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ETSU Course Reviews

East Tennessee State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSCI 1260Intro Computer Sci II32351
ETSU 1020Foundations of Student Success35131
INTD 1105Interior Architecture Fundamen54541
CSCI 3350Software Engineering II12221
ARTA 2202Layout and Production00000
BADM 2000Business Career Development I00000
BIOL 1311Concepts In Bio Lab00000
BIOL 4477Ornithology00000
ANTH 3450Forensic Anthropology00000
ARTA 4081Adv Jewelry Des & Metalsmthng00000
BIOL 5667Funct Genomics & Bioinform00000
ASTL 5721Theory And Found Of Dev Lit00000
APST 5997Current Issues App Studies00000
BGSD 4950Special Topics: Torture and The Culture of Pain00000
AMBA 5140Data Analysis & Model00000
BIOL 3460Invertebrate Zoology00000
ARTA 3201Intermediate Figure Drawing00000
BIOL 5037Coastal Biology Fld Trip00000
ADVR 4101Special Topics: National Advertising Student Competition (NS...00000
ANTH 4037Old World Archaeology00000
BIOM 6030Bms3 Cell Anat And Phys00000
ARTA 4517Comic Book Illustration00000
ARTA 4989Internship/Cooperative Educ00000
AGRI 1030Introduction to Plant Science00000
ANTH 4900Independent Study00000
ARTA 5201Figure Drawing00000
ASLC 2020ASL II: Intermediate00000
APST 5567Scottish and Irish Folklife00000
ASTR 3970Variable Stars00000
ALHE 5050Legal & Ethical Issues In Alhe00000
BADM 5430Applied Corporate Finance00000
ARTA 1204Core: Color and Practice00000
BIOL 1011Biol Non-Majors Lab I00000
ACCT 5957Topics In Accountancy00000
BIOL 3120General Ecology00000
ARTA 3072Intermediate Fibers00000
BIOL 4167Biochem Of Metabolism00000
ANTH 1240Intro Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL 4887Arachnology00000
ARTA 3501Intermediate Sculpture00000
BIOL 5347Biogeography00000
ACCT 4905Accountancy Internship00000
BIOL 5910Research In Biology00000
ARTA 4271Advanced Ceramics I00000
BIOM 6220Scientific Com II00000
AFAM 3999Internship/Cooperative Educ00000
ARTA 4906BFA Studio Art Capstone00000
ANTH 4407Archaeological Field Sch00000
ARTA 5140Photography00000
ACCT 5210Controllership & Fin Leadershp00000
ANTH 5037Old World Archaeology00000
ARTA 5617Site-Specific & Install Art00000
ARTA 5960Thesis00000
ARTH 4007Northern Renaissance Art00000
ALHE 2020Pat Care & Assessment00000
ANTH 5957Sp Top in Anthropology: Culture, Health, and the COVID 19 Pa...00000
ARTH 405719th Century Art00000
ARTH 5601History Of Photo00000
APST 5237Scots-Irish In Appalachia00000
ASLC 4020ASL IV: Advanced00000
ALHE 4100Info Mgmt for Allied Health00000
ASTR 1020Astronomy II00000
APST 5950Research Methods in APST00000
AVST 5315Topics in Archival Studies00000
ACCT 5717Nonprofit Accounting00000
BADM 5210Oper & Tech Strategies00000
ART 2020Art History Survey II00000
BGSD 1800Library Research Skills00000
ALHE 5500Methods Of Alhe Research00000
BIOC 6500Special Topics00000
ARTA 2072Introduction to Fibers00000
BIOL 1120Biol Sci Major Lec II00000
ACCT 4320Data Analytics for Accounting00000
BIOL 2020Human Anat & Phys II w/ Lab00000
ARTA 2618Intro to Extended Media00000
BIOL 3230Vertebrate Embryology00000
AMBA 5430Applied Corp Finance00000
BIOL 4027Biomedical Evolution & Ecology00000
ARTA 3092Intermediate Ceramics00000
BIOL 4347Biogeography00000
ADVR 3100Brand Communication00000
BIOL 4737Conservation Biology00000
ARTA 3380Color, Fiber, & Dye00000
BIOL 4999Internship/Cooperative Educ00000
ANTH 3070Medical Anthropology00000
BIOL 5177Biochem Of Metabol Lab00000
ARTA 3626Digital Material Studies00000
BIOL 5477Ornithology00000
ACCT 3000Professionalism In Acct00000
BIOL 5747Population Genetics00000
ARTA 4203Adv Drawing00000
BIOL 6200Topics Organismal Biology00000
ANTH 4007Southeastern Archaeology00000
ARTH 4117Women and Queers in the Arts00000
APST 3530Religion In Appalachia00000
ARTH 4901Independent Study- Art History00000
ARTH 5037Italian Renaissance Art00000
ARTA 4303Computer Art & Design00000
ACCT 2020Principles Of Acct II00000
ACCT 3320Info Tech for Accounting00000