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FC Course Reviews

Fullerton College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGL 243FFolklore and Mythology44531
BUS 100FIntroduction to Business34441
ECON 102FPrinciples of Economics-Macro00000
CIS 148FIntro to Personal Comp Comm00000
ETHS 129FIntro to African-American Stdy00000
DART 101FPhotoshop for Digital Arts00000
BUS 297FBusiness Internship III00000
ENGR 220FProg and Prob-Slvg MATLAB00000
ART 219FVis Storytlg: Image and Seq00000
CIS 285FWindows Server00000
ART 294FIndependent Study:Illustration00000
COSM 055BFCosmetology Level 200000
DANC 111FJazz I00000
BUS 162FBusiness Economics00000
DART 148FIntro to Narrative Illustratn00000
ART 162FSculpture Cast Metal: Beg00000
ENGL 212HFHonors Brit Lit since 180000000
CDES 261FIntro to Elem Classroom Teachg00000
ESC 190FEnvironmental Geology00000
ANTH 199FAnthropology Indep Study00000
FASH 101FBasic Sewing Techniques00000
ART 260FTile III00000
CISG 190FProg Multiuser Online Games00000
ARCH 934FArchitectural CAD III00000
COUN 135FIntro to Leadership Dev00000
AUTO 082FEngine Performance/Drivability00000
CRTV 127FScreenwriting00000
CSTR 060FComputer Estimating-Constructn00000
BIOL 222FMarine Biology00000
DANC 150FCommercial Dance00000
ART 143FBasic Dwg Ent Arts-Dwg Imagn00000
DART 119FInterior Sketching00000
BUS 240HFHonors Legal Envirn of Busines00000
DART 182FMotion Graphics & Spec Effects00000
AJ 278FMulticultural Issues within AJ00000
ENGL 203FIntro to Dramatic Literature00000
CDES 201FChild in Home and Community00000
ENGL 245FThe Bible as Literature00000
ART 194FStudio Painting Lab00000
ESC 110FIntro to Climate Science00000
CHIN 102FElem Chinese Mandarin II00000
ESL 058FAdv Pron for Non-Nat Spkrs00000
AJ 079FLaw Enforcement Career Prep00000
ETHS 199FEthnic Studies Indep Study00000
CIS 181FComputer Certification Prep00000
FASH 145FField Studies in Fashion00000
ARCH 124FArchitectural CAD I00000
CISG 100FIntro to Computer Game Design00000
ART 280FRendering II00000
COMM 138FForensics00000
AJ 093FDNA Genetic Fingerprinting00000
COSM 062LFAdv Inst Tech Cos/Bar/Esth Lab00000
ART 299FArt Independent Study00000
CRTV 118FIntro to Radio, TV & Film00000
ART 114FArt Hist Impressnsm to Present00000
CRTV 145FRadio/TV Sports Broadcasting00000
AUTO 091FCylinder Head Repair00000
CRTV 175FDocumentary Filmmaking00000
CSTR 032FUniform Plumbing Code00000
BIOL 190FIntroduction to Biotechnology00000
CSTR 108FSurveying for Builders00000
ART 131FIntroduction to Printmaking00000
DANC 120FDance History00000
BUS 108FLiving in an Online World00000
DANC 202FDance Composition/Choreography00000
AJ 223FCriminal Investigation00000
DART 107FDigital Drawing00000
BUS 187FInnovation and New Prod Dev00000
DART 133FMarv Design I: Intro Cloth Sim00000
ART 153FCeramics: Beg Handbldg00000
DART 156F3D Printing Tech w/ZBrush00000
BUS 267FPrinc of Supervision00000
DRAF 143F3D Applications Using AutoCAD00000
AJ 071FPreventing Racial Profiling00000
ENGL 102FIntroduction to Literature00000
CDES 121FIntro Erly Child Ed: Asst Tchr00000
ENGL 208FIntroduction to Film Studies00000
ART 183FRepresentational Drawing00000
ENGL 225FWorld Lit sinc Erly Mod Period00000
CDES 211FClassroom Prac for Div Learnrs00000
ENGR 101AFSurveying I00000
ANTH 102HFHonors Cultural Anthropology00000
ESC 100LFPhysical Geology Lab00000
CHEM 111AFGeneral Chemistry I00000
ESC 130HFHonors Intro to Oceanography00000
ART 209FInter. Land Paint00000
ESL 038FFund Amer Eng Pro for N-N Spks00000
CIS 104FPresentation Graphics00000
ESL 186FColl Wrtg Prep for Non-Nat Spk00000
ACCT 201BFIntermediate Accounting00000
ETHS 153HFHonors Chic a/o & Latina/o Con00000
CIS 154FJavaScript Programming I00000
FASH 060FProfessional Image00000
ART 236FIntermediate Life Drawing00000
CRTV 291FInternship in Comm II00000
CIS 222FComputer Scripting00000
ACCT 011FPayroll Accounting00000
ACCT 205FEthics in Accounting00000
AJ 135FWeaponless Defense00000
ART 122FMus Stds: Intro to Galry Prac00000