FSU Course Reviews

Framingham State University

BIOL 161Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology00000
BIOL 307LMicrobiology Lab00000
ARTS 366Branding and Identity Design00000
ASTR 218Principles of Solar System Astronomy00000
ARTS 820Life Drawing00000
ARTS 307Functional Ceramics00000
BIOL 235Principles of Human Physiology00000
ARTH 833History Of Graphic Design00000
ARTS 431Advanced Graphic Design00000
ARTS 120Introduction to Painting00000
ASGN 340Undergraduate Research in Interpreting (0.5 course-credit)00000
ARTS 879Topics in Advanced Printmaking00000
ARTS 242Silkscreen00000
BIOL 112LBiology of Marine Organisms Lab00000
ARTH 333History of Graphic Design00000
BIOL 212Wildlife Specimen Preparation Techniques00000
ARTS 335Principles of User Experience Design00000
BIOL 251LVascular Plant Taxonomy Lab00000
ANTH 258Critical Approaches to Men and Masculinities00000
BIOL 326LFire Ecology Lab00000
ARTH 882Latin American Art00000
ARTS 487Senior Studio Art Seminar00000
ARAB 101Elementary Arabic I00000
ARTS 850Study Tour: Art and Architecture00000
ARTS 188Introduction to Photography: Black and White00000
ASGN 313American Sign Language: English Interpreting III00000
ASGN 200American Sign Language Linguistics00000
ARTS 230Digital Tools for Art and Design00000
ASGN 440Undergraduate Research in Interpreting (0.5 course-credit)00000
ARTH 282American Art00000
BIOL 101LBiological Concepts Lab00000
ARTS 290Study Tour: Art & Architecture00000
BIOL 142Introduction to Human Biology00000
ANTH 212Archaeology and Art00000
BIOL 208LGenetics Lab00000
ARTS 323Advanced Photography00000
BIOL 230Professional Communication in Biology00000
ARTH 389Special Topics in Art History: Arts of Mexico Before & After...00000
BIOL 242LHuman Anatomy & Physiology II Lab00000
ARTS 354Painting Composition00000
BIOL 260Cell Biology00000
ACCT 490Independent Study in Accounting00000
BIOL 320LAnimal Behavior Lab00000
ARTS 386Sequential Illustration: Childrens Books, Comics, and Graphi...00000
BIOL 335LPrinciples of Wildlife Biology Lab00000
ANTH 490Independent Study in Anthropology00000
ARTS 473Special Topics in Studio Art: Intermediate/Advanced Time-Bas...00000
ARTS 110Introduction to Drawing00000
ARTS 495Internship in Studio Art00000
ACCT 653Financial Statement Reporting Analysis00000
ARTS 835Collage And Mixed Media00000
ARTS 167Introduction to Studio Art00000
ARTS 862Printmaking00000
ARTH 200Art and Social Values00000
ASGN 101Elementary American Sign Language I00000
ARTS 203Form and Structure00000
ASGN 301Advanced American Sign Language I00000
ASGN 202Intermediate American Sign Language II00000
ARTS 216Interactive Design00000
ASGN 330Reading and Analysis of Research in Interpreting (0.5 course...00000
ARTH 272History of Art II00000
ASGN 402Advanced American Sign Language IV00000
ARTS 235Intermediate Photography: Color00000
ASGN 452American Sign Language English Interpreting Practicum and Se...00000
ANTH 206Forensic Anthropology00000
ASTR 230Stars and Galaxies00000
ARTS 266Wheelworking00000
BIOL 109LIntroduction to Biological Science Lab00000
ARTH 288Latin American Art00000
BIOL 130Principles of Biology00000
ARTS 305Comix And Graphic Novels00000
BIOL 160Introduction to Organismal Biology00000
ACCT 428Taxation00000
BIOL 203Plants and Society00000
ARTS 313Sculpture Methods and Materials00000
BIOL 211Biology of the Reptilia00000
ARTH 376Art Of The Baroque Period00000
BIOL 224Animal Physiological Ecology00000
ARTS 328Intaglio00000
BIOL 232LInvertebrate Zoology Lab00000
ANTH 243Native American Cultures00000
BIOL 241Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
ARTS 350Advanced Photography00000
BIOL 248LPrinciples of Ecology Lab00000
ARTH 490Independent Study in Art History00000
BIOL 255LPlant Physiology Lab00000
ARTS 360Ceramic Sculpture00000
BIOL 262LMolecular Biology Lab00000
ACCT 303Accounting Information Systems00000
BIOL 318Writing for the Biological Sciences (0.5 course-credit)00000
ARTS 377Abstract Painting00000
BIOL 321Limnology00000
ARTH 865Contemporary African-American Art History00000
ARTS 416Advanced Ceramics Studio00000
ACCT 220Introduction to Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 322Intermediate Accounting II00000
ANTH 172Interpreting the Past: Archaeological Perspectives00000
ARTH 265African American Art And Visual Culture00000
ARTS 208Basic Photography00000
ASGN 222American Sign Language: English Interpreting II00000