ELAC Course Reviews

East Los Angeles College

MATH 230Mathematics For Liberal Arts Students13211
ART 202Drawing II00000
BIOLOGY 009Human Ecology00000
CAOT 084Microcomputer Office Applications: Word Processing00000
ASL 033Fundamentals of Fingerspelling00000
ARC 171Architectural Detailing00000
BSICSKL 105DCEPreparatory Mathematics: Solving Linear Equations and Linear...00000
ADMJUS 421Respect-Based Leadership In Law Enforcement00000
ANATOMY 001Introduction To Human Anatomy00000
ART 285Directed Study - Art00000
ART 502Beginning Three-Dimensional Design00000
ASIAN 020Asian And Asian American Film00000
ARC 110Introduction To Architecture00000
AUTOMO 201Automatic Transmission And Transaxle00000
ADMJUS 322Custodial Report Writing I00000
BRDCSTG 001Fundamentals Of Television And Radio Broadcasting00000
ARC 261Computer-Aided Design For Architecture I00000
CAOT 002Computer Keyboarding and Document Applications II00000
ADMJUS 121Search And Seizure Update00000
CAOT 152Mobile Apps For Business00000
ADMJUS 931Cooperative Education - Administration Of Justice00000
ART 306Acrylic Painting III00000
ADMJUS 142Bailiff Orientation00000
ANIMATN 221Advanced Three-Dimensional Animation I00000
ART 605Graphic Design II00000
ART 708Introduction To Ceramics00000
ARTHIST 201Visual Cultural Studies Museum Internship00000
ANTHRO 103Archaeology: Reconstructing The Human Past00000
ASL 006English-To-American Sign Language Interpreting/Transliterati...00000
ADMJUS 193Background Investigation00000
ASL 065Transliterating00000
ARC 131History Of Architecture II00000
AUTOMO 701Automobile Heating And Air Conditioning00000
ADMJUS 098Basic Training Academy00000
BIOLOGY 185Directed Study - Biology00000
ARC 201Architectural Design I00000
BSICSKL 082CEGed Preparation: Reading Skills00000
ADMJUS 339Drug Recognition, Investigation, And Reporting00000
BSICSKL 105FCEPreparatory Mathematics: Irrational Numbers and Radicals00000
ARC 282Computer-Aided Design For Architecture II Laboratory00000
CAOT 034Business Terminology00000
ADMJUS 003Legal Aspects Of Evidence00000
CAOT 110Microcomputer Office Applications: Presentation Design00000
ART 206Life Drawing III00000
CHDEV 002Early Childhood: Principles And Practices00000
ADMJUS 127Security Officer Training00000
ART 304Acrylic Painting I00000
AFROAM 005The African American in the History of the U.S. II00000
ART 308Oil Painting II00000
ADMJUS 006Patrol Procedures00000
ART 600Typography I00000
ANIMATN 217Storyboards00000
ART 635Desktop Publishing Design00000
ADMJUS 158Homicide And Death Investigation00000
ANIMATN 224Advanced Three-Dimensional Animation Iv00000
ART 711Ceramics III00000
ARTHIST 120Survey Of Western Art History II00000
ARTHIST 171Introduction To Global Contemporary Art00000
ANIMATN 268Compositing00000
ASIAN 002Contemporary Asian American Issues00000
ADMJUS 174Offender Profiling In Criminal Investigations00000
ASL 003American Sign Language III00000
ANTHRO 111Laboratory In Human Biological Evolution00000
ASL 022Professional Issues And Practice I00000
ADMJUS 088Laser Firearms Training I, Basic00000
ASL 040Introduction To Deaf Culture00000
ARC 122Architectural Perspective00000
AUTOMO 101Introduction To Automobile Technology00000
ADMJUS 245Data Entry For Law Enforcement Personnel00000
AUTOMO 401Suspension, Steering, And Wheel Alignment00000
ARC 164Design Software For Architecture00000
BIOLOGY 003Introduction To Biology00000
ADDICST 082Inpatient Field Work Practicum00000
BIOLOGY 025Human Biology00000
ARC 180Computer-Aided Architectural Laboratory00000
BIOTECH 100Foundations of Laboratory Science00000
ADMJUS 328Law Enforcement Fraternization Policy00000
BSICSKL 023CECollege And Scholastic Assessment Preparation00000
ARC 211Introduction To Building Codes00000
BSICSKL 086CEGED/HiSET Preparation: Social Studies00000
ADMJUS 112Field Training Officer-Basic00000
BSICSKL 105ECEPreparatory Mathematics: Algebra with Polynomials00000
ARC 271Architectural Drawing III00000
BUS 011Job Retention and Responsibility00000
ADMJUS 353First Aid Breathing Mask00000
CAOT 031Business English00000
ART 103Art Appreciation I00000
CAOT 048Customer Service00000
ADDICST 010Addiction And The Family00000
CAOT 091Microcomputer Office Applications: Advanced Word Processing00000
ART 204Life Drawing I00000
CAOT 140Technology For The Virtual Office00000
ADMJUS 462Active Shooter Strategies00000
ARTHIST 130Survey Of Asian Art History00000
ART 209Perspective Drawing I00000
ACCTG 066Introduction to Forensic Accounting00000
ADDICST 025Clinical Counseling For Co-Occurring Disorders00000
ADMJUS 062Fingerprint Classification00000
ADMJUS 163Intermediate Traffic Collision Investigation00000
ANIMATN 227Three-Dimensional Animation Project00000