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Fayetteville Course Reviews

Fayetteville State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
DANC 320Cultural Dance00000
EDUC 421Princ of Secondary Educ00000
COMM 320Audio Production I00000
CSC 303Computer Org & Architecture II00000
CRJC 212Juvenile Justice System00000
CHIN 310Advanced Chinese I00000
EDLE 706Seminar in Educ Leadership00000
BIOL 255Principles of Microbiology00000
COMM 445Documentary & Short Film Prod.00000
BTCH 435LPlant Biotechnology Lab00000
CRJC 699Thesis II00000
CRJC 340White Collar Crime00000
CHEM 400Computational Chemistry00000
CSC 470Software Engineering00000
BIOL 205Medical Terminology00000
EDAM 652School-Based Program Eval00000
COMM 210Intro Mass Communication00000
EDMG 462Meth&Mat of Tch Soc Sci in MG00000
BADM 209Legal Environment of Business00000
EDUC 644Found &Curr Dvlpm & Assessment00000
BTCH 230Biotechniques II00000
CPM 630Tools&Techniques of Proj Mgmt00000
BADM 603Intro to ERP & Bus Process/SAP00000
CRJC 305Race, Class, Gender, & Crime00000
CHEM 162General Chemistry II Lab00000
CRJC 620Juvenile Delinquency & Justice00000
CRJC 402Restorative Justice00000
CHEM 314Physical Chemistry II00000
CSC 202Programming in C00000
BIOL 150LPrinciples of Biology I Lab00000
CSC 390Topics in Computer Science00000
CHEM 450Undergraduate Research00000
CSM 604Cyber Security Practices00000
ART 412Advanced Painting00000
ECON 430Economic Problems00000
COHE 425Community Health Organizing00000
EDAM 691Internship Part III00000
BIOL 230LHuman Anatomy and Phy. I Lab00000
EDLE 730Intern in Educ Leadership II00000
COMM 250Presentation Technologies00000
EDUC 309Infant/Todd Curr Dev&Fld Study00000
ART 360Advanced Ceramics II00000
EDUC 480Clinical Exp. in Sec Sch00000
COMM 355Multi Camera Studio Production00000
EDUC 690Applied Research in Education00000
BADM 220Ethics and Civic Engagement00000
COMM 490Communication Research00000
BTCH 360Molecular Genetics00000
CRJC 201Introduction Law Enforcement00000
ART 365History of Photography00000
CRJC 230Criminal Evidence00000
CHEM 141LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory00000
CRJC 315Statistics00000
BICH 413Biochemistry III00000
CRJC 361Comparative Criminal Justice00000
CHEM 212Analytical Chemistry Lab00000
CRJC 590Ethics in CRJC00000
CRJC 500Hist of Crime Control Policy00000
CHEM 311Instrumental Analysis Lec00000
CRJC 660Victimology00000
BIOL 110General Biology I00000
CSC 105Intro Computer Tech Majors00000
CHEM 390Research I00000
CSC 220Data Structure/ Algorithms00000
ART 385Game Design III:Game Mechanics00000
CSC 350Service Learning00000
CHEM 424Separation Science00000
CSC 431Prin Operating Systems00000
BIOL 160LPrinciples of Biology II Lab00000
CSM 601Cyber Security Plans00000
CHIN 110Elementary Chinese I00000
DANC 209Contemporary Dance I00000
ART 331Color Theory & Techniques00000
ECON 212Prin of Microeconomics00000
COHE 270Consumer Health00000
ECON 610Managerial Economics00000
BIOL 220General Zoology00000
EDAM 670Resource Mgmt & Schools00000
COHE 470Seminar in Community Health00000
EDLE 703Public Pol & Pol Issues in Edu00000
ART 461Advanced Photography00000
EDLE 721Research, Design & Eval Method00000
COMM 220Film & Video Medica Appreciat00000
EDLE 999Dissertation Non Credit00000
BIOL 240LHuman Anatomy & Phys. II Lab00000
EDUC 211Lab Experiences in Area School00000
COMM 275Crisis Communication00000
EDUC 330Educ Psych & Humn Development00000
ART 253Intro to Printmaking00000
EDUC 460Meth/Mate in Sec Sch Sub00000
COMM 335Media,Religion, & Spirituality00000
EDUC 615Tech of Teach MG & HS ELA/SS00000
BOTN 210General Botany00000
COMM 375Organizational Communication00000
ART 215Survey of Global Art00000
ART 312Drawing and Painting00000
ART 375Instal. Art Ceramics-Mix Media00000
BIDA 650Business Analytics00000
CHEM 225Organic Chemistry II00000
CRJC 540Research Methods in CRJC00000