FIT Course Reviews

Fashion Institute of Technology

IL 102Intro to Digital Sculpting34241
AP 244Haute Couture Construct & Tech00000
CG 111Survey of Computer Graphics00000
CG 491Senior Project Planning00000
CF 510Cosmetic Prodt Innovation00000
AM 600Case Study Research00000
CG 3413D Modeling And Animation00000
AD 381Creative Principles00000
AD 466Senior Portfolio00000
AR 301Fashion Art For Text Design00000
BT 499Independent Study Bus/Tech00000
CD 322Design Process Technology00000
AM 513The Auction Business00000
CF 663Grad Sem: Adv Tpcs In Market00000
AC 461Electronic Media Production00000
CG 224Programming For Artists00000
AM 655Thesis Seminar00000
CG 421Interactive Project Design00000
AC 300Campaign Plans & Presentations00000
CH 299Intm Chinese For Pratical Comm00000
AD 403Brand Identity in Ad Design00000
BE 403The Artist in the Marketplace00000
AC 322Publcy/Pub Rltns Vis Arts Mgmt00000
AD 494Senior Thesis & Proj Planning00000
CD 116Design Studio Intensive I00000
CD 126Digital Graphics Intensive I00000
CD 234Color Studies00000
AM 500Art Market Research & Val00000
CD 373Convergence Of Type & Image00000
AC 411Brand Management00000
CF 541Comm & Present Skills For Mang00000
AM 531Marketing Art Organizations00000
CF 682Global Cos & Frag Markets00000
AC 242Fashion Journalism Wkshp00000
CG 2132D Computer Animation00000
AM 633Art Law & Professional Ethics00000
CG 3123D Comp Modeling & Rendering00000
AD 203Advert Design/Layout00000
CG 346Principles Of Animation I00000
AM 702Maintenance Of Matriculation00000
CG 446Principles Of Animation II00000
AC 161Multimedia Comput for Ad Com00000
CH 112Chinese II00000
AR 101Fashion Art and Design00000
CL 112Faces & Places in Fashion00000
AC 312Multi-Channel Copywriting00000
BE 261Starting a Small Business00000
AD 415Ad Art Direction & Design II00000
BL 201Business Law For The Artist00000
AC 211Wkshp Business Communications00000
CD 114Pres Graphics for Built Env00000
AD 482Tv & Web Video00000
CD 123Basic Bookbinding00000
AC 361Compt Appl/Inact Tech Mkt Comm00000
AD 496Adv Advertising Design Wkshp00000
CD 201Computer Typsetting & Design00000
CD 216Design Studio Intensive II00000
CD 226Digital Graphics Intensive II00000
AF 341Costume Design/Performing Arts00000
CD 271Designing With Type00000
AC 404Pub Rel: Cases Campaign & Str00000
CD 361Professional Practices00000
AM 511Gallery Mgmt. and Operations00000
CEO 001Set Course For Your Business00000
AC 232Radio/Tv Copywrite Wkshop00000
CF 514Fragrnce Innovtns Cnsmr Prdcts00000
AM 522Postwar & Contmp Art 1945-198900000
CF 655Commerce Management00000
AC 413Corporate Communications00000
CF 670Grad Sem: Adv Topics Leadershp00000
AM 533Core Business Practices00000
CF 692Independent Study Cf00000
AC 114Mktg for Integrated Mktg Comm00000
CG 211Computer Assisted Design00000
AM 613Valuation And Appraisal00000
CG 221Design & Auth Int Media I00000
AC 471Media Planning00000
CG 241Character Animation00000
AM 653Practicum: Public Program00000
CG 321Dsgn & Auth Int Media II00000
AC 272Rsch Mthds Intrg Mktg Comm00000
CG 344History Of Animation00000
AM 692Innov Art Start Up-Chinese Mkt00000
CG 352Music and Sound Design00000
AD 315Art Direction and Design00000
CG 441Advanced 3D Animation00000
AP 242Haute Couture Sewing Technique00000
CG 452Mus Prod Inter&Anim Thesis I00000
AB 122Arabic Conversation I00000
CG 4992D Animation00000
AP 275Haute Couture Apparel Design00000
CH 213Chinese III00000
AD 383Strtgy Plnng & Brnd Cmpgns00000
CD 222Digital Layout II00000
AR 152Leather Apparel Portfolio00000
AB 111Elementary Arabic 100000
AC 111Advertising and Promotion00000
AC 222Sales Promotion00000
AC 400Ftr Jrnlsm: Wrt Lfstyle & Arts00000
AD 498Senior Project00000