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FSCJ North Course Reviews

Florida State College at Jacksonville - North

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
HED 0105Iv Therapy for Lpns00000
HUS 4945Human Services Internship00000
DEA 0834LExpanded Functions Laboratory00000
ESC 1000LEarth and Space Science Laboratory00000
DES 0205LRadiology I Laboratory00000
CSP 0301Facial, Make-up and Hair Removal00000
HSC 1531Medical Terminology (for Health Professions)00000
CHM 2045CGeneral Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis I00000
DEH 2701LCommunity Oral Health Practicum00000
CJK 0064Fundamentals of Patrol00000
EMS 2666Paramedic Clinical I00000
DES 1600Dental Office Emergencies00000
CJK 0422Dart-Firing Stun Gun00000
FSE 2100Embalming I00000
BSC 2011CPrinciples of Biology II00000
HIM 1224Basic Icd Coding And Lab00000
CWN 0273Equivalency of Training00000
HUS 3304Intra and Interpersonal Techniques00000
AFPD 3482Promoting Access to Math for Students with Vision Impairment00000
MAN 4930Selected Topics in Management00000
CJK 0013Interactions in a Diverse Community00000
DEH 2930Clinical Seminar00000
AFPD 5169Supplemental Instruction Leader Training: Part One00000
DES 1000Oral and Dental Anatomy00000
CJK 0087Traffic Stops00000
EMS 2616Paramedic Lecture IV, Special Considerations00000
EMS 1421EMT Clinical Experience00000
CJK 0393Cross-Over Program Updates00000
ENC 0022Essentials in Writing I and II00000
AMH 2010United States History to 187700000
FSE 1204Funeral Services Computer Applications00000
COS 0007Cosmetology Phase II00000
FSE 2946Professional Practicum I00000
AFPD 2607B.E.A.D (Being Educated About Diversity) Part II00000
HED 0704Massage Therapy- Business, Professional Ethics, and Essentia...00000
CWN 0154Rn Nclex Review00000
HIM 2214CHealth Data Management00000
CCE 0701RN Refresher00000
HUM 2410Humanities of Asia00000
DEA 0130Biological Sciences for the Dental Assistant00000
HUS 4352Multicultural Perspectives in Mental Health00000
ABX 0335Language For Adlts B00000
MAC 1140Precalculus Algebra00000
DEH 1720Preventive Dentistry00000
MAT 0028Elementary Algebra00000
AFPD 4073myIMPACT: SMART Goals & IDPs00000
DEH 2806LClinical Dental Hygiene IV Laboratory00000
CJK 0031First Aid for Criminal Justice Officers00000
DES 0053Pharmacology and Dental Office Emergencies00000
ABX 0336Language For Adlts C00000
DES 0206LRadiology II Laboratory00000
CJK 0073Crimes Involving Property and Society00000
DES 1030Oral Histology and Embryology00000
AFPD 5185Responding to Student Writing in STEM00000
ECO 2013Principles of Economics I00000
CJK 0093Critical Incidents00000
EMS 2615Paramedic Lecture II, Medical00000
EMS 2611Paramedic Lecture I, Preparatory00000
CJK 0330Supervising Special Populations00000
EMS 2618LParamedic Lab VI, Operations00000
AFPD 7647Symplicity for Student Success00000
EMS 2668Paramedic Clinical III00000
CJK 0402Traffic Crash Investigations00000
ENC 1101English Composition I00000
AFPD 1271Follett Discover Training00000
FSE 1000Introduction to Funeral Services00000
COP 1000Introduction to Computer Programming00000
FSE 2061Thanatology00000
ASE 0066AHigh School Equivalency Mathematical Reasoning00000
FSE 2201Funeral Home Operations00000
CSP 0100Esthetics and Skin Care00000
HCP 0121LNurse Aide and Orderly (Articulated) Lab/Clinical00000
ABX 0217Reading For Adults D00000
HED 0111Phlebotomy Technician II00000
CWN 0107Law Enforcement Exam00000
HED 0708Massage Therapy- III00000
BUL 3130Business Law and Ethics00000
HIM 1511Healthcare Informatics Project Management00000
CWN 0181L.E. Exam Prep-C.O.00000
HIM 2500Performance Improvement00000
AFPD 3080Introduction to Zotero for Academic Research & Writing00000
HUM 2020Topics in the Humanities00000
DEA 0020LIntroduction to Clinical Procedures Laboratory00000
HUS 3020Human Development through the Lifespan00000
CGS 1100Microcomputer Applications for Business and Economics00000
HUS 3351Family Systems and Dynamics00000
DEA 0725Introduction to Dental Assisting00000
HUS 4560Social Problems and Social Policy00000
ABX 0126DMathematics for Adults C (Face-to-Face)00000
LIT 2000Literature in the Humanities00000
DEA 0936Seminar00000
MAC 2311Calculus With Analytic Geometry I00000
CHM 3130CChemistry Instrumentation00000
DEH 1802LClinical Dental Hygiene II Laboratory00000
ABX 0125Mathematics For Adults B00000
ABX 0127Mathematics For Adults D00000
ACG 2021Financial Accounting00000
AFPD 5217How To Present & Build Effective Presentations00000
CJK 0310Officer Safety00000
EMS 2613LParamedic Lab IV, Patient Assessment00000