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Friends Course Reviews

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CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EDUC 5484Utilizing a Social Justice Lens to Teach from a Multicultura...00000
EDUC 5574Social Justice Practices00000
CSFL 505The Role of Narrativfe in Formation & Gospel of Jesus00000
EDUC 5307"Research-Based Strategies for Classroom and Behavior Manage...00000
CYBR 500Fundamentals of Cyber Security00000
CIS 442Information Systems Project Management00000
EDUC 5513LETRS: Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spell...00000
BLAW 630Employment Law00000
CSIS 260Networking Principles00000
BSAD 480Strategic Management and Policy00000
EDUC 495Secondary School Student Teaching00000
DANP 351Dance for Musical Theatre 200000
CHEM 1023General Chemistry 200000
EDUC 5416Improving Confidence through Differentiation00000
BIOL 481Animal Behavior00000
EDUC 5497Student Growth and Meaningful Grades00000
CRMJ 215Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
EDUC 5554Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LE...00000
ART 497Advanced Studes: Drawing00000
EDUC 5595Grow Future Leaders00000
BMGT 405U.S. Regulatory and Legal Issues in Health Care00000
CSIS 425Advanced Software Application Development00000
BADM 100Introduction to Business00000
DANP 203Related Dance Forms00000
BSAD 565Marketing: A World View (Domestic and Global)00000
EDUC 385Methods for Teaching Art: PreK-600000
ECON 340Money and Banking00000
CAPS 495CAPS Internship00000
EDUC 5131KIAAA: Legal Issues I (Risk Management)00000
BIOL 270Microbiology00000
EDUC 5387Enhance Reading Skills and More with Popular Music and Lyric...00000
CIS 342Systems Analysis and Design00000
EDUC 5461The Sound Case for the Emerging Reader (formerly titled: Lev...00000
ART 311Painting 200000
EDUC 5490Growth Mindset Applications00000
COMM 357Digital Moviemaking00000
EDUC 5506At-Risk Interventions00000
BIOL 2052Human Physiology00000
EDUC 5521Deeper Dive into Our Kansas Science Standards00000
CRMJ 1013Intro Criminal Justice00000
EDUC 5562Functional Behavior Assessments to Get to the Root of the Pr...00000
ACCT 493Accounting Internship I00000
EDUC 5582Implementing Ingenious00000
CSFL 534The Bible in Christian Spiritual Formation III00000
EDUC 5619Navigating Trauma Informed Care00000
ART 2296KAEA Fall 2019 Conference: Creating Cultural Connections00000
CSIS 322Sofware Application Development00000
BSAD 332Organizational Behavior and Theory00000
CYBR 320Cryptography00000
ACCT 640Advanced Commercial Law00000
DANP 111Yoga 200000
BSAD 505Leadership Colloquium00000
DANP 302Ballet Technique00000
BADM 335Negotiations00000
DANP 405Pas De Deux00000
BSAD 604Leaders as Change Agent00000
EDUC 325Reading in the Secondary School00000
EDUC 110Introduction to Teaching00000
BSAD 3303Bus Comm & Prof Skills00000
EDUC 417Special Methods for Secondary Teachers: Physical Education00000
BADM 620Sports Fundraising and Revenue Generation00000
EDUC 4977Essential Keys to Influential Teaching00000
CHEM 251Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis00000
EDUC 5238Study Skills and Organization Strategies for Developing Stud...00000
ART 250Drawing II00000
EDUC 5339Projects with Apps00000
CIS 301Programming II00000
EDUC 5412Growth Mindset in the Classroom00000
BIOL 430Kinesiology00000
EDUC 543120 Strategies for Motivating Students00000
CIS 422Web Programming00000
EDUC 5479Google: Basic Training00000
ACCT 440Federal Taxation00000
EDUC 5487Engagement Training for Effective Diverse Classrooms00000
COMM 275Broadcast and Media Production00000
EDUC 5494Differentiated Instruction: Developing the Abilities of ALL...00000
BIOL 494Internship 200000
EDUC 5502Rigor & Engagement: They Matter00000
COMM 3093Bus & Prof Writing00000
EDUC 5509Reaching Underperforming Students00000
ART 490Senior Capstone00000
EDUC 5518Kansas Infinitec Coalition Conference Fall 201700000
CRMJ 350Corrections00000
EDUC 5534Genius Hour00000
BIOL 3123Immunology00000
EDUC 5558Inner Student Practicum00000
CSE 305Server Administration Spring 202100000
EDUC 5567Kansas Association of Mathematics (KATM) Conference Fall 201...00000
ACCT 311Cost Accounting00000
EDUC 5578Teaching with SAMR00000
CSFL 522Disciplines & Virtue00000
EDUC 5586Exectutive Function00000
BMGT 318Health Services Systems00000
CSFL 612Formation & Struggle00000
ACCT 201Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 363Accounting Informatin Systems00000
ART 1103D Design00000
BADM 490Strategic Management00000
BSAD 630Systems Thinking00000
EDUC 311Practicum for Special Populations00000