ESU Course Reviews

Emporia State University

CD 841Clinical Experience: Inclusive Early Childhood Practicum: Ce...00000
CH 500Survey of Organic Chem & Lab00000
AR 489Internship in Photography00000
BU 528Internship in Business00000
AX 717Clinical Education I00000
AR 321Photography IV00000
CE 804Clincial Supervision00000
AC 505Spec Topics: VITA00000
AR 599Senior Exhibition-Painting00000
AN 300Anthropology of Crime00000
BU 102Business Dynamics00000
BC 807Managerial Economics00000
AR 305Introduction to Digital Design00000
CD 730Characteristics Inclusive Early Childhood Education (birth t...00000
AB 210Arabic Language & Culture II00000
CE 720Research & Technical Writing00000
AR 350Alternative Photographic Processes00000
CH 105Preparation for Chemistry00000
RE 412Substance Abuse in Counseling00000
CH 676Analytical Chemistry00000
AC 833Advanced Auditing00000
AT 802Developmental Treatment Models in Art Therapy00000
SO 302Introduction to LGBTQ Studies00000
AX 782Rehabilitation in Athletic Training00000
AN 334Forensic Anthropology00000
BO 750Plant Anatomy & Physiology00000
BE 583Training And Development00000
AR 206Metals I00000
BU 301Leadership Communications00000
SO 742Crime, Causation, Prevention and Control00000
BU 705Spe Top: Applying Quan Methods00000
AR 313Printmaking I00000
CD 832Observation Assessment and Screening in Inclusive Early Chil...00000
MA 770Bayesian Data Analysis00000
CD 865Capstone: ECU Validation of Teaching Experience B-K/B-800000
AR 330Painting II00000
CE 751Case Management in Addictions & Rehabilitation00000
AC 313Intermediate Accounting II00000
CE 835Theory and Practice of Appraisal in Counseling00000
AR 411Painting III00000
CH 371General Organic Chemistry Lab00000
EL 809Supporting Technology Integration for School Leaders00000
CH 575Organic Chemistry II Lab00000
AR 497Projects in Printmaking00000
CH 720Physical Chemistry I00000
SL 320Cross-Cultural Leadership in Sport and Recreation Leaders00000
AT 800Art Therapy Foundations00000
AC 853Accounting Theory00000
AT 835Art Therapy Internship00000
EP 810Entrepreneurial Mindset00000
AX 737Assessment of Lower Extremities00000
AN 325Native Peoples of North America00000
BC 104Principles of Economics II00000
SO 365Women and Crime00000
BE 540Electronic Communications00000
AN 472Anthropology Internship00000
BO 543Plant Taxonomy Lab00000
BO 213Biology of Plants Lab00000
AR 102Two-Dimensional Design00000
BO 856Plant Ecology and Lab00000
SO 732Leadership and Social Justice00000
BU 241Personal Finance00000
AR 235Art History: Renaissance to Modern00000
BU 393Ethical Decision-Making in Organizations00000
IS 825Cloud Computing and Management00000
BU 543Advanced Business Communications00000
AR 309Engraving I00000
BU 820Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions00000
ZO 495Herpetology and Lab00000
CD 744The Growing Brain -Early Child00000
AR 316Introduction to Wheelthrowing00000
CD 838Advanced Methods for Inclusive Early Childhood Education00000
EL 737Science of Reading Foundations I00000
CD 844Implementation-Capstone Series00000
AR 324Elementary Art Education00000
CE 694Assessment & Employment of Individuals with Disabilities00000
AC 233Managerial Accounting00000
CE 732Lifespan Development & Disability00000
AR 340Type and Design00000
CE 801Crisis Counseling & Trauma-Informed Care00000
PY 708Brain Function & Dysfunction00000
CE 820Career Counseling and Development00000
AR 361Theory & Practice in Art Educ00000
CE 898Supervised Practicum in Counseling00000
AC 353Accounting Information Systems00000
CH 124Chemistry I Lab00000
AR 441Art Direction I00000
CH 479Undergraduate Research00000
EB 847Natural His Field Stdy-Bahamas00000
CH 572Organic Chemistry I00000
AR 493Projects in Sculpture00000
CH 660Biochemistry I00000
AC 563Advanced Financial Accounting00000
AR 540Art Direction II00000
CE 746Psychopharmacology00000
EC 554Public Finance00000
GE 405World in Film00000
SO 720Qualitative Research Methods00000
AR 098Mid-Program Portfolio Review00000
BO 459Concepts of Plant Taxonomy Lab00000