ETSU Course Reviews

East Tennessee State University

ETSU 1020Foundations of Student Success35131
CSCI 1260Intro Computer Sci II32351
CSCI 3350Software Engineering II12221
ADVR 2070Advertising Graphics00000
ACCT 3020Financial Accounting II00000
APST 2320Gaelic Language and Culture00000
PHED 2210Badminton00000
ALHE 5000Info Tech In Alhe Sciences00000
CUAI 3200Content & Curriculum for Elementary Social Studies00000
ANTH 1280Intro Phys Anthro00000
ENTP 3000Entrep Finance and Funding00000
ACCT 1020Principles of Accounting II00000
TECW 3134Digital Research and Writing00000
ACCT 4717Nonprofit Accounting00000
JAPN 4020Reading in Modern Japanese00000
ALHE 2020Pat Care & Assessment00000
CDST 4317Applied and Professional Ethics00000
AMBA 5180Econ for Managers00000
ECED 5650Lang Lit Emergent Persp00000
ANTH 3903So Appalach Prehistory00000
PHED 2280Volleyball00000
ENTC 5045Complex Inst. and Sensor Sys.00000
HDAL 4147The Opioid Crisis00000
PHYT 6541Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation00000
HDAL 5227Evidence Based Trauma Techniques00000
MGMT 4450International Bus Law00000
THEA 5417Tching Theater K-1200000
READ 3400Application of Literacy in Elementary Classrooms00000
ACCT 2341Cost Accounting00000
HDAL 5167Trauma Theory00000
ACCT 4018Senior Honors Seminar00000
UHON 4808Honors Study Abroad: Harlaxton Christmas00000
ACCT 5957Topics In Accountancy00000
CSCI 5607Information Risk Management00000
ADVR 4101Special Topics: National Advertising Student Competition (NS...00000
BLUE 3332Finance and Legal Issues in Bluegrass Music00000
ALHE 4040Managing Allied Health Prof00000
MUSC 4565String Lit & Pedagogy00000
ALHE 5200Assessment, Plning, & Eval00000
COBH 5467Emerg Tech Health Profess II00000
AMBA 5500Strategic Mgmt Process00000
CDST 3989Internship/Cooperative Educ00000
ANTH 3260Visual Anth00000
EDFN 2310Developmental Psychology00000
ANTH 4027CRM Archaeology00000
EDFN 5030Instructional Design Practicum00000
FNCE 2040Business and Financial Literacy for the Non-Specialist00000
PHED 2525Rock Climbing00000
HDAL 5147The Opioid Crisis00000
CDST 5317Applied and Professional Ethics00000
HSRV 5110Introduction to Nature Connection00000
PMUG 3114Pharmaceutical Biochemistry00000
ENTP 3009CRM for Start-ups00000
MUSC 4350Brass Lit and Pedagogy00000
PMUG 3122Pharmacy Calculations00000
NRSE 5114Legal Ethical Issues00000
PMUG 4110Infectious Diseases00000
THEA 2410Physical Theatre I00000
PMUG 4140Evidence-Based Practice of Pharmacy I00000
WGSS 2020Women Global Perspective00000
HDAL 4167Trauma Theory00000
ACCT 2020Principles Of Acct II00000
SOWK 5467Sem School Soc Work00000
ACCT 3000Professionalism In Acct00000
COMM 4210Family Communication00000
ACCT 3320Info Tech for Accounting00000
THEA 4700Musical Theatre Performance00000
ACCT 4610Auditing Theory and Profession00000
HIST 5727Modern Africa00000
ACCT 5000Essentials Of Accounting00000
AFAM 4900Special Studies: Contemporary Black Issues00000
ADMN 1309Records Management00000
BLUE 3833Bluegrass Ear Training00000
ADVR 3270Media Strategy00000
BADM 3000Business Career Development II00000
AFAM 2000Introduction to Black American Studies00000
MUSC 3650Topics in World Percussion00000
ALHE 3050Culture & Disability00000
BLUE 4910Tradition Bearer Field Exp00000
ALHE 4080Leadership Capstone00000
DIGM 5915Experimental Media II00000
ALHE 5050Legal & Ethical Issues In Alhe00000
CHNG 1908Introduction to Changemaking and Social Innovation00000
AMBA 5140Data Analysis & Model00000
NRSE 5570Nursing Admin Practicum II00000
AMBA 5230Strategic Leadership00000
CSCI 5270Machine Learning00000
ANTH 1230Intro To Cultural Anthropology00000
ARTA 3516Woodworking Techniques00000
ANTH 3080Nutritional Anthropology00000
ECED 3190Emergent Inquiry Documentation00000
ANTH 3500Appalachian Folk Medicine00000
PHED 2260Softball00000
PMUG 3182Communication Skills for Health Professionals00000
PMUG 4170Non-Prescription Pharmacotherapy, Natural Medicines, and Sel...00000
SOWK 4467Sem School Soc Work00000
ELPA 6230High-Impact Higher Education Instructional Practices00000
ANTH 5357Popular and Consumer Culture00000
BLUE 2840Critical Listening00000
COBH 3000Essentials II00000