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FIU Course Reviews

Florida International University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MAD 2104Discrete Mathematics53551
MAN 3100Happiness at Work55551
INR 3081Contemporary International Problems55551
PHY 2048LGeneral Physics Laboratory I45451
CLP 2001Personal Adjustment55551
PHY 2049LGeneral Physics Laboratory II22331
MCB 3020LGeneral Microbiology Lab43441
INR 4075International Protection of Human Rights43441
PSB 4241Clinical Neuroscience00000
APK 6411Exercise Psychophysiology and Neuroscience00000
ACG 4341Management Accounting00000
PHC 7083Advanced Bayesian Inference00000
SPW 3930Special Topics00000
TCN 5060Telecommunications Software and Methodologies00000
HFT 4955Study Abroad: Hospitality and Tourism00000
BSC 2085Anatomy and Physiology I00000
ACG 7980Ph.D. Dissertation00000
ADE 6925Workshop in Adult Education and Human Resource Department00000
ADV 4201Advertising and Society00000
EEX 7795Advanced Issues in the Education of Culturally and Linguisti...00000
MAD 3301Graph Theory00000
EDG 5910Independent Research Study in Education00000
AFA 4243Global Capitalism and the African Diaspora in the Modern Wor...00000
AFA 6905Independent Study00000
MUM 3742LMusic Production00000
EME 6405Computers in the Classrooms00000
NGR 6463Pharmacology and Chemistry of Anesthesiology Nursing II00000
REL 4382Latin American Women and Religions in the Americas00000
PHI 4034Philosophy of Sport00000
HAI 3205Haitian Creole Translation and Interpretation00000
SLS 3993Special Topics in Arts, Sciences, and Education00000
WST 4274Gender and Migration00000
ACG 2021Accounting for Decisions00000
EDF 7931Special Topics Seminar in Qualitative Research00000
ACG 7157Seminar: Theory and Contemporary Research in Financial Accou...00000
BCH 3034Cellular chemistry00000
ADE 6260Management of AE/HRD Programs00000
LAS 3330Introduction to the Caribbean00000
ADE 7920Colloquium in AE/HRD00000
CIS 5931Special Topics00000
ADV 4800Bold Practicum 200000
BSC 2085LAnatomy and Physiology I Lab00000
AFA 4941African And African Diaspora Studies Internship00000
EEL 6993Introduction to Electronic Warfare00000
AFA 6920African and African Diaspora Studies Graduate Colloquium00000
EIN 6179CAdvanced Total Quality Management for Engineers00000
MVJ 2228Secondary Jazz Trombone00000
EML 5993Applied Machine Learning for Mechanical Engineers00000
EVR 4410Global Perspectives on Water and Environment00000
GEB 4940Business Internship00000
CHS 4710Introduction to Three-Dimensional Learning00000
EML 4993Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical Engineering00000
MVS 4243Secondary Applied Cello00000
HFT 1102Foundations & Pathways in Global Sustainable Tourism00000
HFT 3705Global Travel and Tourism Development00000
NGR 6425Advanced Principles of Anesthesiology Nursing I00000
HIS 4281Biography as History00000
MVS 5253Secondary Applied Cello00000
PSB 4200Systems Neuroscience00000
PCB 5615Mol & Organismal Evo00000
FRE 4390French and Francophone Cinema00000
PHH 3420Early Mdrn Philsophy00000
SOW 4905Individual Study00000
PHT 6970CDPT Project I00000
DIG 3181Interactive Media 2: Interactive Visualizations00000
REL 4363Islamic Mysticism and Spirituality00000
TCN 6450Wireless Information Systems00000
SPT 4832Medical Interpreting00000
HFT 3393Entertainment Tour Management00000
URS 7380Contemporary Management Issues and Problems00000
ACG 7889Seminar: Positive Theory Research in Accounting00000
ACG 4101Financial Accounting I00000
BME 5200Orthopedic Biomechanics00000
ACG 4501Governmental and Institutional Accounting00000
ASH 4453History of Travel in Japan00000
ACG 7896Accounting Research Methods on Capital Markets00000
HMG 5957Study Abroad: Hospitality and Tourism00000
ADE 5387Organizational Learning and Human Resource Development00000
BME 5233Biomechanics of Cardiovascular Systems00000
ADE 6476Computer Based Training00000
EEE 4463Mems I00000
ADE 6945Internship in Adult Education or Human Resource Development00000
CHS 4503LForensic Science Lab00000
ADV 3008Principles of Advertising00000
LBS 5993Technology in the Workplace00000
ADV 4411Multicultural Marketing Communication00000
DIE 6935Special Topics in Dietetics00000
ADV 6805CAdvertising and Public Relations Creative Strategy00000
ARC 7982Doctoral Defense00000
AFA 4905Independent Study00000
EEE 6429Advanced Quantum Computers00000
AFA 5932Special Topics in African and African Diaspora Studies00000
MAT 6946Applied Experience Component00000
IDC 2020Introduction to Cryptocurrencies00000
ENC 4375Rhetoric of Food00000
PAD 6816Regional and State Government Administration00000
JRM 6581Education Regulation and Legislation (No Child Left Behind)00000
LIT 4346Gothic Literature00000
PHC 6993Healthcare Epidemiology and Infection Control00000
MAP 3253Mathematical Scientific Computation00000