Emory Course Reviews

Emory University

ANT 372WThe Craft of Ethnography00000
ANTHOX 205EFoundations in Global Health00000
AMST 498RSupervised Reading and Study00000
ANT 307WHuman Evolution00000
ANES 513Anesthesia Delivery Systems& Equip00000
AFS 386Postcolonial African Art00000
ANT 510Medical Anthropology00000
ACT 518Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs00000
ANCMED 202RLiterature & Traditions00000
ACT 618Auditing00000
ANT 231Predictive Health and Society00000
ANES 540BClinical Methods II00000
AFS 221The Making of Modern Africa00000
ANT 334Evolutionary Medicine00000
ACT 410Legal Environment of Business00000
ANT 415Methods in Biocultural Anthropology00000
AMST 285Special Topics: American Questions00000
ANT 799RDissertation Research00000
AAS 384Slavery in US History and Culture00000
APHI 520DIntro Applied Public Health Informatics00000
ACT 612BFinancial Reporting II00000
ANES 505BInstrumentation/Physiology/Pharmacology Lab II00000
AAS 398RDirected Readings00000
ANES 535APrinciples of Instrumentation and Monitoring I00000
ACT 710AInfo. & Global Cap Markets00000
ANT 203Foundations of Linguistics00000
ANES 611ASenior Seminar In Anesthesia I00000
AEPI 538DApplied Data Analysis00000
ANT 280RAnthro. Perspectives00000
ACT 211Managerial Accounting00000
ANT 325Language, Gender and Sexuality00000
AFS 319Media, Islam, and Social Movements00000
ANT 344Blackness & Politics of Space00000
AAS 346African American Politics00000
ANT 386Special Topics:Anthropology00000
AFS 495BWAfrican Studies Honors00000
ANT 499Anthropological Capstone00000
ACT 512Financial Reporting & Analysis00000
ANT 560Methods in Cultural Anthropology00000
AMST 388Topics: Race, Gender, and the South00000
ANTHOX 201QConcepts & Methods in Biological Anthropology00000
AAS 285Special Topics in African American Studies00000
ANTHOX 352QWGlobalizations & Transnat Cultures00000
AMSTOX 385RSpecial Topics: American Studies00000
APHI 545DInformation Security and Privacy00000
AAS 385WTopics in Afr American Studies00000
ANCMED 498RWIndependent Writing00000
ACT 615Federal Income Taxation00000
ANES 509Anesthesia Practice Seminar00000
AAS 304Music & Revolution in 1960s00000
ANES 525Applied Anatomy for Anesthesia Practice00000
ACT 690Professional Development II00000
ANES 536BAnesthesiology Practice II00000
AAS 485WSpecial Topics Seminar00000
ANES 561BClinical Anesthesia II00000
ACT 713BAdvanced Topics in Accounting Research II00000
ANT 200Foundations of Behavior00000
ANES 680BComprehensive Examinations II00000
AEPI 515DIntroduction to Public Health Surveillance00000
ANT 207Foundation Development Studies00000
AASOX 262WSurvey of African-American Literature Since 190000000
ANT 252Fast Food/Slow Food00000
AEPI 597DApplied EPI Directed Study00000
ANT 302Primate Behavior & Ecology00000
AAS 326Black Christian Thought00000
ANT 315Ancient DNA and Human Evolution00000
AFS 280RAnthro. Perspectives00000
ANT 331Cross-Cult Issues In Mental Health00000
ACT 318Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs00000
ANT 340Topics in Sociolinguistics00000
AFS 366WDevelopment Issues for Africa00000
ANT 352Globalization & Transnational Culture00000
AAS 272Race, Gender & Visual Repres00000
ANT 380Muslim Cultures and Politics00000
AFS 398Dir Reading:African Studies00000
ANT 402Advanced Seminar in Cultural Anthropology00000
ACT 417Professional Accounting Research00000
ANT 495BWHonors Research II00000
AMST 190Freshman Seminar: American Studies00000
ANT 502Theory and Ethnography in the New Millennium00000
AAS 359Studies in African American Literature: 1900 to Present00000
ANT 555RResearch Seminar in Biological Anthropology00000
AMST 385WSpecial Topics: American Studies00000
ANT 797RDirected Study00000
ACT 514Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation00000
ANTHOX 101QIntroduction to Anthropology00000
AMST 495RWHonors Thesis00000
ANTHOX 205Foundations in Global Health00000
AAS 261WSurvey of African-American Literature Before 190000000
ANTHOX 280RWAnthropological Perspectives00000
AMSTOX 315American Education00000
ANTHOX 397REDirected Study00000
ACT 597RSpecial Topics00000
ANCMED 101Introduction to Ancient Mediterranean Societies00000
AAS 239History of African Americans Since 186500000
AAS 262Survey of African-American Literature Since 190000000
AAS 318Art and Social Change00000
AAS 495AHonors Research00000
ACTOX 210Financial Accounting00000
ANES 840General Med School Anesthesiology Holding00000