt Majors00000
ACCT 6805Issues in Financial Accounting00000
CBIS 4217Computer Security00000
BIOL 2100Genetics00000
CHEM 1151KSurvey of Chemistry I & Lab00000
ARTS 2200Photography I00000
CHEM 1311Principles Chem for Majors I00000
BIOL 2999Synaptic Plasticity I00000
CHEM 2800LQuantitative Analysis Lab00000
ACCT 3103Intermediate Accounting III00000
CHEM 3200Instrumental Analysis00000
BIOL 3750Sem in Med Culture INSTR APR00000
CHEM 3362LOrganic Chemistry Lab II00000
ARTS 2800The Ancient & Medieval Worlds00000
BIOL 4130General Pharmacology00000
ACCT 3000Accounting Profession00000
ACCT 3116Principles of Taxation I00000
ACCT 6155Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ARTH 5000Hist & Theory of Art Therapy00000
ARTS 4240Photography V00000
BIOL 4890Capstone: Mthds Biodiver Stdy00000