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Florida Tech Course Reviews

Florida Institute of Technology

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COM 2224Bus/Prof Wrtg34231
SPC 5006Space Comm/Data Systems43541
CSE 1101Comp Discip & Careers 155231
CHM 1102General Chemistry 243441
SPC 5001Intro to Space Systems55551
CSE 1001Fund of Software Dev 145341
EDS 1031Survey of Sci 1: Phys Sci42431
CHM 4911Senior Thesis in Chem 200000
BIO 5997Industrial Internship00000
CSE 4082Intro Par & Real-Time Alg00000
CVE 2080Construction Measurements00000
CHM 0003Final Program Examination 200000
BIO 4641Bio Marine Mammals00000
COM 5899Final Semester Thesis00000
AVS 6995Research in Aviation00000
CSE 5234Web Applications00000
BME 5310Cardiovascular Eng00000
AVF 4006Adv Multiengine Crew Ops00000
CVE 5999Thesis00000
BEH 5014Intro Ethics Beh Analysis00000
BUS 3214Accounting Info Systems00000
ECE 3541Digital State Machines00000
EDS 0004Final Program Examination 300000
BEH 5072Current Topics in BA 200000
BUS 4550Adv Techniques in SCM00000
BUS 5017Program Management00000
CHE 5120Process Control00000
BIO 4101Prokaryotic Molecular Biology00000
CHM 3301Analytical Chemistry 100000
AVS 5208Adv Av Safety Research00000
CHM 5999Thesis in Chemistry00000
BIO 5040Marine Mammalogy00000
CSE 1002Fund of Software Dev 200000
AVF 2001Flight 300000
CSE 4415Software Testing 200000
BME 4110Tissue Engineering00000
CSE 5683Advanced Computer Vision00000
AVT 4203Airline Operations00000
CVE 4090TOPIC: Environmental Engineering00000
BUS 0002Final Program Examination00000
CYB 5800Adv Topic Info Assurance TOPIC: Cyber Identity00000
AEE 5805Spacelfight Mech & Cont00000
ECE 5201Linear Systems 100000
BUS 3607Mrktg Research00000
EDS 3701Projects in Education00000
AVM 3303Transportation Logistics00000
BUS 4702Bus Strategy and Policy00000
BEH 5108Dev/Strength New Behavior00000
AHF 0004Final Program Examination 300000
BUS 5217Cont & Subcon Formulation00000
AVM 4302Aviation Law00000
BEH 5402Behavior Systems Analysis00000
BUS 5432Advanced Accounting00000
BUS 5446Investment Management00000
BEH 5901Graduate Research in BA00000
BUS 5476Strategic Marketing00000
BUS 5612Cross-Cultural Mgmt00000
CHE 4292Independent Study 200000
BIO 3230Developmental Bio Lecture00000
CHE 5567Nanotechnology00000
AVS 4302Fund of Av Safety Sys00000
CHM 2002Organic Chemistry 200000
BIO 4305Molecular Basis of Disease00000
CHM 4500Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
AHF 5999Thesis00000
CHM 5500Adv Organic Chemistry00000
BIO 5014Plant Biotechnology00000
CIS 5150Mobile Apps Des & Imp00000
AVS 6100Analysis Aviation Res00000
CON 4003Construction Estimating00000
BIO 5539Microbial Biotech00000
CSE 3030Legal, Ethical and Social00000
AEE 5360Hyp Airbreath Engns00000
CSE 4224Intro to Machine Learning00000
BME 2081Rigid Body Biomechanics00000
CSE 4840Cyber Offense00000
AVT 2303Aviation Career Planning00000
CSE 5400Topics in CS TOPIC: Scientific Computing00000
BME 4410Intro Biomedical Imaging00000
CSE 6999Dissertation00000
AVF 3006High Performance Airplane00000
CVE 4016Reinforced Conc Structures00000
BME 5780BME Analysis 100000
CVE 5035Des Con in Urban Hydrology00000
BEH 3014Ethic/Prof Conduct in BA00000
CWE 4001Co-op Ed/Internship Exp 400000
BUS 2303Macroeconomics00000
ECE 1552Computer Design00000
AEE 4262Rockets & Mission Analysis00000
ECE 4241System Design 100000
BUS 3514Intro to OS & Ntwk for Bu00000
ECE 5550High-Perf Computing00000
BEH 5045Topic: Tba00000
AVM 5105Avt Plan and Analys Tech00000
BEHP 5012Basic Elem of App Beh Analysis00000
BUS 5990Independent Study00000
BUS 6991Research Methods 200000
BIO 1010Biological Discovery 100000
CHE 1102Intro to Chm Eng 200000
CHE 3110Chm Engr Thermodynamics00000