FSCJ South Course Reviews

Florida State College at Jacksonville - South

DIG 3255CDigital Media Audio00000
ENC 0025Essentials in Writing II00000
CCE 0373I Tech - CompTIA A + Certification Exam Prep00000
CWS 0018Java-I-Tech Program00000
CET 2600CNetwork Fundamentals (Cisco 1)00000
ASL 1130American Sign Language III00000
ELL 0315English Language Learner: High Beginning Level 3 (Face to Fa...00000
AFPD 7408Understanding Ada & Disability Support Svcs00000
CCE 0703Microsoft Excel 2016: Tips and Tricks00000
ANT 2000General Anthropology00000
CTS 2655Routing and Switching Fundamentals (Cisco 2)00000
CIS 2321Information Systems00000
ART 2755CCeramics: Hand-Building II00000
DIG 2105CWeb 2.0 and Social Media00000
AFPD 5219Foundations Of Management00000
DSC 3079Foundations of Public Safety Management00000
BSC 1005Life in Its Biological Environment00000
EMS 0202Trauma and Medical Emergencies for Paramedics00000
AFPD 1271Follett Discover Training00000
FFP 0020Fire Fighter II00000
AMH 2020United States History from 1877 to the Present00000
CCJ 2010Criminology00000
AFPD 3047"Emancipation Of Majigeen": Connecting Past, Present, Home,...00000
CHM 1020Chemistry for Liberal Arts00000
ART 1201CTwo Dimensional Design00000
CTS 2440Oracle SQL and PL/SQL00000
CRW 2001Creative Writing00000
ART 2701CSculpture I00000
CWO 0755Army Rotc Softmore Lab I00000
AFPD 5155Universal Design In Learning00000
DAN 2743Pilates/Body Conditioning and Fitness I00000
ASE 0066AHigh School Equivalency Mathematical Reasoning00000
DIG 2201CDigital Video Fundamentals00000
ACG 2021Financial Accounting00000
DIG 3823CCreative Digital Media Problem Solving00000
ASL 2212American Sign Language Discourse00000
EGN 1001CIntroduction to Engineering00000
AFPD 6232Cooperative Learning00000
ELL 0615English Language Learner: Advanced Level 5 (Face-to-Face)00000
BUL 3130Business Law and Ethics00000
EMS 0209Paramedic Field Internship00000
ABX 0215DReading for Adults B (Face-to-Face)00000
ENL 2012English Literature to 175000000
CCE 0653Heartsaver CPR/AED/BLS Certification00000
FFP 1702Principles of Emergency Services00000
AFPD 2602Sustaining Diverse Populations00000
CCE 0814Microsoft Access 2016: Intermediate00000
AMH 2093African-American History and Culture from 1877 to the Presen...00000
CCJ 2932Capstone Issues In Criminal Justice00000
ABX 0217DReading for Adults D (Face-to-Face)00000
CGS 1100CMicrocomputer Applications for Business and Economics00000
ANT 2511Physical Anthropology00000
CHM 2045CGeneral Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis I00000
AFPD 3091Classroom Assessment Techniques00000
CNT 2102CEnterprise Networking, Security, and Automation (Cisco 3)00000
ART 2203CThree Dimensional Design00000
CTS 2437CSQL Server I - Fundamentals00000
CTS 1133Software Configuration00000
ART 2501CPainting II00000
CTS 2450CIntroduction to SAS Programming00000
AFPD 4073myIMPACT: SMART Goals & IDPs00000
CWO 0753Army Rotc Frsh Lab I00000
ART 2750CCeramics: Hand-Building I00000
CWO 0756Army Rotc Sft Lab II00000
ABX 0337Language For Adlts D00000
DAA 2680Dance Repertory I00000
ASE 0062AHigh School Equivalency Reasoning Through Lang Art00000
DEP 2004Human Growth and Development00000
AFPD 5181Developing Your Personal Strengths: Strengthfinder Assessmen...00000
DIG 2132CFundamentals of Interactive Design00000
DIG 2341Introduction to Motion Graphics00000
ABX 0127DMathematics for Adults D (Online)00000
DIG 3355CArtificial Effects and Environments00000
ASL 1210American Sign Language IV00000
DSC 1222Disaster Victims00000
AFPD 5238Fall 2019 Data Summit ¿ Retention: What¿s Your Role?00000
EDF 1005Introduction to Education00000
AST 1002Introduction to Astronomy00000
ELL 0117English Language Learner: Foundations Level 1 (Online)00000
AFPD 1171How to Host a Video Channel on YouTube (Basics)00000
ELL 0417English Language Learner: Low Intermediate Level 4 (Online)00000
BSC 2085CHuman Anatomy and Physiology I00000
EMS 0200Fundamentals for Paramedics00000
AFPD 7074Campus Solutions: Open Lab For Faculty00000
EMS 0204Pediatrics/Special Needs/Operations for Paramedics00000
CAP 2787CData Warehousing00000
EMS 1421EMT Clinical Experience00000
ABX 0125Mathematics For Adults B00000
ENC 1102Writing About Texts00000
CCE 0542Financial Strategies For Successful Retirement00000
ESC 1000LEarth and Space Science Laboratory00000
AFPD 7647Symplicity for Student Success00000
CCE 0674HR Certification Prep (PHR/SPHR)00000
ABX 0125DMathematics for Adults B (Face-to-Face)00000
ABX 0126AMath for Adults C (Face to Face)00000
ABX 0336Language For Adlts C00000
AFPD 3303Online & Hybrid Help Sessions00000
ART 2401CPrintmaking II00000
CTS 2436CSQL Server III - Administration00000