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FGCU Course Reviews

Florida Gulf Coast University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHM 1046General Chemistry II43551
AMH 2020US History Since 187742451
NUR 3065CHealth Assessment34341
CAP 4744Data Visualization00000
BSC 1085CHum Anat & Physio w/Lab I00000
ARH 2050History of the Visual Arts I00000
AML 6910Directed Research:Horror00000
CCJ 4910Envl & Subject Photography00000
ART 3781Raku Ceramics00000
CES 4605Steel Design00000
ASH 4442History of Modern Japan00000
BME 4884Bioengineering Senior Design I00000
APK 3141CAnat and Biomech Human Mvmt 100000
BSC 4910CSenior Project I: Research00000
AML 324220th Cent US Lit & Culture00000
CCJ 3603Forensic Behavioral Analysis00000
ART 2600Digital Media Design I00000
CCJ 6974Project in Criminal Justice00000
AMH 3110American Colonial Hist to 175000000
CHM 1045General Chemistry I00000
ANT 2100Introduction to Archaeology00000
AMH 3421Early Florida00000
ATR 2000CExerc. Science & Injury Manag.00000
ANT 3141Dev. of World Civ.00000
ATR 3823CAT Practice II00000
BCN 3611CConstruction Estimating I00000
BME 4211CBiomechanics00000
ANT 4525CHuman Osteology00000
BOT 4601CPlant Ecology00000
AML 2010Literature & Culture of US, I00000
BSC 3930LSeminar in Medicine III00000
APK 4123Human Perf and Energy Supplies00000
BSC 4943Sr. Proj. Pres. Biotech.00000
AEB 3943Agribusiness Internship00000
CCJ 1020Intro to Criminal Justice00000
ARH 3880History of Art and Ecology00000
CCJ 4054Ethics in the Crim Justice Sys00000
AML 6017American Literature to 186000000
CCJ 6696Human Trafficking00000
ART 3614Digital Media Design II00000
CEN 4065Software Architecture & Design00000
ACG 6135Accounting Theory00000
CGS 3102Data Analysis Spreadsheets00000
ART 4925Digital Media Workshop00000
CHM 2210Organic Chemistry I00000
AMH 3201The U.S., 1877-192900000
ASL 2150LInterm American Lang. Lab00000
ANT 2511CIntro to Physical Anthropology00000
ATR 3812Clinical Practice I00000
ACG 6655Independent Audit II00000
BCN 3590Sustainable Approach to Const00000
ANT 3390Visual Anthropology00000
AMH 3547U.S. Military History 1900-9100000
BCN 4252Building Information Modeling00000
ANT 3467Anthropology of Food00000
BCN 4423CTemporary Structures00000
BCN 4510CMechanical Systems00000
BME 3403CHuman Physiology Engineers I00000
ANT 4034History of Anthro Thought00000
BME 4513CBioengineering Data Acqn&Ctrl00000
AMH 6278U.S. in the Cold War00000
BOT 3015CThe Lives of Plants and Algae00000
ANT 4940Anthropology Internship00000
BSC 1011General Biology II00000
AEB 2104Economics of Feeding the World00000
BSC 2026Biology of Human Sexuality00000
APK 3931ST: Fitness Cntr Mangmt00000
BSC 4473CScientific Diving00000
AML 3213Early American Lit & Culture00000
BSC 4940Internship in Biology00000
APK 4941LExperiential Learning I00000
BUL 6831Law & Business II00000
ACG 4939ST: Accounting Analytics00000
CAP 4770Knowledge Disc. & Data Mining00000
ARH 3301Renaissance and Baroque Art00000
CCJ 3095Professional Development in CJ00000
AML 4210Topics in Amer Lit pre-180000000
CCJ 3670Crime Scene Investigation00000
ART 1203Methods and Concepts II00000
CCJ 4662Crime, Race, and Racism00000
AFH 3254Gender & Sexuality in Afr His00000
CCJ 5476Mgmt. & Admin. of Justice00000
ART 3332Figure Drawing00000
CCJ 6910Directed Research Projects00000
AML 6305Major U.S. Authors00000
CEG 4012CGeotechnical Engineering II00000
ART 3710Sculpture Techniques00000
CEN 4930ST: Princ. of Prog. Languages00000
ACG 3113Intermediate Fin. Acctg. II00000
CGN 4802Civil Engin Senior Design00000
ART 4382Drawing Workshop00000
CHM 1025Introductory General Chemistry00000
ANS 3440Animal Nutrition00000
ANT 3550Primatology00000
BCN 4612CEstimating II00000
BCN 4720Const Planning and Control00000
ART 4955Senior Project00000
ACG 2071Intro to Managerial Accounting00000
ACG 4123Intermediate Fin. Acct. III00000
ADV 3008Principles of Advertising00000