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Fitchburg State Course Reviews

Fitchburg State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COMM 2430History of Graphic Design00000
COMM 4000Writings in Aesthetics00000
BSAD 4103Advanced Accounting II00000
CJ 8100Program Evaluation00000
CHEM 2400General Analytical Chemistry00000
BIOL 8001Tpcs: Sci Sleuths Using Models00000
COMM 3600Photography I00000
ASL 2200ASL Intermediate II00000
BSAD 4500Business Law II00000
BIOL 1300Anatomy and Physiology II00000
CJ 3242Psychology of Crime00000
CJ 1000Intro to Criminal Justice00000
BIOL 4014Topics: Behavioral Ecology00000
CMGT 4035Site Planning & Land Develop00000
ART 8002Projects in Eco-Art Materials00000
COMM 3306Web Design Basics00000
BSAD 3200Principles of Management00000
COMM 3820Intermediate Graphic Design00000
ART 2850Italian Renaissance Art00000
COMM 4281Gender and Communication00000
BIOL 1001Intro to Health Prof Seminar00000
CHEM 1300General Chemistry I00000
ART 3003How Photography Became Art00000
CHEM 4750Chemistry Seminar00000
BIOL 2150General Microbiology00000
CJ 3057Criminal Investigation00000
CJ 2270Intro to the Legal Process00000
BIOL 3550Developmental Biology LAB00000
CJ 7250Applied Concepts in Policing00000
ART 7026Topics: Printmaking00000
CMGT 3028Estimating and Bidding00000
BIOL 4850Methods (8-12) II Biol00000
COMM 2100Video Production Fundamentals00000
ART 2250Intermediate Drawing00000
COMM 3025Social Media Campaigns00000
BSAD 2040Fundamentals of Marketing00000
COMM 3510Audio Prod for Film and Video00000
ASL 1000ASL for Beginners I00000
COMM 3730Directing Video and Film00000
BSAD 3330Advertising00000
COMM 3895Adv Documentary Production00000
ART 1400Drawing00000
COMM 4209Tpcs: Information Design00000
BSAD 4250Ethical Decisions in Business00000
COMM 7008Visual Communication & Design00000
ART 3000Contemporary Art00000
BSAD 4890Business Policy and Strategy00000
BIOL 1050Life Science for Educators00000
CHEM 2000Organic Chemistry I00000
ART 1650Three Dimensional Design00000
CHEM 3600Descriptive Inorganic Chem00000
BIOL 1860Introduction to Education 5-1200000
CHEM 8001Tpcs: Sci Sleuths Using Models00000
ART 3150Early 20th Century Art00000
CJ 2020Mock Trial00000
BIOL 2420Human Physiology00000
CJ 3053Victimology00000
CJ 2550Criminal Law00000
BIOL 3100Conservation Biology00000
CJ 3140Data Analysis00000
ART 3700Women Art and Society00000
CJ 3510International Terrorism00000
BIOL 4011Tpc Models, Methods & Analysis00000
CJ 7350Advanced Police Patrol Operati00000
ART 2150The Art of Puppetry00000
CMGT 2035Building Construction Systems00000
BIOL 4600Evolution00000
CMGT 4010Project Scheduling00000
ART 7200Topics: Figure Drawing00000
COMM 2003Hist Interactive Media & Game00000
BIOL 7035Tpcs: Environmental Chemistry00000
COMM 2405History of Film I00000
ART 1100Art Appreciation00000
COMM 3013Multi-Camera Television Prod00000
BSAD 2010Intro to Financial Reporting00000
COMM 3200Contemporary Cinema00000
ART 8150Advanced Graduate Studio00000
COMM 3470Document Design00000
BSAD 3020Fin Rpt Theory and Prac II00000
COMM 3530Editing00000
ART 2360American Art II00000
COMM 3630Large Format Photography00000
BSAD 3300Fundamentals of Marketing00000
COMM 3760Film Styles Genres & Movements00000
ASL 1100ASL For Beginners II00000
COMM 3860Writing for Organizations00000
BSAD 3800Digital Commerce00000
COMM 3950Advanced Graphic Design00000
AAST 3800History Of Jazz00000
COMM 4200Human Communication00000
BSAD 4200Organ Behavior and Theory00000
COMM 4240Media Criticism00000
ASL 6700Topics: American Sign Language00000
BSAD 4320Industrial Marketing00000
AAST 3008Tpc: Black Feminist Discourse00000
ARAB 1026Arabic for Beginners I00000
ART 2102Introductory Painting00000
ART 3300History of Architecture00000
BIOL 2700Medical Microbiology LAB00000
CJ 2700Crim Proced:Rights of Accused00000