GCC Course Reviews

Glendale Community College

AT 138Introduction Flight Attendant Training00000
BIOL 125HHonors Marine Biology00000
ART 131Design II00000
ARTH 125Motion Picture History and Culture00000
ART 171Printmaking II00000
ARMEN 12720th and 21st Century Armenian Literature00000
ATHPE 133Intercollegiate Women’s Tennis00000
ADMJ 170Ethics in Law Enforcement00000
ART 141Interior Design00000
ADST 153Internship II00000
ART 285* Sculpture Lab00000
ART 192Earthenware00000
ARCH 229Introduction to 3DS Max for Architecture and Engineering00000
AT 115Commercial Flight Training00000
ACCTG 250Accounting Ethics00000
ATHPE 112Men's Intercollegiate Cross Country00000
ART 109Art of the Eastern World II00000
BIOL 49Biology Independent Study00000
ABSE 115English 11B00000
BUSAD 116Principles Of Life And Health Insurance00000
ADST 110Counseling Techniques And Case Management00000
ART 160Painting I00000
ACCTG 101Financial Accounting00000
ART 187Ceramics II00000
ANTHR 105Culture And Communication00000
ART 250Web Graphics00000
ART 205Fundamentals Of Animation I00000
ARCH 125Residential Architectural Design II00000
ARTH 108Art Of The Eastern World00000
ACCTG 201Intermediate Accounting I00000
ASTRO 110Astronomy Of The Solar System00000
ARMEN 102Beginning Armenian II00000
AT 125Instrument Rating Ground School00000
ABSE 110English 9A00000
ATHPE 104Off-Season Training for Baseball00000
ART 103Ancient Art00000
ATHPE 122Intercollegiate Men’s Golf00000
ADMJ 117Crisis Intervention00000
ATHPE 140Off-Season Training For Intercollegiate Track and Field00000
ART 118Women In Visual Arts00000
BIOL 120Human Anatomy00000
ABSE 38Integrated Mathematics 3B00000
BUSAD 111Introduction To Insurance00000
ART 135Digital Publication Design00000
BUSAD 134Investments00000
ABSE 148World Geography 1B00000
ART 150Drawing Foundations00000
ADST 114Treatment Considerations with Diverse Populations00000
ART 165Water Color II00000
ABSE 41World History 1B00000
ART 180Sculpture Fundamentals00000
ANTHR 102HHonors Cultural Anthropology00000
ART 190Ceramic Handbuilding00000
ACCTG 120Computerized Accounting Systems00000
ART 196Advanced Earthenware00000
ANTHR 150Archaeology00000
ART 2353D Character Animation00000
ART 220Introduction To Motion Graphics00000
ARCH 108Architectural Print Reading00000
ART 267Introduction To Game Development00000
ACCTG 170California Business Taxes00000
ARTH 102Art History: Renaissance-Modern00000
ARCH 142Advanced Interior Design00000
ARTH 118Women In Visual Arts00000
ABSE 60High School Equivalency (HSE) Preparation00000
ASL 103American Sign Language III00000
ARCH 250Introduction To Autodesk Revit Architecture00000
AT 112Private Pilot Laboratory I00000
ACCTG 225Auditing00000
AT 122Meteorology00000
ARMEN 117Armenian for the Armenian Speaking III00000
AT 130Air Transportation00000
ABSE 35Integrated Mathematics 2A00000
ATHPE 100Strength And Conditioning For Intercollegiate Athletics00000
ART 101HHonors Art History: Prehistoric-Gothic00000
ATHPE 108Men’s Intercollegiate Basketball00000
ADMJ 107Community Relations00000
ATHPE 118Off-Season Training for Intercollegiate Football00000
ART 106Renaissance/Baroque Art00000
ATHPE 128Off-Season Training for Intercollegiate Men’s Soccer00000
ABSE 113English 10B00000
ATHPE 136Off-Season Training for Intercollegiate Men’s Tennis00000
ART 113American Art00000
ATHPE 145Women’s Intercollegiate Beach Volleyball00000
ADMJ 129Special Crimes And Dangerous Drugs00000
BIOL 102General Biology00000
ART 121History Of Architecture II00000
BIOL 123Evolution00000
ABSE 25Geometry 1A00000
BUSAD 101Introduction To Business00000
ART 133Digital Illustration00000
BUSAD 113Principles Of Property And Liability Insurance00000
ADST 101Alcohol/Drug Abuse And Dependency00000
ART 137Graphic Design Portfolio00000
ABSE 20Basic Math00000
ABSE 30Life Science 1A00000
ABSE 45Economics00000
ACCTG 150Principles Of Income Taxation00000
ARCH 103Descriptive Geometry00000
ART 232Organic Modeling00000