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Elon Course Reviews

Elon University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COM 270Sports Production00000
COM 3753D Animation00000
CHN 121Elementary Chinese I00000
COE 320TS: Unconventional Journey00000
CHN 2020Intermediate Chinese II00000
CHML 212Organic Chemistry II Lab00000
COM 333Religion and Media00000
BUS 376The App Economy00000
CHN 374Chinese Culture & Society00000
BUS 1110Gateway to Business00000
COE 310TS: Careers in Psych00000
CJS 491Ind. Study: Human Trafficking00000
CHM 4010Advanced Chemistry Lab00000
COM 220Creating Multimedia Content00000
BIOL 4213Advanced Genetics Lab00000
COM 320Editing and Design00000
CHML 353Advanced Biochemistry Lab00000
COM 350Web and Mobile Publishing00000
BIO 3220Intro to Cancer Biology00000
COM 416The Screenplay00000
BUS 462Business Fellows Seminar00000
CHN 471Advanced Chinese00000
BIO 4212Advanced Genetics00000
CJS 255Organized Crime00000
CHM 1110General Chemistry I00000
CLA 1710The Ancient Enviroment00000
CLA 170What Is Beauty00000
CHM 3410Inorganic Chemistry00000
COE 313Personal Finance 10100000
BIOL 347Dendrology Lab00000
COM 100Communications Global Age00000
CHML 111General Chemistry I Lab00000
COM 258Visual Communication00000
BIO 2213Principles of Genetics Lab00000
COM 315Multimedia News Production00000
CHML 332Physical Chem Lab00000
COM 328Photojournalism00000
BUS 221Legal Ethical Enviro Business00000
COM 337Health Communications00000
CHMR 211Recitation: Organic Chem I00000
COM 358Design of Visual Images00000
BIO 350General Ecology00000
COM 386L.A: Entertainment Prodn00000
CHN 311Chinese Language Tutorial00000
COM 450Multimedia Journalism00000
BIO 3622General Ecology00000
CHN 376Business Chinese00000
BUS 491Ind. Study: BF Consulting Sem00000
CHN 1020Elementary Chinese II00000
BIO 374Biotech Special Topics00000
CHN 3210Advanced Chinese I00000
CHM 495Senior Seminar in Biochemistry00000
CJS 374Multiple Murderers00000
BIOL 253Gen Microbio Hth Profl Lab00000
CJS 2550Organized Crime00000
CHM 2110Organic Chemistry I00000
CLA 370Race & Ethnicity Anc. Med.00000
CLA 181Classical Mythology00000
CHM 3320Physical Chemistry I00000
CLA 2430Culture of Ancient Rome00000
BIOL 341Botany Lab00000
COE 311TS: Explore Self/Careers00000
CHM 3520Biochemistry Lab00000
COE 317Careers/Student Affairs00000
BIO 1064Biology: The Science of Life00000
COE 382Co-Op Work Exp II00000
CHM 4971Senior Seminar in Biochemistry00000
COM 170Maroon Sport Broadcasting00000
BIOL 3523Developmental Bio Lab00000
COM 252Public Relations/Civic Respon00000
CHML 112General Chemistry II Lab00000
COM 262Interpersonal Communication00000
BIO 346Wetlands Ecology and Mgt00000
COM 311Broadcast News Writing00000
CHML 311Quant Analysis Lab00000
COM 318Writing for Visual Media00000
BUS 201Gateway to Business00000
COM 324Television Production00000
CHML 341Inorganic Chemistry Lab00000
COM 330International Communications00000
BIO 2512Intro Population Biology00000
COM 335Sports and Media00000
CHML 2110Organic Chemistry I Lab00000
COM 339The Future of the Internet00000
BUS 365Advanced Case Analysis00000
COM 355The Documentary00000
CHMR 2110Recitation: Organic Chem I00000
COM 362Strategic Research Methods00000
BIO 316Developmental Biology00000
COM 380Media Workshop00000
CHN 221Intermediate Chinese I00000
COM 411The '60 Minutes' Master Class00000
BUS 391Ind Stud-Innovation Challenge00000
CHN 372Advanced Chinese II00000
ART 301Life Drawing00000
BIO 334Herpetology00000
BIO 481Internship in BIO/ELR00000
BIOL 321Microbiology Lab00000
CHM 3110Quantitative Analysis00000
CLA 243Culture of Ancient Rome00000