FSC Course Reviews

Farmingdale State College

BCS 390Database Admin & Security00000
BIO 210Introduction to Bioscience00000
AVN 309Certified Flight InstrucGround00000
BCS 301Systems Analysis & Design00000
AVN 417Homeland Security in Aviation00000
AVN 106PrivatePilot Flight to Cert*AL00000
BIO 125Principles of Nutrition00000
ANT 482Research Intership I00000
AVN 350Air Traffic Management*AL00000
ARC 310Construction Design *AL00000
BCS 209LRouting & Switching Essentials00000
AVN 432Aviation Insurance00000
ART 302Art History: American Art Srvy00000
BCS 320Enterprise Netwking Sec&Automa00000
ANT 210Anthropology & Globalization00000
BCS 450St: Cobol00000
AVN 209Instrument Pilot Flight*AL00000
BIO 170LHuman Anat & Physiology I Lab00000
AET 255TComputerized Engine Controls00000
BIO 240Bioethics00000
ARC 255Architectural Design I00000
AVN 401Airline Economics & Marketing00000
AET 257TAutomatic Transmissions00000
AVN 424Adv. Avionics & Cockpit Autmtn00000
ARC 376Architectural Design III *AL00000
BCS 130Website Development I00000
AVN 443Specialty Flying00000
ART 202WSrvyArt Hst:Early Ren-Pres-Wri00000
BCS 235JavaScript and jQuery00000
ANT 100Introduction to Anthropology00000
BCS 315UNIX Operating Systems II00000
AVN 100General Aeronautics00000
BCS 350Web Database Development00000
AET 217Applied Mech & Engr Materials00000
BCS 426C# Programming00000
AVN 201Safety Ethics00000
BIO 120TGeneral Biology00000
ANT 240Women, Men And Social Change00000
BIO 131LBiological Principles II Lab00000
AVN 271Airport Cap/Delay/Airspc/Envir00000
BIO 192LBotany Lab00000
AET 109Automotive Electrical Principles00000
BIO 220TMedical Microbiology00000
AVN 322Advanced Aircraft Systems00000
BIO 270TAnatomy and Physiology I00000
AET 257LAutomatic Transmissions (Lab)00000
AVN 371Airport Planning00000
ARC 263Mech,Elec, Plumbing &Ener Syst00000
AVN 411Certified Flight-Instrumnt*AL00000
AET 150TAutomotive Computer Applications00000
AVN 422Aerodynamics and Aircraft Performance00000
ARC 362History of Western Architecture00000
AVN 425Safety of Flight00000
AET 290WProject Seminar (Writing Intensive)00000
AVN 440Commuter Turboprop Training00000
ARC 486Architectural Design V00000
BCS 109Introduction to Programming00000
AVN 470Airport Operations00000
ART 201WSrvy Art Hist:Prehis-MidAge Wr00000
BCS 208LIntrodution to Networks Lab00000
AET 495SpTpc:Intern Hvy Dty Engines00000
BCS 215UNIX Operating Systems00000
ART 242Italian Renaissance Art00000
BCS 262Data Communications00000
AET 215TDiesel Engines00000
BCS 303Xml00000
ART 304Global Art History00000
BCS 317Enterprise Resource Planning00000
ANT 120Archaeology00000
BCS 340Introduction to Algorithms00000
AVN 104Private Pilot Ground00000
BCS 370Data Structures00000
AET 107TManual Drivetrains and Driveaxles00000
BCS 422iOS Mobile Application Develop00000
AVN 112Pilot Proficiency00000
BCS 430WSenior Project(Writing Int)*AL00000
ANT 212Intro to Medical Anthropology00000
BCS 460WIndependent Study- Writing Intensive00000
AVN 202Aviation Meteorology00000
BIO 123THuman Body/Health&Disease00000
AET 218TApplied Manufacturing Processes00000
BIO 130TBiological Principles I00000
AVN 212Commercial Pilot Flight*AL00000
BIO 166TPrin of Human Anatomy & Physio00000
ANT 320Human Osteology00000
BIO 171THuman Anatomy & Physiology II00000
AVN 300Government in Aviation00000
BIO 198TEntomology00000
AET 104Combustion Engine Theory00000
BIO 212LBioscience LaboratoryPractices00000
AVN 320Air Carrier Flight Operations00000
BIO 221TOral Microbiology00000
ARA 132Arabic II (Elementary)00000
AVN 326Airport Security Management00000
AET 101LInternal Combustion Engine Theory and Servicing Lab00000
AET 105LFuel Systems Si Engines (Lab)00000
AET 208TAutomotive Electrical Applications00000
AET 492Special Topics: Electric Vehicle00000
ART 200History of Graphic Design00000
AVN 490Aviation Internship00000