FAMU Course Reviews

Florida A&M University

BSC 1011LGeneral Bio II Lab12311
ARC 4610Environmental Systems In Architecture00000
BOT 3503CPlant Physiology00000
CCJ 5941Spec Top Crim Jus II00000
BCN 4905Dir Individual Study00000
ANT 3352Peoples & Culture Of Africa00000
CCJ 2010Intro Crim Justice00000
AGR 5322Plant Breeding00000
AMH 3578Black Leadership In America00000
ARC 6186Modeling And Digital Fabrication00000
ARH 2050Art History I00000
BCH 4053LFSUGen Biochem Lab00000
ANS 4291CIncubation& Brooding00000
BME 4904Undergraduate Research Projectin Biomedical Engineering00000
AFR 3201FSUAir Frce Mgmnt00000
BSC 1010EGeneral Biology I00000
ARC 2501Arch Structures 100000
CCJ 4700HBResh Mtds Crim Just00000
ADV 3352FSUMass Media Law00000
CEN 5900Dir Independ Study00000
AMH 2091-HNRSIntro Afro-Amer Hist00000
ARC 6910Introduction to Thesis Planning & Research00000
AEB 3450Introduction to Natural Resource & Environmental Economics00000
AMH 5930Select Topics Us His00000
ART 3563CPainting III Oil Medium00000
ART 4947Pract Art Mgmt II00000
ATE 3940Veterinary Technology Clinical Rotation/Work Experience I00000
ANS 3273Small Rumi Mgmt00000
BCN 3701Construction Mgmt II00000
AFA 4936Sr Sem Afro-Am Stud00000
BME 4211Biomechanics00000
ANT 2100FSUIntroduction To Archaeology00000
BOT 1010Elementary Botany00000
ACG 4501Governmental/Not-For-Profit Accounting00000
BSC 1005LFSUBiological Sci Lab00000
ARC 1301Design 1.100000
BSC 2094LAnatom & Phys II Lab00000
AGG 5330CGis Research Appl for Agr Science & Natural Resource00000
CCJ 4031ECases in Corrections00000
ARC 4010Facility Management00000
CCJ 4937Spe Top Pat Crim Beh00000
ABE 4224Non-Point Sourc Poll00000
CEG 5115FSUFound Engineering00000
ARC 5352Adv Arch Design 5.100000
CES 4800Timber Design00000
AEB 3143Agricultural Finance00000
ARC 6359Graduate Design 6.200000
AMH 3560Women American His00000
ARC 6971Thesis/Masters Proj00000
ABE 4812Food Bioproc Enginee00000
ART 2430CSilkscreen Printmaking00000
AMH 4930Sel Topics Amer His00000
ART 4915Colloquim in Art00000
AEB 4261Agricultural Policy00000
AML 2600Intro To Afr-Amr Lit00000
ATE 2110Anatomy Of Farm And Companion Animals I00000
ATE 2638LVeterinary Clinical Pathology Lab00000
ATE 3664Animal Diseases & Prevention00000
AML 4934Sem Afro-Amer Lit00000
BCH 4034LBiochemistry II Lab00000
AEB 5555Econometrics00000
BCN 3253Const Accounting00000
ANS 3463Feeds & Feeding00000
BCN 4617Const Estimating I00000
ACG 3102Fin Rpt & Analysis I00000
BME 3361Biotransport Phenomena00000
ANS 5205Adv Animal Product00000
BME 4503LBioinstrumentation Lab00000
AFR 1102FSUFoundation of Usaf00000
BME 6980Dissertation00000
ANT 2511HBEmergence Of Man00000
BOT 2313Plant Anatomy And Development00000
ABE 3212LNatural Resources Conservation Engineering - Lab00000
BOT 5937Sel Top Plant Biotec00000
ARC 1003Orienta To Architect00000
AGG 2050Intro Biotechnology00000
ATE 3615Veterinary Pharmacology00000
BSC 2085FSUAnatmy & Physiolgy I00000
ARC 2201Theory In Architecture I00000
BSC 4905Directed Indiv Study00000
ACG 5308Acc Planning Control00000
CCJ 3129Multicult. Perspectives. - Adolescence & Adolescent Developm...00000
ARC 3325Arch Design 3.200000
CCJ 4670EWomen And Crime00000
AGG 5900Directed Indiv Study00000
CCJ 4933Spe Top Juvenile Law00000
ARC 4294Spec Studies Arch IV00000
CCJ 5606FSUSurvey Of Criminological Theories00000
ABE 2122Biological Systems Engineering Computers Graphics00000
CEG 2202LIntro to Geomatics - Lab00000
ARC 5286Practice I00000
CEN 4213Embedded Systems Programming00000
AMH 2010Us History 1492-186500000
ARC 5364Architectural Dsgn 400000
ABE 1002Engineering Terminology And Concepts00000
ABE 3013Intro Design Analysi00000
ACG 2071EManagerial Acct Prin00000
AEB 4906Prob In Agri Econ00000
AML 4155Modern American Poetry00000
ATE 3658LAnesthesia and Surgical Nursing Laboratory00000