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EMU Course Reviews

Eastern Michigan University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
NURS 220Health Assessment2.53.5332
PLSC 330Urban Politics55431
SWKE 462Pract w/Lesbian, Gay,Bisexual25111
PLSC 386WUS Supreme Court Simulation25111
CHL 453Illustrated Texts: Picture Books, Comics, and Graphic Novels55431
CHL 137Harry Potter:Lit Allusion,Chld55431
PLSC 215Civil Rghts&Liberties Divrs US15111
BIO 310Ecology31431
CHEM 122General Chemistry I Lab42431
ANTH 340Language & Culture00000
AFC 101Introduction to Africology and African American Studies00000
ARTE 460Approaches to Teaching Visual Art Education00000
ANTH 135Intro to Culturl Anthrop00000
ADPM 499Independent Study00000
ANTH 492L6Undergraduate Research in Anthropology00000
AD2D 301Drawing:Themes & Strategies00000
ARTH 473Women in Art00000
AFC 311The African Diaspora00000
ARTS 103Ceramics for Non-Majors00000
ARTS 230Metalsmithing I00000
ACC 646Financial Mgmt Nonprofit Orgs00000
AD2D 504Wtrclr:ExprmntsW/Imgry&Process00000
AFC 502African Philosophical Thought and Aesthetics00000
ARTS 405Advanced Life Drawing00000
ARTS 525Ceramics00000
AD3D 321Digital Fabrication: An Exploration in Making00000
AGIN 212Introduction to Gerontology00000
AMUS 115ASecondary Applied Music-Clar00000
ADPM 301DigPhoto: Image & Context00000
ANTH 237Native North American Cultures00000
AD 674CCritique&Prof Prep Seminar00000
ANTH 430Museum Anthropology00000
ADPM 504Animation,Video&Moving Image00000
ANTH 598Independent Study00000
ACC 572Investment&Tax Fin Planning00000
ARTH 162Survey of Western Art I00000
AFC 243Black Women: Politics & Racism00000
ARTH 572Baroque Art and Architecture00000
AD2D 330Color00000
ARTS 123Foundations Drawing I00000
AFC 379Race and the Zombie00000
ARTS 311Etching and Intaglio00000
ACC 489L4Internship00000
ARTS 497Independent Study00000
AFC 542Race,Crime&African Amer Exp00000
ARTS 546Furniture Design00000
ACC 697Independent Study00000
AGIN 497Independent Study00000
AD3D 504Metalsmithing00000
AGIN 512Psychosocial Aspects of Aging over the Life Course00000
AGIN 528Advanced Issues in Dementia Care00000
ACC 498Directed Studies00000
AD 121Two-Dimensional Design00000
ADGD 287L4Co-op Education Graphic Design00000
AHPR 196Intro to Health Careers00000
AMA 313Contempo Issues in Arts Mgmt00000
ADGD 323Experimental Typography00000
AMA 427Grant Writing for the Arts00000
AMA 697Independent Study00000
ADGD 592Poster Design00000
AMUS 415ASecondary Applied Music-Cello00000
AD 672Graduate Studio00000
ANTH 210History Anthropological Theory00000
ADPM 304Animation, Video&Moving Image00000
ANTH 329Medical Anthropology00000
ACC 546Government&Non-Profit Acctg00000
ANTH 363World Prehistory00000
ADPM 502Mobile Games & Interaction00000
ANTH 471Adv Research in Bioarchaeology00000
AD 696Seminar in Contemporary Art00000
ANTH 499Independent Study00000
ADPM 531Lens Based Studio Lighting00000
ARTE 355Interpreting Art in Visual Art Education00000
ACC 450Internal Auditing00000
ARTE 598Capstone00000
AFC 221Black Liberation Struggles00000
ARTH 368History of Classical Art00000
AD2D 304Wtrclr:ExprmntsW/Imgry&Process00000
ARTH 497Independent Study00000
AFC 272Hip Hop Lyricism in African American Culture00000
ARTH 599Independent Study00000
ACC 589Accounting Internship00000
ARTS 109Fibers for Non-Majors00000
AFC 361The African American Family00000
ARTS 210Screen Printing I00000
AD2D 501Drawing:Themes & Strategies00000
ARTS 288Co-op Education in Art00000
AFC 446Hist of African American Women00000
ARTS 352Experimental Typography00000
ACC 287L4Co-op Education in Accounting00000
ARTS 451AdvancedGraphicDesignStudio I00000
AFC 507The African Political Economy00000
ARTS 505Drawing00000
AD3D 303FurnitureDsn:BendingTechniques00000
AMA 488L4Internship in Arts Management00000
AD 127Foundations Digital Media00000
ADGD 333Motion Graphics00000
AMA 499Independent Study00000
AMA 527Grant Prop Wrtg & Mgmt in Arts00000
ADGD 401Adv Graphic Design Studio I00000