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Gavilan Course Reviews

Gavilan College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSIS 8Intro To Internet00000
ACCT 105Payroll Accounting00000
BIO 4Gen Zoology L/L00000
CMUN 2Oral Interpretation00000
BUS 80Business Law00000
ATH 12AFundamentals Of Football00000
CSIS 184Computer Forensics00000
ANTH 5Magic/Witch/Relig00000
BOT 180Medical Term/Office00000
ART 2ADesign00000
CD 191AWorkplace Skills00000
CD 8BTeach Read/Writ00000
ART 34ALife Drawing00000
COS 205State Board Review00000
AMT 120Powerplant Tech00000
CSIS 120Computerized Acctng00000
ATH 42Intercollegiate Football00000
CSIS 638Act Lab00000
AH 291APower Skills Workplace00000
AH 16Iv Therapy00000
APE 534Aquatic Exercise00000
BOT 281Medical Billing00000
AJ 14Criminal Law00000
CD 2Early Child Develop00000
ART 8AIntro To Photography00000
CD 30AStudent Teach I/Reflect Prac00000
CD 13Infant/Toddler Care00000
ART 15BBeginning Painting00000
CHEM 12AOrganic Chemistry00000
AJ 213AFtp00000
CMUN 12Business Communication00000
ATH 9BFundamentals Of Soccer00000
COS 291APower Skills Workplace00000
AH 171Adv Clini Med Assis00000
CSIS 80Digital Photography00000
ATH 21Volleyball00000
CSIS 129Presentation Graphics00000
AMT 229Adv Drone Aerial Photo And Cin00000
CSIS 570AComputer Access Eval 100000
ATH 75Sports Conditioning00000
DM 60Intro To Animation00000
AH 3Person/Life Cycle00000
AE 600Voc Train I00000
BIO 10Prin Biology L/L00000
AH 52LVN Semester 200000
AJ 5International Terrorism00000
BOT 190Occ Wk Ex-Bot00000
APE 538Adapt Cardio Trng00000
BUS 1Fund Of Business00000
AH 51LVN Semester 100000
BUS 700Entrepreneurship00000
ART 7CAdvanced Ceramics00000
CD 4Observing Children00000
AJ 20Juvenile Law/Proced00000
CD 9Chld Hlth/Nutr/Safe-Foun/Fram00000
ART 12BSculpture B00000
CD 23Independent Study00000
CD 15Music/Movement For Children00000
ART 14AMural Painting00000
CD 97Intro Serv Learn/Ch00000
AJ 176Criminal Street Gangs00000
CHEM 1AGen Chemistry L/L00000
ART 25BConcept Art Methods00000
CHEM 30AElem Chemistry L/L00000
AH 56Compensatory Nrsg Prac00000
CMUN 6Intro Conflict Res00000
ART 79Portfolio: Studio Arts00000
COS 201Intermediate Cosmo00000
AMT 110Airframe Maint00000
COS 223Independent Study00000
ATH 10BFundamentals Of Softball00000
CSIS 2LComputers In Business Lab00000
AE 602Voc Train III00000
CSIS 76Digital Illustration00000
ATH 13AFundamentals Of Volleyball00000
CSIS 112Keyboard Speed Bldg00000
AMT 226Drone Flt Oper And Pilot Cert00000
CSIS 124Windows Fundamental00000
ATH 35Intercollegiate Basketball00000
CSIS 179Intro To Info Sec00000
AH 190Occ Wk Ex-Ah00000
CSIS 212Keyboard Speed Bldg00000
ATH 47Intercollegiate Soccer00000
CSIS 573Act For Reading00000
ANTH 1LPhys Anth Lab00000
CWE 192General Work Exper00000
ATH 91BFund Beach Vb00000
ACCT 20Financial Acct00000
ACCT 120Computerized Acctng00000
ACCT 190Occ Wk Ex-Acct00000
BIO 7Human Anatomy00000
AE 636Adapted Physical Ed00000
APE 35Adapted Swimming00000
BIO 15Anatomy And Physiology00000
ACCT 21Managerial Acct00000
ACCT 203General Office Accounting00000
AH 54LVN Semester 400000
AJ 100ABasic Police Academy00000
ART 12ASculpture A00000
CD 19Intro Careers/Chldn00000