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EPCC Rio Grande Course Reviews

El Paso Community College, Rio Grande

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PHIL 2306Intro to Ethics (C)00000
BIOL 1306Biol Sci Majors I (Lect) (C)00000
RSPT 2310Cardiopulmonary Disease00000
MATH 0404Foundation of Math Reason00000
DHYG 2262Clinical-Dental Hygiene III00000
PTHA 2431Mgmt Neurological Disorders00000
RADR 1317Radr Anatomy and Physiology I00000
INRW 0311Integrated Read & Writ00000
CHEM 2423Organic Chem I (Lect+Lab) (F)00000
MDCA 1421Administrative Procedures00000
HITT 2335Coding/Reimbursement Methd00000
DSAE 1265Practicum-Dms & Ultrasound II00000
PHYS 2125University Phys I (Lab)00000
MDCA 1452Medical Asst Lab Procedures00000
HIST 2321World History To 1500 (C)00000
PIO 0046Real Estate Law Online00000
RNSG 1343Complex Concepts Adult Hlth00000
RNSG 2162Clinical-Registered Nursing00000
DNTA 1301Dental Materials00000
DHYG 1207General & Dental Nutrition00000
MATH 2315Calculus III00000
DHYG 1215Community Dentistry00000
ECON 2301Princ of Macroeconomics (Cf)00000
DMSO 2405Sonography Obstetrics/Gyn00000
MLAB 2331Immunohematology00000
HECO 1322Nutrition & Diet Therapy (F)00000
ENGL 1302Composition II (Cf)00000
PHRA 1309Pharmaceutical Math I00000
HPRS 1206Essentls Medical Terminology00000
ESOL 0342Grammar For Acad Writing00000
MATH 2320Differential Equations00000
PSYC 2389Intro To Abnormal Psyc00000
MLAB 2434Clinical Microbiology00000
DHYG 2362Clinical-Dental Hygiene III00000
PHRA 1541Pharm Drug Therapy & Treatment00000
RADR 2309Radiographic Imaging Equipment00000
PTHA 1413Functional Anatomy00000
HITT 2361Clnc Hlth Info\Med Records III00000
READ 0308Reading The Content Area (M)00000
RSPT 1329Rspt Care Fundamentals I00000
SOCI 1301Intro to Sociology (Cf)00000
CHEM 2425Organic Chem II (Lect+Lab) (F)00000
CHEM 1307Intro Chem II (Lect) (Cf)00000
BIOL 2401Anat & Phys I (Lect+Lab) (Cf)00000
DHYG 1301Orofacial Anat, Hist & Embryol00000
DNTA 2350Adv Dental Assist Applications00000
CRIJ 1306Court Systems & Practices (F)00000
MDCA 1305Medical Law and Ethics00000
DHYG 1311Periodontology00000
CRIJ 2328Police Systems & Practices (F)00000
DMSO 1441Abdominopelvic Sonography00000
MLAB 1211Urinalysis Body Fluids00000
DNTA 1353Dental Assist Applications00000
EMSP 1163Clncl-Emergency Med Tech00000
EDUC 1300Learning Framework (C)00000
NCBM 0101Math Extender 010100000
GEOL 1103Physical Geol (Lab)00000
ESOL 0315High Begin Read & Writing00000
PHRA 1215Pharmacy Terminology00000
HITT 1311Health Information Systems00000
ESOL 0325High Begin Listen & Speak00000
HITT 2443Quality Assess & Perf Improv00000
PHRA 2161Clinical-Pharm Tech/Asst III00000
INRW 0310Fundamentals Intgrtd Read&Writ00000
DHYG 2102Applied Community Dentistry00000
MATH 1350Math for Teachers I (F)00000
PSYC 2314Lifespan Growth & Dev (Cf)00000
MDCA 1370Procedures in Clncl Setting II00000
GEOL 1303Physical Geology (C)00000
MLAB 1261Clinical-Med Lab Tech II00000
PTHA 1491Spcl Topic Phys Therapy Asst00000
NCBM 0124Ncb Instruction for Math 132400000
CHEM 1111General Chem I (Lab) (F)00000
PHRA 1304Pharmacotherapy & Disease Prcs00000
RADR 1562Clin-Radr Tech\Sci-Radr IV00000
PHYS 1302College Physics II (Lect) (C)00000
HITT 2149Rhit Competency Review00000
PSYC 2319Social Psychology (F)00000
RNSG 1260Clinical-Registered Nursing00000
PTHA 2366Practicum-Phys Thrp Asst I00000
DMSO 2351Doppler Physics00000
RADR 2213Radiation Biol and Protection00000
RNSG 2221Prof Nursing: Leadership/Mgmt00000
RNSG 1301Pharmacology00000
HPRS 1205Essent Med Law/Ethics Hlth Pro00000
RNSG 2263Clinical-Registered Nursing00000
RSPT 1431Rspt Care Fundamentals II00000
SRGT 1541Surgical Procedures I00000
BIOL 1107Biol Sci Majors II (Lab)00000
BUSI 2305Business Statistics (F)00000
ARTS 1316Drawing I00000
CRIJ 1301Intro to Criminal Justice (F)00000
MATH 1324Math Business & Soc Sci (Cf)00000
CHEM 1106Intro Chem I (Lab) (F)00000
ARTS 1303Art History I (C)00000
BUSI 1301Business Principles (F)00000
DHYG 1219Dental Materials00000
ENGL 2351Mexican American Lit (Cf)00000
NCBM 0314Ncb Instruction for Math 131400000
ESOL 0335Grammar I00000