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FIT Course Reviews

Fashion Institute of Technology

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
IL 102Intro to Digital Sculpting34241
AC 404Pub Rel: Cases Campaign & Str00000
AP 253Leather App Dsgn Techn00000
CD 225Intro To Dig Layout Dsgn00000
AM 613Valuation And Appraisal00000
AC 232Radio/Tv Copywrite Wkshop00000
CD 113Three-Dimensional Design00000
JD 103Jewelry & Access Fabrication00000
JD 215Alt Materl For Jewel Fabricatn00000
AC 471Media Planning00000
AD 383Strtgy Plnng & Brnd Cmpgns00000
AM 522Postwar & Contmp Art 1945-198900000
AC 114Mktg for Integrated Mktg Comm00000
AM 691Professional Dev & Internship00000
IT 251Italian Cinema00000
AR 311Sketching For Fash Design00000
AC 312Multi-Channel Copywriting00000
CD 173Typography I00000
IL 492Mentor/Special Project II00000
CD 351Create Illus Portfl For Web00000
JD 141Intro To Diamonds00000
AD 315Art Direction and Design00000
IN 322Global Marktg00000
JD 2373D Digital Object Design00000
AD 415Ad Art Direction & Design II00000
AD 482Tv & Web Video00000
AM 511Gallery Mgmt. and Operations00000
AB 299Adv Arabic Conv For Business00000
AM 541Writing About Art00000
IS 313Environmental Experience00000
AM 653Practicum: Public Program00000
AC 211Wkshp Business Communications00000
AP 241Leather App Dsgn Room Techn00000
IL 405Visul Strytlng Evlvng Media II00000
AR 115Intro Cad Sftware Fash Dsgn00000
AC 272Rsch Mthds Intrg Mktg Comm00000
BE 404Bus for Visual Presentation00000
JA 213Intermed Japanese00000
CD 122Digital Layout I00000
AC 361Compt Appl/Inact Tech Mkt Comm00000
CD 217Capstone Design Studio00000
IL 324Digital Painting Illustrator00000
CD 235Design History00000
AC 413Corporate Communications00000
CD 372Advanced Typography II00000
IN 312International Trade00000
AD 203Advert Design/Layout00000
JD 161Changes, Trends, Appraisals00000
AD 381Creative Principles00000
IL 374Book Illustration I00000
AD 403Brand Identity in Ad Design00000
JD 231Objects Design/Rendering00000
AD 466Senior Portfolio00000
IN 331Global Sourcing For Stylists00000
LD 121Access Design & Human Anatomy00000
AD 494Senior Thesis & Proj Planning00000
AD 496Adv Advertising Design Wkshp00000
AM 500Art Market Research & Val00000
AB 112Arabic II00000
AM 513The Auction Business00000
IN 441International Business Law00000
AM 531Marketing Art Organizations00000
AC 113Strategic Planning00000
AM 600Case Study Research00000
IL 384Illustrating For Cont Media I00000
AM 633Art Law & Professional Ethics00000
AC 161Multimedia Comput for Ad Com00000
AM 655Thesis Seminar00000
IT 213Italian III00000
AM 701Thesis Preparation00000
AC 222Sales Promotion00000
AP 243Haute Couture Sew Tech & Embl00000
IL 231Anat Life Draw Illustrator III00000
AP 351Experiencing Style00000
AC 262Multimedia Presentation00000
AR 292Haute Couture Portfolio00000
IT 499Italian Through Fashion00000
BE 402The Business of Illustration00000
AC 300Campaign Plans & Presentations00000
BL 343Introduction To Business Law00000
IL 483Color Render Adv Media II00000
CD 115Design Studio I00000
AC 322Publcy/Pub Rltns Vis Arts Mgmt00000
CD 124Vector Graphics00000
JA 223Japanese Conversation II00000
CD 215Design Studio II00000
AC 400Ftr Jrnlsm: Wrt Lfstyle & Arts00000
CD 223Introduction To Indesign00000
FI 356Screenwriting II00000
CD 232Visual Language00000
AC 411Brand Management00000
CD 273Typography II00000
JD 122Jewelry Casting00000
AD 498Senior Project00000
AC 461Electronic Media Production00000
FF 396Senior Portfolio: Intimate App00000
FI 461Senior Production I00000
IL 378Stylistic Illustration00000
IN 423Global Mrktng of Luxury Brands00000
LD 134Footwear Design II00000