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FSCJ Course Reviews

Florida State College at Jacksonville

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BCV 0601AC Theory00000
AFPD 5219Foundations Of Management00000
ARR 0213LCollision Repair Technician Lab II00000
AFPD 7507New Financial Aid Year Updates00000
AFPD 3915What can we learn from ICE and why is it important?00000
CCE 0615Lean Six Sigma - Yellow Belt00000
AFPD 3055Blackboard Collaborate for Distance Learning00000
AFPD 6549Cultivating Conservancy: Catches and Confidences in CARchaeo...00000
AFPD 3076How Empathy Can Help Us Better Engage College Men00000
AHS 0463DWorld History, Part B (Face-to-Face)00000
AFPD 7626Fscj 10100000
AFPD 3152FSCJ Author Reception00000
BCH 4024Introduction to Biochemistry00000
AFPD 1326Awareness of Self: Who Am I at the Core of Youth/Young Adult...00000
BSC 2419CProtein Biotechnology and Cell Culture00000
AFPD 5155Universal Design In Learning00000
CCE 0834AEWDJT Florida Storm Water, Erosion, Sedimentation Control In...00000
AER 2899Engine Performance II00000
CHD 2330Strategies to Support Emergent Literacy, Ages 0-800000
AFPD 3066Using Socrative for Classroom Competition & Data Analysis00000
AFPD 7069Campus Solutions Admissions Process00000
AFPD 1188Digital Distraction - When Technology Takes Over00000
AFPD 7610Conflict Management & De-escalation Techniques00000
AFPD 3119The Art of Setting Boundaries00000
AHS 0362DAlgebra 1A, Part A (Face-to-Face)00000
AFPD 7641Residency-Campus Solutions00000
AFPD 3142Mindfulness as a Tool to Mitigate Burnout00000
AHSB 0335Liberal Arts Mathematics 2 Part B00000
AFPD 1315Practical & Actionable Outcomes Assessment: 2017 Survey for...00000
AFPD 3807Teambuilding: Low-Level Ropes Course00000
BCN 2563Electrical Systems00000
AER 1598CBrake Systems00000
BSC 1421CIntroduction to Biotechnology Methods00000
AFPD 4074Coaching for Impact00000
CAP 2141Data Forensics II - Advanced00000
AFPD 2601Diversity in the Classroom00000
CCE 0707Cpr/Bls & First Aid00000
AFPD 5182Working Through Stressful Changing Times00000
CCE 0840BEWDJT EPA 24 HAZMAT Repeat00000
ACG 2021Financial Accounting00000
CET 2662Techniques of Computer Hacking and Incident Handling00000
AFPD 6404Avoiding Burnout00000
CHM 2046CGeneral Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis II00000
AFPD 1066Sharepoint00000
AFPD 6803Disaster Preparedness for Agriculture00000
AFPD 3070Look What You Made Me Do: Schemas' Impacts on Our Daily Unde...00000
AFPD 7094Financial Aid In Campus Solutions00000
ACR 0002LAir Conditioning and Refrigeration Theory Lab II00000
AFPD 7605Career Development00000
AFPD 3113Beyond the Stress Ball00000
AFPD 7616Financial Aid 101 Part 200000
AFPD 1300Roundtable on Academic Rigor and Integrity at FSCJ00000
AFPD 7630Crisis Management In Student Services00000
AFPD 3126Robust Student Engagement with Customizable Courses by Wiley00000
AHS 0165DEnglish III, Part B (Face to Face)00000
AFPD 7646CS Advisement Reports00000
AFPD 3138Study Skills as Co-Curricular Content in STEM classes - If t...00000
AHS 0377DMathematics for College Success (Face-to-Face)00000
AFPD 1311Faculty Assisting Faculty in Creating & Revising Assessment...00000
AHS 0565DPersonal, Career, and School Development Skills II, Part A F...00000
AFPD 3147Instructor Training for IDS 110700000
ARR 0005CIntroduction to Collision Repair & Refinishing00000
AER 1198Engines00000
ASE 0062AHigh School Equivalency Reasoning Through Lang Art00000
AFPD 3804How to Read Body Language00000
ASE 0079DHigh School Equivalency Comprehensive (Face-to-Face)00000
AFPD 1321Grants00000
BCN 1943Internship00000
AFPD 3813Empowerment: Rules for Breaking the Rules00000
BCN 2760Construction Design and Codes00000
ABX 0336Language For Adlts C00000
BCV 0660Commercial Wiring I00000
AFPD 4055Strategic Professional Development: Aligning Your Strengths...00000
BSC 2011CPrinciples of Biology II00000
AFPD 1332Artificial intelligence enhancing student curiosity00000
BSC 2435Introduction to Bioinformatics00000
AFPD 5108Generational Diversity00000
CCE 0440American Sign Language (Asl) for Beginners00000
AER 2695CElectrical Systems II00000
CCE 0689Project Management Fundamentals00000
AFPD 5167Managing A Multi-Generational Workforce00000
CCE 0801America's Promise Certification00000
AFPD 3049Incorporating Library And Tutoring Tools That Supercharge St...00000
CCE 0837BEWDJT OSHA Maritime Terminal Operations Repeat00000
AFPD 5204QDistinguished Honors Faculty Certificate Program Part III00000
CCE 0843BEWDJT Construction Safety Repeat00000
ABX 0216DReading for Adults C (Face-to-Face)00000
CCE 0867Transportation Operations00000
AFPD 5307Foundations of Educational Technology00000
CGS 2512Spreadsheet Concepts and Practices00000
AFPD 3060Your Classroom: It's all Fun and Games with Kahoot!00000
AFPD 6543Digital Humanities: The Past Meets the Future00000
ABX 0335DLanguage for Adults B (Face-to-Face)00000
ACR 0577HVAC Controls00000
AFPD 1305Canvas Mobile00000
AFPD 3133Shannon Miller Keynote- Gold Medal Mindset00000
AFPD 9995Business Services Mtg00000