Fitchburg State Course Reviews

Fitchburg State University

COMM 3309Interface Design00000
COMM 4010Information Design00000
CHEM 1000Chemistry in a Changing World00000
CMGT 3028Estimating and Bidding00000
CJ 1000Intro to Criminal Justice00000
BSAD 3320Market Research00000
COMM 3760Film Styles Genres & Movements00000
BIOL 2004Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
CHEM 3200Physical Chemistry I00000
BIOL 3103Topics:Cell and Organelles00000
CJ 7250Applied Concepts in Policing00000
CJ 2550Criminal Law00000
BSAD 2040Fundamentals of Marketing00000
COMM 3010Intro to Prof Communication00000
BIOL 1001Intro to Health Prof Seminar00000
COMM 3600Photography I00000
BSAD 4210Social Political Envir of Bus00000
COMM 3895Adv Documentary Production00000
ART 3300History of Architecture00000
COMM 7007Social Mobilities00000
BIOL 2600Animal Behavior00000
CHEM 4850Methods (8-12) II Chem00000
ART 7026Topics: Printmaking00000
CJ 2130Crim Justice Research Methods00000
BIOL 4009Topics: Cancer Genomics00000
CJ 3242Psychology of Crime00000
CJ 3004GIS for CJ00000
BIOL 7400Bioethics00000
CJ 8100Program Evaluation00000
ASL 2100ASL Intermediate I00000
CMGT 4020Communication & Transport Tech00000
BSAD 3200Principles of Management00000
COMM 3027Topics: Production Design00000
ART 3002Ceramics II00000
COMM 3510Audio Prod for Film and Video00000
BSAD 4010Fin Report Theory Prac III00000
COMM 3690Photography Seminar00000
BIOL 1500Seminar in Modern Biology00000
COMM 3860Writing for Organizations00000
BSAD 4330International Marketing00000
COMM 3955Motion Graphic Design II00000
ART 2102Introductory Painting00000
COMM 4230Comm Law and Ethics00000
CHEM 2100Organic Chemistry II00000
COMM 8009Intercultural Comm. Competence00000
ART 7002Topics: Methods and Materials00000
CHEM 4020Medicinal Chemistry00000
BIOL 2800Genetics00000
CHIN 1002Tpcs: Intro to Chinese00000
ART 2200Life Drawing00000
CJ 1003Topics: MPTC Review II00000
BIOL 3550Developmental Biology LAB00000
CJ 2500Correctional Law00000
ART 7027Tpcs: Constructive Sculpture00000
CJ 2651Ethics in Criminal Justice00000
BIOL 4014Topics: Behavioral Ecology00000
CJ 3141Innovative Practices in Polici00000
CJ 3056Homeland Security00000
BIOL 4850Methods (8-12) II Biol00000
CJ 3510International Terrorism00000
ASL 1000ASL for Beginners I00000
CJ 7350Advanced Police Patrol Operati00000
BSAD 2010Intro to Financial Reporting00000
CMGT 2035Building Construction Systems00000
ART 2900Nineteenth Century Art00000
CMGT 3035OSHA Safety & Risk Management00000
BSAD 3020Fin Rpt Theory and Prac II00000
COMM 2420History of Television00000
ASL 6700Topics: American Sign Language00000
COMM 3017Short Film Story Development00000
BSAD 3300Fundamentals of Marketing00000
COMM 3304Interactive Media Proj Design00000
ART 1650Three Dimensional Design00000
COMM 3470Document Design00000
BSAD 3400Basic Finance00000
COMM 3530Editing00000
BIOL 1050Life Science for Educators00000
COMM 3620Photography III00000
BSAD 4140Auditing00000
COMM 3740Compositing and Visual Effects00000
ART 3020Intermediate Painting00000
COMM 3820Intermediate Graphic Design00000
BSAD 4300Sales Management00000
COMM 3870Feature and Magazine Writing00000
BIOL 1860Introduction to Education 5-1200000
COMM 3940Motion Graphic Design00000
BSAD 4600Writing the Business Plan00000
COMM 4000Writings in Aesthetics00000
ARAB 1026Arabic for Beginners I00000
COMM 4206Media and Society00000
CHEM 1400General Chemistry II LAB00000
COMM 4280Intercultural Communication00000
BIOL 2150General Microbiology00000
CHEM 2400General Analytical Chemistry00000
AAST 3160Civil Rights Movement00000
ART 1300Intro to Studio Art00000
ART 2360American Art II00000
ART 8146Technology in the Art Studio00000
BIOL 4810Immunology00000
CJ 3135Advanced CJ Research00000