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FIU Course Reviews

Florida International University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
INR 3081Contemporary International Problems55551
INR 4075International Protection of Human Rights43441
MAN 3100Happiness at Work55551
MCB 3020LGeneral Microbiology Lab43441
PHY 2048LGeneral Physics Laboratory I45451
PHY 2049LGeneral Physics Laboratory II22331
MAD 2104Discrete Mathematics53551
CLP 2001Personal Adjustment55551
ART 5907CDirected Study00000
ARC 5396Case Studies in Architecture00000
ASN 5431Studies of Women in East Asia00000
ART 4615CAdvanced Animation00000
ARC 2303Design Studio 300000
ASH 5905Readings in Asian History00000
AMH 3317America & Movies00000
ARC 5744LHistory of Design from the XIX Century to Present Lab00000
ATR 5305CTherapeutic Interventions in Athletic Training I00000
ATR 7633DAT Applied Research IV00000
BCN 3027Prin Contruct Mgt00000
AFA 6920African and African Diaspora Studies Graduate Colloquium00000
AMH 4671Race, Gender, Science in the Atlantic World00000
ARC 7980Doctoral Project00000
BCN 5406Principles of Building Structures for Construction Managemen...00000
BCN 5774Topics in International Construction00000
AML 4174American Literary Genres since 186000000
ARH 3511Introduction to the Visual Arts of the African World00000
ART 3642CDesign Object And Fabrication00000
ANT 3497Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods00000
ART 5584CGraduate Figure Painting00000
AMH 2042Modern American Civilization00000
ART 6971Graduate Prospectus and Exhibition Preparation00000
ARC 5176CComputer Practices in Design II00000
ASN 4911Independent Research in Asian Studies00000
ADE 7920Colloquium in AE/HRD00000
AST 2003Solar System Astronomy00000
ARC 5582LStructures 1 Lab00000
ATR 6621Research and Evidence-Based Practice in Athletic Training II00000
AMH 4170Civil War and Reconstruction00000
BCH 7930Biochemistry Graduate Seminar00000
ARC 6204Architectural Philosophy00000
BCN 4255CBuilding Information Modeling00000
ADE 6186Comprehensive Program Evaluation in AE/HRD00000
BCN 5728Principles of Construction Scheduling00000
ARE 5945Supervised Teaching: Art Education00000
BCN 5906Special Topics00000
AFH 4100History of Africa I00000
AML 4245Modernism and Post-Modernism in American Literature00000
ARH 4312Later Italian Renaissance00000
ARH 4450Modern Art00000
ARH 4520African Arts00000
ADE 6360Adult Teaching Methods00000
AFR 2131CTeam and Leadership Fundamentals II00000
AML 4607Studies In 20Th-Century African American Literature00000
ARH 4557Contemporary Chinese Art00000
ARH 4724History of Graphic Design00000
AML 5305Major American Literary Figures00000
ARH 4834Introduction to Curatorial Methods and Practices00000
ART 3565CBeginning Fiber Based Art00000
ANT 3241Myth, Ritual, and Mysticism00000
ART 4505CAdvanced Painting00000
AGR 6255Ecological Agriculture00000
ART 4711CAdvance Sculpture00000
ANT 4461Hallucinogens and Culture00000
ART 5740CSculpture00000
ADE 6945Internship in Adult Education or Human Resource Development00000
ART 5938CStudio Art Pedagogy00000
ARC 4586Structures 100000
ASH 4300East Asian Civilization and Culture00000
AMH 3270Contemporary U.S. History00000
ASN 3125lntro to Spirituality of Japan00000
ARC 5340Architectural Design 700000
ASN 5130Zen and the Arts00000
ADE 5386Individual Learning and Adult Education00000
ASN 6940Internship in Asian Studies00000
ARC 5554LStructures 2 Lab00000
AST 3722LObservational Astronomy Lab00000
AMH 3560History of Women in the United States00000
ATR 5825LClinical Education II00000
ARC 5711History of Design Antiquity to Middle Ages00000
ATR 7606Epidemiology and Health Surveillance in Athletic Training00000
AFA 4930African and African Diaspora Studies Theory00000
BCH 3033General Biochemistry00000
ARC 5935Special Topics00000
BCN 2253Building Construction Drawing00000
AMH 4373Entrepreneurs In U.S.00000
BCN 3740Legal Aspects00000
ARC 6761Miami Urban Studies00000
BCN 4724Scheduling II00000
ACG 4651Auditing00000
BCN 5626Construction Cost Analysis and Control00000
ARE 4341Special Teaching Laboratory: Art in Grades 6-1200000
BCN 5755Construction Financial Management00000
AMH 6932Research Seminar in American History I00000
ARH 5671Seminar in 20th Century Latin American Art00000
AFR 4210National Security, Leadership Res and Com Preparation II00000
ANG 5906Directed Individual Studies00000
ARH 5907Directed Studies00000
ART 1203C3d Design00000
ANG 6473Diasporas, Migration, and Globalization00000
ART 2330CBeginning Figure Drawing00000