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EOU Course Reviews

Eastern Oregon University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 317LVertebrate Struct Lab00000
CH 320Hlthy Act/Games Youth00000
BA 409Practicum00000
BIOL 212LPrin of Biology Lab00000
BA 482Project Mgmt/Planning/Control00000
BA 333Ind Income Tax00000
BIOL 415Forest Ecology w/lab00000
ART 321Digital Design*APC00000
BA 428Auditing00000
ART 412Capstone Exhibition00000
BIOL 101Intro to Biology*SMI00000
BA 506Global Business Intelligence00000
BA 270Quickbooks and Related Tech00000
BIOL 233LHuman Anat & Phys Lab00000
ART 206Art History III*AEH00000
BIOL 342LGenetics Lab00000
BA 347Workplace Diversity00000
BIOL 490Evolution00000
ANTH 357Media, Self and Society00000
CH 422Gerontology/Hlthy Act00000
ART 380Intermediate Painting00000
BA 461Organizational Behavior00000
ANTH 380Native Peoples Oregon00000
BA 501Managerial Communications00000
ART 480Advanced Painting00000
BA 530Contemp Mgmt & Org00000
BA 511Operational Decision Making00000
BA 220Gender, Work & Society*SSC00000
BIOL 111Environmental Biology00000
ART 120Design I*APC00000
BIOL 231LHum Anat/Phys Lab00000
BA 315QuickBooks & Related Tech00000
BIOL 244Surv Medical Microbiology00000
ANTH 335Culture/Health & Illness00000
BIOL 334Plant Taxonomy w/lab00000
BA 341Global Agribusiness Management00000
BIOL 357General Ecology00000
ART 261Beg Digital Photography*APC00000
BIOL 432Animal Physiology w/lab00000
BA 383Intermed Account I00000
CH 252First Aid & Safety00000
ACCT 428Forensic Acct & Fraud Exam00000
CH 351Intro to Community Health00000
BA 416Legal Issues For Leaders00000
CH 433Alc&Drugs:Use/Misuse/Addiction00000
ANTH 362Stone Tools: Flintknap/Lithic00000
BA 451Human Resource Mgmt00000
ART 401Senior Theory and Practice00000
BA 464Promotion Strategy00000
AE 342Agribusiness Marketing00000
BA 490Senior Project00000
ART 443Advanced Screen Printing00000
BA 503Marketing Strategies & Technqs00000
ANTH 401Capstone I00000
BA 509Optimization00000
BA 101Intro to Bus in Global Env*GTW00000
BA 526Taxes & Bus Strategies00000
BA 522Emotional Int & Mgrl Effectvns00000
BA 211Financial Account00000
BA 570Intl Bus:Strat/Tech00000
ANTH 499Senior Seminar00000
BIOL 103Intro to Biology*SMI00000
BA 231Data Management/Analysis-Excel00000
BIOL 211Prin of Biology*SMI00000
ANTH 310Bioarchlgy: Law, Ethcs, Contvr00000
BIOL 213Prin of Biology*SMI00000
BA 312Prin Of Marketing00000
BIOL 232LHum Anat/Phys Lab00000
ART 205Art History II*AEH00000
BIOL 234Intro Microbiology w/lab00000
BA 323Quantitative Business Analysis00000
BIOL 313Riparian Biology w/lab00000
ACCT 420Governmental & Non-Profit Acct00000
BIOL 323LGen Microbiology Lab00000
BA 334Corporation Tax00000
BIOL 341Genetics w/lab00000
ART 240Intro To Printmaking*APC00000
BIOL 345Molecular Biology00000
BA 343Agribusiness Finance00000
BIOL 401Research00000
ANTH 348Primate Conserv & Behav00000
BIOL 431Cell Struct/Function00000
BA 365Marketing Research00000
BIOL 445Immunology00000
ART 290Intro to Sculpture*APC00000
CH 225Nutrition00000
BA 385Intermed Account III00000
CH 314Health & Humanities00000
ACCT 383Intermediate Accounting00000
CH 334Female Development in Adolesce00000
BA 411Business Ethics and Society00000
CH 380Leg & Eth Iss/Hlth Ed & Prmtn00000
ART 360Intermediate Photography00000
BA 420Non-Profit Account00000
ACCT 303Accounting Info Sys & Mgmt00000
ACCT 390International Accounting00000
ANTH 202Intro Physical Anthro*SSC00000
ANTH 407The Anthropology of Science00000
BA 131Business Info and Data Process00000
BA 524Disaster Recov & Bus Cont00000