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FSU Course Reviews

Framingham State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ASGN 440Undergraduate Research in Interpreting (0.5 course-credit)00000
BIOL 248LPrinciples of Ecology Lab00000
ELED 942English Language Arts, Art, Social Studies, Culturally Respo...00000
ARTS 850Study Tour: Art and Architecture00000
ENGL 246African American Film00000
EDUC 411Student Teaching Practicum and Seminar II: High School (Two...00000
BIOL 203Plants and Society00000
EDPS 440BBaccalaureate Practicum Equivalent B00000
ENGL 207The Language of Film00000
EDPS 868BStudent Teaching Practicum and Seminar II: Visual Art Pre-K...00000
ARTS 419Advanced Drawing Studio00000
ENGL 277Gender in Contemporary Global Literature (GenEd)00000
EDUC 315Pro Prep & Field Study II: General and Discipline-Specific M...00000
ASGN 222American Sign Language: English Interpreting II00000
EDPS 421BSecondary Professional Practicum B: English 5-1200000
BIOL 109LIntroduction to Biological Science Lab00000
EDUC 490Independent Study in Education00000
BIOL 232Invertebrate Zoology00000
CRIM 120The Fight for Social Justice: Institutional Battlegrounds00000
BIOL 308Reading and Analysis of Biological Literature (0.5 course-cr...00000
EDPS 864ASecondary Professional Practicum A: Mathematics 8-1200000
ENGL 228Disability in Literature00000
CRIM 240Drugs, Social Control, and the Law00000
ENGL 263African American Women Writers00000
EDPS 873Student Teaching Practicum and Seminar II: Visual Art Pre-K...00000
PHYS 272Modern Physics00000
ENGL 288Writing Fiction00000
EDUC 222Sheltered English Immersion00000
ARTS 495Internship in Studio Art00000
CSCI 108HTML, JavaScript Programming, & Web Site Development00000
ASGN 101Elementary American Sign Language I00000
EDUC 346Elementary Curriculum: Science, Social Studies and Special N...00000
ASGN 330Reading and Analysis of Research in Interpreting (0.5 course...00000
CPSY 956Understanding Social Science Research00000
ASTR 230Stars and Galaxies00000
EDUC 423Student Teaching Practicum and Seminar I: Visual Art Grades...00000
BIOL 142LIntroduction to Human Biology Lab00000
EDPS 425BSecondary Professional Practicum B: Science 8-1200000
BIOL 212Wildlife Specimen Preparation Techniques00000
EGNR 101Introduction to Engineering00000
BIOL 241LHuman Anatomy & Physiology I Lab00000
COMM 490Independent Study in Communication, Media, and Performance00000
BIOL 260Cell Biology00000
ENGL 186Banned Books00000
BIOL 320LAnimal Behavior Lab00000
CRIM 215Images of Crime (Gen.Ed.)00000
ENGL 212Literature for Children00000
EDPS 865ASecondary Professional Practicum A: Science 8-1200000
ENGL 240LGBTQ Literature (GenEd)00000
CPGY 275Introduction to the Commercial Photography Marketplace00000
ENGL 255British Literature II: 1680-189000000
EDPS 870Student Teaching Practicum and Seminar I: High School (Two c...00000
ENGL 266Western Literature: Renaissance to the Present00000
CRIM 301Criminological Theory00000
ENGL 283Writing Poetry00000
EDPS 875Student Teaching Practicum and Seminar II: Middle School (Tw...00000
ENGL 322The 19th Century British Novel00000
ENGL 311Writing about Science00000
EDUC 200Education in American Society with Field Study I00000
ARTS 234Children's Book Illustration00000
CRIM 360Media and Crime00000
ARTS 487Senior Studio Art Seminar00000
EDUC 300Professional Preparation II: Special Needs and Educational T...00000
ARTS 822Painting Studio00000
CPSY 919Problems of Substance Abuse00000
ARTS 865Special Topics in Studio Art00000
EDUC 322The Child and Literacy with Field Study II00000
ASGN 201Intermediate American Sign Language I00000
EDIL 825Secondary Methods with Field Study II: Science 8-1200000
ASGN 302Advanced American Sign Language II00000
EDUC 376Early Childhood Curriculum: Reading, Social Studies and Spec...00000
ASGN 401Advanced American Sign Language III00000
COMM 280Introduction to Film Production00000
ASTR 128Solar System Astronomy00000
EDUC 415Student Teaching Practicum and Seminar II: Middle School (Tw...00000
BIOL 101LBiological Concepts Lab00000
EDPS 423BSecondary Professional Practicum B: Mathematics 5-800000
BIOL 114A Human Perspective on Genetics00000
EDUC 432Early Childhood Professional Practicum B (Second half of sem...00000
BIOL 161Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology00000
CPSY 989Counseling Internship C00000
BIOL 208Genetics00000
EDUC 991Philosophy of Education and Teaching Practice00000
BIOL 224LAnimal Physiological Ecology Lab00000
EDPS 428AStudent Teaching Practicum and Seminar I: Visual Art Pre-K t...00000
BIOL 233LComparative Vertebrate Anatomy Lab00000
ELED 332The Child and Literacy Grades 1-6 with Pre-Practicum II00000
BIOL 242LHuman Anatomy & Physiology II Lab00000
ACCT 322Intermediate Accounting II00000
BIOL 255Plant Physiology00000
ENGL 111Reading Literature00000
BIOL 291Principles of Tropical Ecology and Conservation: Field Study00000
EDPS 862BSecondary Professional Practicum B: History 5-1200000
ENGL 203Contemporary Global Literature00000
ACCT 220Introduction to Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 490Independent Study in Accounting00000
CPGY 495Internship in Commercial Photography00000
CRIM 313The Culture of Punishment00000
EDPS 884Student Teaching Practicum and SeminarII: Visual Art Grades...00000
ENGL 318British Romanticism00000