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EPCC Transmountain Course Reviews

El Paso Community College, Transmountain

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
GEOL 2289Academic Cooperative00000
SPAN 2313Span Nativ/Hertg Spkrs I (Cf)00000
INDS 1311Fundamentals Interior Design00000
CRIJ 1306Court Systems & Practices (F)00000
NCBM 0302Ncb Instruction for Math00000
DRAM 1120Theater Practicum I00000
MUSI 1306Music Appreciation (C)00000
PHYS 1102College Physics II (Lab)00000
KINE 1100Conditioning00000
READ 0308Reading The Content Area (M)00000
BIOL 1107Biol Sci Majors II (Lab)00000
PSYC 2301General Psychology (Cf)00000
BIOL 1309Biol Non-Sci Mjrs II (Lect)(C)00000
ENVR 1301Environmental Sci I (Lect)00000
MATH 1314College Algebra (C)00000
INRW 0312Focused Integrated Read & Writ00000
FSHD 2344Fashion Collection Production00000
PSYC 2306Human Sexuality (C)00000
FSHN 2382Coop Ed-Fashion Merch00000
ASTR 1303Stars And Galaxies (Lect) (C)00000
PID 0428Latin Dance Made Easier00000
MATH 1350Math for Teachers I (F)00000
HECO 1322Nutrition & Diet Therapy (F)00000
PHYS 2125University Phys I (Lab)00000
SOCI 2301Marriage & the Family (Cf)00000
ARTS 1304Art History II (C)00000
SAP 0311Intro to Healing Herbs00000
ASTR 1103Stars & Galaxies (Lab)00000
CHEM 1106Intro Chem I (Lab) (F)00000
INRW 0311Integrated Read & Writ00000
ECON 2302Princ of Microeconomics (Cf)00000
CHEM 1306Intro Chem I (Lect) (Cf)00000
FSHN 2301Fashion Promotion00000
FSHD 1311Fashion History00000
INDS 1351History of Interiors I00000
ENGL 2323British Literature II (Cf)00000
MATH 1332Contemporary Mathematics (C)00000
MUSI 1310American Music (C)00000
PHYS 1301College Physics I (Lect) (C)00000
GEOL 1301Earth Sci Non-Sci Mjr I (C)00000
SAP 0400Creative Writing00000
DANC 2303Dance Appreciation (C)00000
ARTS 1303Art History I (C)00000
INDS 2313Residential Design I00000
BIOL 1307Biol Sci Majors II (Lect) (C)00000
GEOL 1303Physical Geology (C)00000
MATH 0404Foundation of Math Reason00000
PSYC 2316Psychology Of Personality00000
MATH 2413Calculus I (C)00000
ECON 1301Intro to Economics (C)00000
PHIL 2306Intro to Ethics (C)00000
SAP 0470Ballroom Dance for Seniors00000
PIA 0498Modern Watercolor Techniques00000
INDS 1315Materials Methods & Estimating00000
PSYC 2389Intro To Abnormal Psyc00000
SPAN 2315Inter Span II Hert Spkers (Cf)00000
ACNT 1304Intro to Accounting II00000
SAP 0670Intro to Microsoft Word00000
ARTS 1311Design I (2-Dimensional)00000
ARTS 2356Photography I (Fine Arts)00000
INDS 2387Internship-Interior Design00000
BIOL 2389Academic Cooperative00000
BIOL 1108Biol Non-Sci Mjrs I (Lab)00000
CHEM 2423Organic Chem I (Lect+Lab) (F)00000
ENGL 2333World Literature II (Cf)00000
DRAM 1121Theater Practicum II00000
BIOL 2420Microbiology Non-Sci Mjrs00000
ENGL 2311Technical&Business Writing (F)00000
KINE 1306First Aid00000
FSHD 2343Fashion Collection Design00000
COMM 2366Film Appreciation (C)00000
GEOL 1103Physical Geol (Lab)00000
COMM 1307Intro Mass Comm (Cf)00000
HIST 2322World Civilizations II (C)00000
ECON 2301Princ of Macroeconomics (Cf)00000
INDS 2325Prof Practice Interior Design00000
MATH 1351Math for Teachers II (F)00000
KINE 2100Weight Training I00000
FSHD 1328Flat Pattern Design I00000
MATH 2315Calculus III00000
FSHD 2371Apparel Product Development00000
NCBM 0314Ncb Instruction for Math 131400000
FSHN 2303Fashion Buying00000
PID 0403Salsa/Bachata I00000
NCBM 0142Ncb Instruction for Math 134200000
READ 0307College Prep Reading (M)00000
GOVT 2306Texas Government (Cf)00000
SOCI 1301Intro to Sociology (Cf)00000
BIOL 2404Anat & Phys (Specialized) (C)00000
ACCT 2302Princ of Managerial Acct (F)00000
INDS 2305Interior Design Graphics00000
ARTS 2316Painting I00000
PHYS 2325University Phys I (Lect) (C)00000
INRW 0310Fundamentals Intgrtd Read&Writ00000
BIOL 1306Biol Sci Majors I (Lect) (C)00000
BUSI 2370Quantative Method Busi/Econ00000
ENGL 1301Composition I (Cf)00000
INDS 2307Textiles Interior Design00000
ACNT 1303Intro to Accounting I00000
SPAN 2312Intermediate Spanish II (F)00000