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Ferris Course Reviews

Ferris State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
DAGD 345Contemporary Tools/Techniques00000
DHYG 217Community Dentistry A00000
CRIM 390Parole And Probation00000
DAGD 201Animation Preproduction00000
CRIM 497Special Studies In Crim00000
CRIM 112Intro to U.S. Legal Systems00000
DHYG 101Oral Imaging00000
CONM 211Construction Estimating I00000
CRIM 428First Aid and Emergency Care00000
CONM 324Adv Const Comp Techniques/Tech00000
DAGD 1033D Visual Drawing Sculpture00000
CRIM 630Seminar in Law Enforcement00000
CPSC 300Data Structures and Algorithms00000
DAGD 301Animation Techniques00000
COMM 499Communication Senior Seminar00000
DAGD 491Applied Internship00000
CRIM 311Police and Society00000
DHYG 123General and Oral Pathology00000
COHP 350Statistics in Health Care00000
DHYG 237Community Dentistry B00000
CONM 225Field Engineering00000
CRIM 453Patrol Problems00000
COMM 370Communication and Conflict00000
CRIM 605Legal Issues in CJ00000
CONM 413Construction Economics00000
DAGD 1003D Modeling Animation 100000
CRIM 660Criminal Justice Thesis00000
CONM 490Civil Infrastructure & Ethics00000
DAGD 150Intr Game Design Development00000
COMM 421Leadership and Communication00000
DAGD 260Multimedia Design00000
CPSC 397Applied Cryptography00000
DAGD 315Digital Media Productions00000
HSMG 404Front Office Operations00000
DAGD 385Adv Mod-Anim-Vehicle-Structure00000
CRIM 260Delinquency Prevention-Control00000
DAGD 499Capstone00000
CONM 116Construction Graphics00000
DHYG 107Oral Science A00000
CRIM 340Criminal Behavior00000
DHYG 129Dental Materials Lab00000
HSMG 350Spa Operations and Management00000
DHYG 229Pain Management00000
CRIM 403Physical-Defensive Tactics00000
DHYG 280Comprehen Patient Assessment00000
COMM 336Tech and Prof Presentation00000
CRIM 435Legal Issues in Corrections00000
CONM 312Construction Scheduling00000
CRIM 465Applied Correctional Strat II00000
HSMG 355Npo Fundraising Experience00000
CRIM 499CJ Assessment Course00000
CONM 412Construction Contracts00000
CRIM 615Nature of Crime00000
COMM 383Mass and Social Media Comm00000
CRIM 645Quantitative Inquiry00000
CONM 424Const Safety and Management00000
CRIM 699Comprehensive Critique00000
CRIM 673Human Resource Management00000
CONM 462Power & Process Plant Construc00000
DAGD 1012D Visualization Storyboards00000
COMM 390COMM in Digital Age00000
DAGD 104Digital Imaging00000
CPSC 130Programming Problem Solving00000
DAGD 155Intro to Coding for Games00000
HSMG 403Hospitality Law00000
DAGD 2303D Modeling Animation 200000
CPSC 330Parallel Programming00000
DAGD 280Digital Sculpting00000
COMM 493Practicum in Communication00000
DAGD 305Portfolio00000
CRIM 110Introduction to Crim Justice00000
DAGD 3353D Modeling Animation 300000
HSMG 302Ski Recreation Management00000
DAGD 375Advanced 3D Character00000
CRIM 197Special Studies in CRJU00000
DAGD 430Digital FX00000
CONM 111Construction Practices00000
DAGD 497Special Studies in DAGD00000
CRIM 305Ethical Issues in Crim Justice00000
DFOR 315Advanced Digital Forensics00000
KCIN 365Research Methods00000
DHYG 104Dental Hygiene Theory 100000
CRIM 321Police Report Writing00000
DHYG 117Oral Science B00000
CONM 121Materials Properties-Testing00000
DHYG 126Dental Hygiene Practice 200000
CRIM 370Correctional Institutions00000
DHYG 212Dental Hygiene Theory 300000
HSMG 233Brew Management Level 200000
DHYG 222Dental Hygiene Practice 300000
CRIM 401Defensive Tactics-Corrections00000
DHYG 232Dental Hygiene Theory 400000
CONM 221Statics and Structures00000
CRIM 420Conflict Mgmt in Crim Justice00000
HIST 352Renaissance and Reformation00000
HSMG 292HSMG Internship I00000
HSMG 399Food and Beverage Ops Mgt00000
COMM 387Broadcast Presentation00000
CONM 460Current Topics-Construct Mgmt00000
CRIM 690Seminar in CJ Administration00000