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EPCC Northwest Course Reviews

El Paso Community College, Northwest

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
GEOL 1101Earth Sci Non-Sci Mjrs I (Lab)00000
ECON 2301Princ of Macroeconomics (Cf)00000
ACNT 1313Computerized Acct Applications00000
BIOL 2420Microbiology Non-Sci Mjrs00000
CRTR 2380Coop Ed-Court Reporting00000
CRTR 1404Machine Shorthand I00000
SAP 0600Intro to Computers & Windows00000
GEOL 1102Earth Sci Non-Sci Mjr II (Lab)00000
CHEM 1312General Chem II (Lect) (Cf)00000
MATH 1332Contemporary Mathematics (C)00000
SOCI 1301Intro to Sociology (Cf)00000
GEOL 1303Physical Geology (C)00000
BIOL 2402Anat & Phys II (Lect+Lab) (Cf)00000
CRTR 1312Court Reporting Comm I00000
SAP 0904Seniors Exploring The Internet00000
MATH 2412Pre-Calculus Math (C)00000
GEOL 1104Historical Geol (Lab)00000
CHEM 1112General Chem II (Lab) (F)00000
GEOL 1302Earth Sci Non-Sci Mjr II (C)00000
ITSC 1301Introduction to Computers00000
INRW 0310Fundamentals Intgrtd Read&Writ00000
CRIJ 2328Police Systems & Practices (F)00000
MATH 0301College Prep Math (M)00000
ENGL 2322British Literature I (Cf)00000
NCBM 0324Ncb Instruction for Math 132400000
PHIL 2303Intro To Formal Logic (C)00000
INRW 0312Focused Integrated Read & Writ00000
ARTS 1301Art Appreciation (C)00000
ARTS 1316Drawing I00000
PIE 0450Court Report Cert.00000
CHEM 2423Organic Chem I (Lect+Lab) (F)00000
CHEM 2425Organic Chem II (Lect+Lab) (F)00000
DANC 2303Dance Appreciation (C)00000
ENGL 0309College Prep Writing (M)00000
INRW 0311Integrated Read & Writ00000
EDUC 1300Learning Framework (C)00000
PHIL 1301Intro to Philosophy (C)00000
BIOL 1307Biol Sci Majors II (Lect) (C)00000
BIOL 1306Biol Sci Majors I (Lect) (C)00000
HPRS 2301Pathophysiology00000
CRTR 1308Realtime Court Reporting I00000
COSC 1301Introduction to Computing00000
GEOL 1103Physical Geol (Lab)00000
BIOL 1309Biol Non-Sci Mjrs II (Lect)(C)00000
MATH 1324Math Business & Soc Sci (Cf)00000
HIST 2322World Civilizations II (C)00000
COMM 2366Film Appreciation (C)00000
MATH 0303Introductory Algebra (M)00000
CRTR 1314Court Reporting Technology I00000
CRTR 1202Law and Legal Terminology00000
ECON 2302Princ of Microeconomics (Cf)00000
NCBM 0124Ncb Instruction for Math 132400000
ENGL 2342Intro Novel\Short Story (C)00000
MATH 1325Calculus Business & Soc Sci00000
HIST 2321World Civilizations I (C)00000
PSYC 2301General Psychology (Cf)00000
NCBM 0314Ncb Instruction for Math 131400000
MATH 1314College Algebra (C)00000
SPCH 1321Business & Profess Comm (C)00000
PSYC 2315Psychology Of Adjustment00000
NCBM 0302Ncb Instruction for Math00000
ACCT 2301Princ of Financial Acct (F)00000
BIOL 1108Biol Non-Sci Mjrs I (Lab)00000
BIOL 1109Biol Non-Sci Mjrs II (Lab)00000
CRTR 2435Accelerated Machine Shorthand00000
CHEM 1106Intro Chem I (Lab) (F)00000
CHEM 1111General Chem I (Lab) (F)00000
CRIJ 1306Court Systems & Practices (F)00000
PSYC 2319Social Psychology (F)00000
CRTR 2312Court Reporting Procedures00000
CRIJ 1310Fndmntls of Criminal Law (F)00000
ENGL 2307Creative Writing00000
CHEM 1306Intro Chem I (Lect) (Cf)00000
HIST 1301United States History I (C)00000
CRTR 2401Intermed Machine Shorthand00000
MATH 0305Intermediate Algebra00000
ARTS 2316Painting I00000
NCBM 0142Ncb Instruction For Math 134200000
ENGL 2323British Literature II (Cf)00000
PSYC 2306Human Sexuality (C)00000
ENGL 2341Forms of Literature (Cf)00000
ARTS 1303Art History I (C)00000
GOVT 2306Texas Government (Cf)00000
BIOL 2404Anat & Phys (Specialized) (C)00000
BIOL 2421Microbiology Sci Mjrs (F)00000
COMM 1307Intro Mass Comm (C)00000
SPCH 1315Public Speaking (C)00000
CRTR 2331Court Reporter Cert Prep00000
BIOL 1308Biol Non-Sci Mjrs I (Lect) (C)00000
ENGL 1302Composition II (Cf)00000
BIOL 1106Biol Sci Majors I (Lab)00000
GEOL 1304Historical Geology (C)00000
GOVT 2305Federal Government (Cf)00000
BUSI 2370Quantative Method Busi/Econ00000
BCIS 1305Bus Computer Applications (F)00000
BUSI 1301Business Principles (F)00000
CRTR 2311Court Reporting Comm II00000
MUSI 1306Music Appreciation (C)00000
READ 0308Reading The Content Area (M)00000
MATH 2314Calculus II (C)00000