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Fordham Course Reviews

Fordham University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGL 1102Composition II45441
NSCI 1050Health and Disease I55551
POSC 3311American Social Movements54551
BRGL 0312Bankruptcy00000
BISC 9999Dissertation Direction00000
ARHI 2410Northern Renaissance Art00000
AFAM 3939Global Music : Africa2Americas (Advanced History Core )00000
CASP 1140Studies in American Literature: Short Stories From Tall Tale...00000
ASGE 0999ELAP Proposal Acceptance00000
CEED 5250Special Topics and Case Studies in Contemporary Bioethics00000
ASGE 7428Seminar in Leadership00000
BISC 4693Developmental Biology00000
ARHI 1100Art History Introduction: World Art00000
BLBU 4434ST: Business Organizations Law00000
AFAM 3142Women, Power, and Leadership in Africa00000
BUGL 0407Mergers and Acquisitions00000
ARHI 3350Age Of Cathedrals00000
CASP 1400Topics in Science: Big Data -- Its Science and Consequence00000
ACGB 7105Financial Accounting00000
CHEM 1332General Chemistry Lab II00000
AMCS 3333American Catholic Fictions00000
ACGB 7171Auditing of Accounting Systems I00000
ASGE 7449Introduction to Inquiry and Improvement Science00000
AMST 4010Approaches to American Studies00000
ASGE 8751Dissertation Seminar: Educational Leadership, Administration...00000
AUPR 2100Marketing: Understanding Consumer Behavior00000
BISC 3521Biochemistry00000
ARAB 2450The Short Story of Arabic Literature00000
BISC 7501Population and Community Biology00000
AFAM 3071African Intellectual History00000
BKGL 0602Professionalism Understanding Financial Statements00000
ARHI 2257Modern Latin American Art00000
BLBU 4464St: Compliance & Risk Mgmt00000
ACGB 719NBusiness Risks In A Global Digital Economy00000
BUGL 0205Partnership and LLC Law00000
ARHI 2534The Victorian City: Art and Architecture in the 19th Century...00000
BYGB 7977Text Analytics00000
AFAM 3630Harlem Century00000
CASP 1250China in the 21st Century00000
ARHI 4435Art of the Tudor Courts (ICC)00000
CEED 0912Requirement Preparation00000
ACBU 4436Accounting for Derivative Securities00000
CHEM 1102Drug Discovery: From the Laboratory to the Clinic00000
ASGE 6325School Law00000
CHEM 2512Organic Chemistry II Recitation00000
ACGB 7130Adv Ext Info & Rptg00000
ASGE 7442Leading Organizational Change00000
AMCS 3982Catholic Studies Seminar II00000
ASGE 7531Advanced Qualitative Research00000
ACBU 4646Ethics in Financial Reporting and Accounting00000
AUPR 2011RESEARCH Marketing:Cons Bhvr00000
ANTH 1200Introduction to Physical Anthropology00000
ACGB 7811Accounting -Internship00000
AUPR 2220Search Engine Marketing00000
ANTH 1600Introduction to Human Variation00000
BEGB 7240Money Crdt & Intrest00000
BISC 0900M.S. Thesis Defense00000
BISC 3221Human Anatomy00000
ARAB 1501Intermediate Arabic I00000
BISC 3893Introduction to Virology00000
AFAM 3001African American History I00000
BISC 6525Biostatistics00000
ARAB 3040Topics in Arabic Literature00000
BISC 7804Techniques in Molecular Biology00000
ACGB 719MFinancial Modeling for Accounting00000
BKGL 0311Financial Institutions: Banking Law00000
ARHI 2221Japanese Visual Culture: Prehistory to Present00000
BLBU 3436Commercial Transactions00000
AFAM 3132Black Prison Experience00000
BLBU 4437St: International Bus Ethics00000
ARHI 2315Roman Art00000
BLGB 6321Markets, Business, and Society00000
ACBU 3449ST: Process Management and Six Sigma00000
BUGL 0099Corporate Crisis Management00000
ARHI 2520American Art00000
BUGL 0325Corporate Finance00000
BUGL 0929How Mergers and Acquisitions Get Done00000
ARHI 2620Introduction to Fashion History00000
CASP 1100Portraits of Jesus: The Four Gospels00000
ACGB 819BIss In Fin:Modern Fin'Al Ana00000
CASP 1200Issues in Psychology: Narcissism and Relationships00000
ARHI 4100Contemporary Art In Exhibition00000
CASP 1310Musical Masterworks of the Baroque Era00000
AFAM 3667Caribbean Literature00000
CBBU 1003ST: Career Exploration IP00000
ARHI 4999Intrn:Museum Of Arts/Design00000
CEED 3856Introduction to Bioethics00000
ACBU 3436Global Financial Statement Analysis00000
CEED 6010Research Ethics and Soc Justic00000
ASGE 6150Partnering with Families and Communities00000
CHEM 1312General Chemistry II Recitation00000
AFAM 4148Race, Religion, And Politics: Catholic And Civil Rights (Int...00000
ANTH 4341Race, Sex, and Science (Interdisciplinary Capstone Core/Plur...00000
BISC 0936Master's Comp Exam-Biology00000
BISC 1403Introductory Biology I00000
ASGE 6521Internship II00000
ACBU 2223Principles of Managerial Accounting00000
ACBU 3443Assurance and Auditing00000
ACGB 719RProgramming with Python00000