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FSCJ South Course Reviews

Florida State College at Jacksonville - South

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
DAA 2103Contemporary/Modern Dance Technique IV00000
ECO 2013Principles of Economics I00000
CCE 0620Capm Exam Prep00000
CTS 2655Routing and Switching Fundamentals (Cisco 2)00000
CHD 2330Strategies to Support Emergent Literacy, Ages 0-800000
ASL 1430Fingerspelling and Numbering00000
DIG 3153Writing for Digital Media00000
AFPD 7115Basics of Academic Outcomes00000
CCJ 1020Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
ANT 2000General Anthropology00000
CTS 1131CHardware Configuration00000
CNT 2102Advanced Routing and Switching (Cisco 3)00000
ASE 0063AHigh School Equivalency Social Studies00000
CWS 0029Prep SQL I-TECH Program00000
AFPD 5190Distance Learning Proctored & Remote Testing00000
DIG 2105CWeb 2.0 and Social Media00000
BUL 2131Business Law I - The Legal Environment of Business00000
DIG 4144CNET Broadcasting00000
AFPD 2591Student Success & Social+Emotional Intelligence Workshop00000
ELL 0115English Language Learner: Foundations Level I (Face-to-Face)00000
AMH 2010United States History to 187700000
CET 2600Network Fundamentals (Cisco 1)00000
AFPD 3083Insight Into the Author Series00000
CHM 2210COrganic Chemistry I00000
ART 1201CTwo Dimensional Design00000
COP 2822Web Technologies00000
COM 4946Applied Experience in Communication and Media II00000
ART 2752CCeramics: Wheel Throwing I00000
CTS 2437Introduction to SQL Server Database00000
AFPD 4089Delivering Effective Presentations, Regardless of Subject Ma...00000
CWS 0015JFRD Structural Collapse Operations00000
DAA 1570Jazz I00000
AFPD 1022Excel 201300000
DAN 2743Pilates/Body Conditioning and Fitness I00000
BSC 1005LBiology Laboratory00000
DIG 2201CDigital Video Fundamentals00000
AFPD 616610 Ideas to Support Struggling Readers00000
DIG 3355CArtificial Effects and Environments00000
CCE 0372I Tech - CompTIA Network + Certification Exam Prep00000
DSC 1562Homeland Security Threat Strategy00000
ABX 0335ALANGUAGE FOR ADLTS B (Face to Face)00000
EGN 1001CIntroduction to Engineering00000
CCE 0689Project Management Fundamentals00000
ELL 0215English Language Learner, Low Beginning Level 2 (Face-to-Fac...00000
AFPD 3045The Equation Is Showing Cracks: Cost Of College Vs. Return O...00000
CCJ 2930Careers in Criminal Justice00000
AMH 2093African-American History and Culture from 1877 to the Presen...00000
CGS 1060CIntroduction to Information Technology00000
ABX 0336DLanguage for Adults C (Face-to-Face)00000
CHM 1032CPrinciples of General Chemistry00000
ANT 2511Physical Anthropology00000
CIS 2930Special Topics00000
AFPD 3112Escape the Dull Classroom: Tools to Engage Your Students00000
COM 3332New Communication Technology and Contemporary Society00000
ART 2203CThree Dimensional Design00000
COP 2360Introduction to C#00000
COP 1000CIntroduction to Computer Programming00000
ART 2701CSculpture I00000
COP 2823ASP.NET Programming00000
AFPD 3901Open Educational Resources (OER): A Very Brief Introduction00000
CTS 1133Software Configuration00000
ART 2808CAdvanced Interdisciplinary Studies00000
CTS 2440Oracle SQL and PL/SQL00000
ACG 2071Managerial Accounting00000
CWO 0754Army Rotc Freshman Lab II00000
CWS 0018Java-I-Tech Program00000
AFPD 5156Mental Health First Aid Training00000
DAA 1501Jazz II00000
ASL 1150American Sign Language II00000
DAA 2100Contemporary/Modern Dance Techniques and Composition I00000
ABX 0217DReading for Adults D (Face-to-Face)00000
DAA 2680Dance Repertory I00000
AST 1002LAstronomy Lab00000
DEP 2004Human Growth and Development00000
AFPD 5230Achieving the Dream, Data Summit00000
DIG 2132CFundamentals of Interactive Design00000
BSC 2011CPrinciples of Biology II00000
DIG 2302Computer Animation I00000
AFPD 1201Blackboard00000
DIG 3286Assembling Digital Media00000
CAP 2741CData Visualization00000
DIG 3823CCreative Digital Media Problem Solving00000
AFPD 6795Grade Papers in Half the Time00000
DIG 4855Converging Media Capstone00000
CCE 0456Lean Six Sigma Yellow And Green Belt00000
DSC 3949Public Safety Management Internship00000
ABX 0127DMathematics for Adults D (Online)00000
EDF 2085Introduction to Diversity for Teachers00000
CCE 0662Ceramics 10100000
EGN 2312Statics00000
AFPD 7630Crisis Management In Student Services00000
CCE 0724Mental Health First Aid00000
ABX 0125Mathematics For Adults B00000
ABX 0215DReading for Adults B (Face-to-Face)00000
ABX 0337DLanguage for Adults D (Face-to-Face)00000
AFPD 3481Roundtable Discussions - Math Mini Conference00000
ART 2401CPrintmaking II00000
COP 2334CObject-Oriented Programming with C++00000