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ESU Course Reviews

Emporia State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PE 163Foundations of Court Sports00000
PE 762Analysis of Teaching/Coaching00000
CH 573Organic Chemistry I Lab00000
NU 387Geriatric Nursing Clinical00000
CS 564Network Defense and Countermeasures00000
CE 735Integrated Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders00000
PE 358Fundamentals and Coaching of Tennis/Golf00000
AX 717Clinical Education I00000
CH 776Signal Transduction00000
BO 409Botany Projects00000
MU 857Applied Music-Flute00000
CW 023Biology Content Assessment00000
CD 785Integrating Creative Arts into Inclusive Early Childhood Edu...00000
NU 493Transition into Professional Nursing Practicum00000
AR 491Projects in Painting00000
PE 273Administration/Organization of Atheltic Training00000
CH 121General Chemistry Lab00000
PE 487Athletic Trng Cert Preparation00000
AR 306Metals II00000
PH 100Orientation to Physics00000
BC 810Research Problems In Economics00000
CS 386Internship: Computer Science00000
AR 317Digital Photography & Lighting00000
CW 009Physical Education Content Assessment00000
BO 809Graduate Project in Botany00000
MU 846History and Philosophy of Music Education00000
CW 057Earth & Space Science Content Assessment00000
BU 573Law of Commerce00000
MU 865Applied Music-Baritone00000
AR 400Art History: Contemporary Art00000
NU 431Decision Making in Nursing II00000
CD 853Research Problems in Early Childhood Education00000
PE 127Tennis00000
AR 204Fibers I00000
PE 205Varsity Sport00000
CE 825Counseling Theories00000
PE 347Clinical Education IV00000
AT 708Art Media and Material Use in Art Therapy00000
PE 420Psychology of Sport00000
CH 377Quantitative Analysis Lab00000
PE 712Sport and Performance Psychology00000
AN 300Anthropology of Crime00000
PE 840Exercise Metabolism00000
CH 700Water Analysis00000
PH 140College Physics I00000
AR 313Printmaking I00000
CS 340Algorithms & Data Structures I00000
BE 573Business Curriculum and Teaching Methods00000
CS 552Principles of Software Engineering00000
AN 334Forensic Anthropology00000
CW 003Math Competency Exam CAAP00000
BO 552Plant Kingdom00000
CW 015CORE Reading00000
AR 324Elementary Art Education00000
CW 036Teaching English as a Second Language Content Assessment00000
BU 140Business Dynamics & Professionalism: A First Year Seminar00000
MU 800Graduate Recital00000
CW 096Elementary Education: Science CKT Subtest00000
BU 528Internship in Business00000
MU 852Applied Music-Organ00000
AR 347Intermediate Ceramics Topics00000
MU 861Applied Music-Saxophone00000
CD 343Children Inspire Glass Proj IV00000
NU 376Mental Health Nursing00000
AR 101Basic Drawing00000
NU 426Maternal/Newborn Nursing00000
CD 838Advanced Methods for Inclusive Early Childhood Education00000
NU 485Adult Health II Nursing Practicum00000
AR 441Art Direction I00000
PE 110Basketball00000
CE 694Assessment & Employment of Individuals with Disabilities00000
PE 137Pilates00000
AC 843Accounting Information for Management00000
PE 175Bicycling00000
CE 804Clincial Supervision00000
PE 266Technology in Health, Physical Education and Recreation00000
AR 500Contemporary Issues in Art Ed00000
PE 305Theory of Coaching00000
CE 893Professional, Ethical & Legal Issues in Counseling00000
PE 354Fundamentals and Coaching of Track and Field00000
AR 240Graphic Design Processes00000
PE 378Field Experiences00000
CH 127Chemistry II Lab00000
PE 482Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries00000
AT 810Introduction to Art Therapy Research00000
PE 570Teaching Methods in Middle/Secondary Physical Education00000
CH 506Environmental Chemistry00000
PE 738Advanced Technology in HPER00000
AC 333Cost Accounting00000
PE 803Motor Behavior00000
CH 620Elements of Physical Chemistry00000
PE 865Statistics in HPER00000
BC 103Principles of Economics I00000
CH 725Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
AC 223Financial Accounting00000
AC 523Income Taxation of Corporations & Other Entities00000
AN 810Research Problem In Anthropology00000
AR 330Painting II00000
BU 301Leadership Communications00000
MU 324World Music00000