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ELAC Course Reviews

East Los Angeles College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 230Mathematics For Liberal Arts Students13211
KIN 301-3Swimming Skills III55551
KIN 301-2Swimming Skills II55551
CHINESE 061Elementary Chinese Conversation00000
CHEM 065Introductory General Chemistry00000
ART 635Desktop Publishing Design00000
ANIMATN 226Three-Dimensional Previsualization and Camera Techniques00000
COSCI 252Discrete Structures With Application Programming00000
ASL 055Interpreting00000
DANCETQ 111Ballet Techniques I00000
BIOLOGY 022Marine Biology00000
CHDEV 034Observing And Recording Children's Behavior00000
ART 215Animal Drawing00000
CHICANO 027Chicana/O Lgbtq Literature00000
ADMJUS 931Cooperative Education - Administration Of Justice00000
COMM 106Forensics00000
ARTHIST 285Directed Study - Art History00000
CS 113Programming in Java00000
ADMJUS 062Fingerprint Classification00000
DANCETQ 174Hip-Hop Techniques IV00000
ANTHRO 109Gender, Sex And Culture00000
ADMJUS 214First Aid Instructor Training00000
BRDCSTG 001Fundamentals Of Television And Radio Broadcasting00000
ARC 131History Of Architecture II00000
BSICSKL 105CCEPreparatory Mathematics: Properties of Exponentials and Scie...00000
BSICSKL 105FCEPreparatory Mathematics: Irrational Numbers and Radicals00000
CHDEV 003Creative Experiences For Children I00000
ART 185Directed Study - Art00000
CHDEV 051Parenting: Home And School Focus00000
ADMJUS 374Case Management For Supervisors00000
CHICANO 004Introduction To Chicana/O Studies00000
ART 501Beginning Two-Dimensional Design00000
CHICANO 056Chicano/A Youth And Gangs00000
ADMJUS 002Concepts Of Criminal Law00000
CIS 193Database Essentials in Amazon Web Services00000
ARTHIST 131Introduction To Asian Art: East And The Pacific00000
COSCI 216Computer Architecture and Assembly Language00000
ANIMATN 216Layout And Background Art00000
COUNSEL 001Introduction To College00000
ASL 010American Sign Language-to-English Interpreting/Transliterati...00000
DANCEST 452Introduction To Choreography00000
ACCTG 022Bookkeeping And Accounting II00000
DANCETQ 142Modern Dance Techniques II00000
AUTOMO 501Automobile Braking Systems00000
DANCETQ 212Tap Dance Techniques II00000
ADMJUS 088Laser Firearms Training I, Basic00000
BIOLOGY 285Directed Study - Biology00000
ARC 115Architectural Practice00000
BSICSKL 034CEHigh School Equivalency Test Preparation00000
ACCTG 035Special Enrollment Examination Preparation - Representation,...00000
BSICSKL 105HCEPreparatory Mathematics: Arithmetic with Fractions00000
ARC 165Sustainable Design And Building Information Modeling00000
ADMJUS 260Juvenile Corrections Officer Core Course00000
CAOT 002Computer Keyboarding and Document Applications II00000
ARC 173Architectural Drawing II00000
CAOT 032Business Communications00000
CAOT 034Business Terminology00000
CAOT 151Mobile Apps For Academic Success00000
ARC 280Computer-Aided Design For Architecture I Laboratory00000
CHDEV 022Practicum In Child Development I00000
ADMJUS 342Custodial Report Writing III00000
CHDEV 042Teaching In A Diverse Society00000
ART 203Drawing III00000
CHDEV 062Developmental Profiles: Pre-Birth Through Age Eight00000
ADDICST 025Clinical Counseling For Co-Occurring Disorders00000
CHEM 211Organic Chemistry For Science Majors I00000
ART 306Acrylic Painting III00000
CHICANO 019History Of Mexico00000
ADMJUS 456Legal Update - 24 Hours00000
CHICANO 047The Mexican-American Woman In Society00000
ART 601Typography II00000
CHICANO 285Directed Study - Chicano Studies00000
ACCTG 017Payroll Accounting00000
CIS 123Microcomputers in Business00000
ARTHIST 100Introduction To Visual Culture And Cultural Studies00000
CITIZN 050CECitizenship For Immigrants00000
ALDHTH 057Computers In Health Occupations00000
COMM 151Small Group Communication00000
ARTHIST 171Introduction To Global Contemporary Art00000
COSCI 236Introduction To Data Structures00000
ADMJUS 005Criminal Investigation00000
COSCI 277Database Essentials in Amazon Web Services00000
ASL 001American Sign Language I00000
COUNSEL 040College Success Seminar00000
ANIMATN 219Animation Process And Production00000
CS 131Discrete Structures for Computer Science00000
ASL 033Fundamentals of Fingerspelling00000
DANCEST 820Dance Staging And Methods00000
ACADPR 014CEMathematics: Ratio, Proportion, And Percent00000
DANCETQ 122Jazz Dance Techniques II00000
AUTOMO 111Engine Repair And Rebuilding00000
DANCETQ 173Hip Hop Techniques III00000
ANIMATN 268Compositing00000
ARC 202Architectural Design II00000
CAOT 082Microcomputer Software Survey In The Office00000
CAOT 092Computer Windows Application00000
BIOLOGY 003Introduction To Biology00000
ACADPR 003CELanguage Arts: Writing Essays00000
ACCTG 003Intermediate Accounting I00000
ADDICST 007Addiction Treatment And Recovery00000