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EPCC Valle Verde Course Reviews

El Paso Community College, Valle Verde

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MCHN 1308Basic Lathe00000
MUSI 1303Fundamentals Of Music00000
ENGR 2332Mechanics of Materials00000
ITSY 2300Operating System Security00000
GOVT 2304Intro To Political Science (F)00000
DFTG 2340Solid Modeling/Design00000
MUAP 2239Ind Inst Brass Inst III (F)00000
CDEC 1356Emergent Literacy Early Child00000
FIRS 1419Firefighter Cert IV00000
CMSW 1309Problems of Children & Adolesc00000
ITNW 1308Implmnt/Support Client Op Syst00000
HPRS 1202Wellness And Health Promotion00000
DANC 1345Modern Technique I00000
LGLA 2313Criminal Law & Procedure00000
CAT 0009CCNA 3:Scaling Networks00000
MUAP 1162Intro Ind Instr Guitar II (F)00000
ELPT 1341Motor Control00000
MUEN 1142Chorus II (F)00000
AUMT 1345Auto Climate Control Syst00000
PHIL 2306Intro to Ethics (C)00000
CETT 1407Fundamentals of Electronics00000
FREN 1411Beginning French I00000
BIOL 1109Biol Non-Sci Mjrs II (Lab)00000
HART 2442Commercial Refrigeration00000
COMM 2327Introduction to Advertising00000
ITCC 1314Ccna 1: Intro to Networks00000
IEP 0132Intensive English III-B00000
DANC 1128Ballroom and Social Dance00000
ITSE 1311Beginning Web Programming00000
BUSI 2370Quantative Method Busi/Econ00000
KINE 2124Volleyball I00000
DEMR 2280Coop Ed-Diesel Mech Tech00000
MATH 1325Calculus Business & Soc Sci00000
ARTS 2323Life Drawing00000
MGT 0817Mngment Systems for Supervisor00000
EDTC 1250Portfolio Development00000
MUAP 1262Indiv Instr Guitar II (F)00000
CAT 0043The Foundation to MS Word00000
MUEN 1122Concert Band II (F)00000
ENGL 2332World Literature I (Cf)00000
MUEN 2138Jazz Ensemble IV (F)00000
ARCH 2470Architectural Desgn Studio III00000
MUSR 1011Music Student Recital I00000
ESOL 0325High Begin Listen & Speak00000
PHYS 1101College Physics I (Lab)00000
AUMT 2381Coop Ed-Auto Mech Tech II00000
FIRT 1315Hazardous Materials I00000
CHEM 1307Intro Chem II (Lect) (Cf)00000
GEOL 1301Earth Sci Non-Sci Mjr I (C)00000
ARTC 1327Typography00000
HART 1441Residential Air Conditioning00000
COMM 1337Digital Video Production II00000
HIST 2321World Civilizations I (C)00000
BIOL 1411Gen Botany (Lect + Lab)00000
HVC 0100A/C Control Principles00000
COSC 1437Programming Fundamentals II00000
INRW 0111Ncbo Integrated Read/Writ (M)00000
IEP 0162Intensive English VI-B00000
CTE 0100UAS/Drone Workshop00000
ITCC 2320Ccna3: Enterprise Ntw/Sec/Auto00000
BUSG 1301Introduction to Business00000
ITSC 1301Introduction to Computers00000
DANC 1151Freshman Dance Performance00000
ITSE 2309Database Programming00000
ARTS 1317Drawing II00000
KINE 1120Soccer00000
DEMR 1305Basic Electrical Systems00000
LGLA 1353Wills, Trusts, Probate Admin00000
CAT 0005Adobe Photoshop CC00000
MATH 0301College Prep Math (M)00000
DFTG 1333Mechanical Drafting00000
MATH 2314Calculus II (C)00000
ARCH 1315Digital Media00000
MCHN 2331Operation Cnc Turning Centers00000
DRAM 1351Acting I00000
MUAP 1117Intro Ind Inst Woodwind I (F)00000
CAT 0028Intro Microsoft Excel00000
MUAP 1217Indiv Instr Woodwind I (F)00000
ELMT 1411Solar Fundamentals00000
MUAP 1285Vocal Coaching I00000
ASTR 1104Solar System (Lab)00000
MUAP 2268Indiv Instr Keyboard IV (F)00000
ENGL 0309College Prep Writing (M)00000
MUEN 1133Guitar Ensemble I (F)00000
CDEC 1303Families, School & Community00000
MUEN 2132Mariachi IV (F)00000
ENGR 1304Engineering Graphics I00000
MUSI 1115Piano Class II For Music Major00000
ALP 0051Beg Verbal Skills in Career Sp00000
MUSI 1311Music Theory I (F)00000
ENGR 2406Intro to Digital Systems00000
NCBM 0142Ncb Instruction for Math 134200000
CDEC 2315Diverse Cultural/Multiling Ed00000
ESOL 0341Advanced Writing00000
ACNT 1303Intro to Accounting I00000
ARCH 1302Architectural History II (F)00000
ARTS 1301Art Appreciation (C)00000
BIOL 2406Environmental Biology00000
CRIJ 1313Juvenile Justice System00000
IEP 0252Academic English Track V-B00000