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FSW Course Reviews

Florida SouthWestern State College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PHI 2600Ethics43421
MCB 2010CMicrobiology32331
MUN 1340Vocal Ensemble00000
FFP 1000Intro to Fire Protection00000
MVK 1012Pre-Principal: Harpsichord00000
MAN 4113Underst & Managing Diversity00000
EMS 2601LParamedic Laboratory I00000
MVB 1015Pre-Principal: Tuba00000
DEH 2400General & Oral Pathology00000
GEB 4375Foundations of Internatl Bus00000
DIG 2318CAnimation Studio00000
HSA 1253Medical Office Administration00000
MAC 1140Pre-Calculus Algebra00000
EDG 4935Special Topics II Middle & Sec00000
MCB 2910Undergraduate Research00000
CTS 2120Comp & Network Security (Sec+)00000
MUN 2440Instr Chamber Ens: Percussion00000
ENT 3003Entrepreneurship I00000
MVB 2325Applied Music Instr: Tuba00000
CJE 1300Police Organiz & Admin00000
MVS 1212Applied Music Instr: Viola00000
DEP 2102Child Psychology00000
HIM 1802Professional Practice Exper I00000
CJE 2711Criminal Justice Capstone00000
HUM 2930Hum: Great Human Questions00000
EAP 0240English Academic Writing00000
HUS 2500Issues & Ethics in Human Srvcs00000
LIN 1670Basic English Grammar00000
EDE 4226CInt Lang Arts Ss & Lit W/Pract00000
MAN 2021Management Principles00000
COP 2700Database Programming00000
MAR 3232Retailing Management II00000
EEX 3012Ed Needs of Stud W/Excep00000
MUC 2601Introduction To Songwriting00000
CHM 2046LGeneral Chemistry II Lab00000
MUN 2122Concert Band00000
ENC 0022Writing For College Success00000
MUT 1241Sight Singing & Ear Training I00000
CVT 2421CInvasive Cardiology II00000
MVB 1315Applied Music Instr: Tuba00000
ETD 2949Engineerng Tech Internship II00000
MVJ 1019Pre-Principal Jazz Percussion00000
ART 1203CThree-Dimensional Design00000
MVK 2221Applied Music Instr: Piano00000
FIL 2001American Cinema00000
MVS 1313Applied Music Instr: Cello00000
CJE 2670Intro to Forensic Science00000
HFT 1000Intro To Hospitality Mgmt00000
DES 2832CExpanded Functions Lab00000
HIM 2279Healthcare Reimbursement00000
ART 2500CPainting I00000
HSC 4159Adv Medical Pharmacology00000
DIG 2972CDig Arts and Mult. Media Capst00000
HUS 2200Dynamics Groups & Gp Counsel00000
CJL 2130Crim Procedure & Evid00000
HUS 2905Directed Individual Study00000
EAP 0360English Academic Grammar00000
INR 2500Model United Nations00000
LAE 3333Teaching Composition00000
EAP 1600Eng Acad Speech Listening00000
LIT 2380Intro to Women in Literature00000
COP 1000Intro to Computer Program00000
MAE 3320CTeach Methods Middle Sch Math00000
EDF 3214Human Develop & Learning00000
MAN 3301Human Resources Mgmt00000
CHM 2025Intro to College Chemistry00000
MAN 4723Strategic Management Capstone00000
EEC 1603Positive Guidance Behavior Mgm00000
MAT 0057Mathematics College Success00000
CRW 2001Creative Writing I00000
MHF 2191Mathematical Foundations00000
EMS 2421Emt Practicum00000
MUM 2601CRecording Techniques II00000
ARC 1211Intro To Architecture00000
MUN 1480Guitar Ensemble00000
EMS 2655Paramedic Internship II00000
MUN 2410Instr Chamber Ens: String00000
CTS 2327Windows Management00000
MUN 2711Advanced Jazz Ensemble00000
ENL 2012British Lit/Culture I: To 178000000
MUT 2910Undergraduate Research00000
CHM 2910Undergraduate Research Chemist00000
MVB 1215Applied Music Instr: Tuba00000
ETD 1320Computer Aided Drafting00000
MVB 2225Applied Music Instr: Tuba00000
DEH 1002Dental Hygiene I00000
MVJ 1014Pre-Principal Jazz Bass00000
EVR 1001CIntro to Environmental Science00000
MVJ 1216Secondary Jazz Saxophone00000
ACG 3103Intermediate Accounting I00000
MVK 1311Applied Music Instr: Piano00000
FFP 2720Fire Company Officer Leadershp00000
MVP 2321Applied Music: Percussion00000
DEH 2808Dental Hygiene V00000
ISS 2910Undergraduate Research00000
FRE 1120Elementary French I00000
ACG 2021Financial Accounting00000
AML 2020Lit Of The U.S. II: To Present00000
ART 2616CDigital Art And Animation00000
CNT 1000Computer Networking Essentials00000