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FRCC Course Reviews

Front Range Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSC 165Discrete Structures00000
ECE 225Language & Cognition00000
BIO 115Human Genetics00000
COM 130Comm and Popular Culture: AH100000
CAD 227Advanced Revit Architecture00000
ASE 294Suspension and Steering III00000
DAN 112Modern Dance II00000
ART 178Sem/Workshop:Figure in Costume00000
BUS 120Introduction to E-Commerce00000
ART 253Painting IV00000
CNG 220IT Service Managment: Frmwrk00000
CIS 115Intro to Computer Info Sys00000
ASE 170Introduction to Sonography00000
COS 262US History since Civil War:HI100000
ART 131Visual Concepts 2-D Design00000
CUA 152SolidWorks Basics00000
AVT 202Care/Prevent Athletic Injuries00000
DMS 252General Psychology I: SS300000
ANT 101Cultural Anthropology: SS300000
EDU 132Plan & Deliv Instr to Adults00000
ART 228Advanced Figure Drawing00000
CAD 101Computer Aided Drafting/2D I00000
ARA 101Conversational Arabic I00000
CCR 094Studio 12100000
ART 275ST: Ceramics III00000
CNG 129Wireless LAN Fundamentals00000
CIS 218Advanced PC Applications00000
ASE 111Auto Brake Service II00000
CNG 256Vulnerability Assessment I00000
ART 115Stained Glass I00000
COS 150English Composition II:CO200000
ASE 250Auto Trans/Transaxle Service00000
CRJ 220Computerized Accounting00000
AGR 260Wld Interdep/Poptn/Food: SS300000
CSC 275St: Algorithms In Python00000
AST 102Stellar Astronomy w/Lab: SC100000
CUA 262Purchasing/Hospitality Indust00000
ART 151Painting I00000
DEA 124Dental Materials II00000
BAR 166Intro Facial Massage/Skin Care00000
ECE 125Science/Math & the Young Child00000
ACC 287UAS Personnel00000
ECO 201Prin of Macroeconomics: SS100000
BIO 285Is:Fac.Study Grp For A&P I00000
EGT 102Environmental Sci w/Lab: SC100000
ANT 215Native Peoples N. America: SS300000
BUS 217Business Communications00000
ART 234Jewelry and Metalwork III00000
CAD 201CAD /Custom00000
AEC 123Commercial Construction Draw00000
CAD 2643D Scanning and Modeling00000
ART 264Nurse Aide Health Care Skills00000
CHE 211Organic Chemistry I w/Lab00000
ARE 123Masonry II00000
CIS 130English Composition II:CO200000
ART 289US History since Civil War:HI100000
CNG 120A+ Certification Preparation00000
CIS 246Oracle Database Admin I00000
ASC 288GTAW Stainless & Aluminum I00000
CNG 201Linux Configuration:OS00000
ART 111Art Hist Ancient/ Mediev: AH100000
CNG 233Routers and Routing Protocols00000
ASE 141Suspension and Steering II00000
CNG 261CISCO Network Associate II00000
ACC 289Capstone00000
COS 111Advanced Academic Achievement00000
ASE 201English Composition III: CO300000
COS 221English Composition I:CO100000
ART 122Introduction to Health00000
CRJ 145Correctional Process00000
ASE 282English Composition II:CO200000
CRJ 268Criminal Profiling00000
ACC 245Computerized Acct Prof Pkg00000
CSC 230C Programming: Platform00000
ASL 123American Sign Language III00000
CUA 129Center of the Plate00000
ART 138Marketing Plan Dev V00000
CUA 233Advanced Line Prep and Cookery00000
AVT 111Gen College Biology I/Lab: SC100000
CWB 206Server-side Scripting: Node.JS00000
AIR 201Teams & Leadership Fund I00000
DAN 132Ballet II00000
AVT 255UAS Ground School00000
DEA 200Intro to Expanded Functions00000
ART 165Sculpture I00000
DMS 288Practicum00000
BAR 231Algebra Lab00000
ECE 161The Team Process00000
ACC 122Accounting Principles II00000
ECE 256Working w/Families & Communs00000
BIO 203Advanced Human Anatomy00000
EDU 221Introduction to Education00000
ART 222Drawing III00000
BTE 156Business Math/Calculators00000
AAA 091Online Learning Strategies00000
ACC 211Intermediate Accounting I00000
AEC 289Capstone00000
ARM 212Methods of Leadership/Mgmt II00000
ASC 243Legal Environment of Business00000
CIS 287College Trigonometry: MA100000