EKU Course Reviews

Eastern Kentucky University

VTS 200Intro to Veterans Studies55431
AFS 214Leadership Seminar00000
AVN 315Aviation Safety Programs00000
BEM 300Performance in Electronic Medi00000
AGR 345Sustainable Agroecosystems00000
AFA 201The African Experience00000
AVN 415Instructor Pilot-SEL: Ground00000
AED 740Art Teaching: Scondary School00000
AEM 330Materials Testing & Metrology00000
AFS 414Leadership Seminar00000
AGR 210Agricultural Measurements00000
AGR 321Feeds and Feeding00000
AEM 801Economics for Lean Operations00000
AGR 376Anatomy & Physical Dom Animals00000
ADM 413Apparel Product Development00000
AVN 341Airport Mgt II: Plan & Finance00000
AFA 400Race and Ethnicity00000
AVN 460Aviation Law00000
ACC 790Acc Res & Mind Map-CPA Exam00000
BEM 350Cinema History I00000
AEM 202Introduction to Quality00000
AGR 126Animal Science Laboratory00000
ADM 201Introduction to Textiles00000
AEM 352Robotics and Automated Systems00000
AGR 225Eval & Selection of Livestock00000
AGR 301Directed Work Experience00000
AGR 311Agriculture Metal Fabrication00000
AEM 467Comp Exam for BS in ETM00000
AGR 329Sheep and Goat Production00000
ADM 339Visual Merchandising00000
AGR 372Topics & Labs in Animal Scienc00000
AEM 820Industrial Tech Proposal00000
AGR 404Advanced Pest Management00000
ACC 721Govt & Not-for-Profit Acct00000
AVN 333ACmmrcl Pilot-MEL: Flight III00000
AFA 247AFA Special Tpoics00000
AVN 370Aviation Supervision & Ledrshp00000
AED 360Intro to Materials Inquiry00000
AVN 421AInstrmnt Instructor-SEL: Flght00000
AFS 114Leadership Seminar00000
BEM 200Mass Media and Society00000
ACC 349Co-op or Appl Lrn: Accounting00000
BEM 320Digital Publishing Design00000
AFS 314Leadership Seminar00000
BEM 352Film Techniques & Technology00000
ADM 102Intro Apparel Production00000
AGR 115Operation of Ag Equipment00000
AEM 308Methods of Lean Operations00000
AGR 131Plant Science Laboratory00000
ACC 441Auditing I00000
AGR 215Principles of Soils00000
AEM 336Reliability and Sampling00000
AGR 255Companion Animal Management00000
ADM 300Apparel and Textile Sourcing00000
AEM 382Advanced Material Processing00000
AGR 302DDairy Cattle Option00000
AGR 302ECrops Option00000
AGR 308Agricultural Economics00000
AEM 407Fundamentals of Project Mgmt00000
AGR 318Soil/Water Conserv Techn Lab00000
ADM 313Apparel Design & Quality00000
AGR 327Beef Production00000
AEM 506Six Sigma Quality00000
AGR 332Poultry Production & Managemen00000
ACC 527Adv. Mgmt. Accting. Seminar00000
AGR 350Agricultural Marketing00000
AEM 804Project Management00000
AGR 374Genetics of Livestock Improvem00000
ADM 412Advanced Apparel Design00000
AGR 380Tech Mgt of Dairy Cattle00000
AEM 839Applied Learning in Tech Mgmt00000
AGR 411Senior Seminar00000
ACC 322STax I00000
AVN 331ACmmrcl Pilot-MEL: Flight I00000
AFA 202WThe African-American Exp00000
AVN 335Weather Reporting/Analysis00000
ADM 550Sociology of ADM00000
AVN 350Air Transportation00000
AFA 361African American Literature00000
AVN 402Corporate & Business Aviation00000
ACC 725Forensic Accounting00000
AVN 416AInstrctr & Cmmrcl Plt-SEL Flgh00000
AFS 112Leadership Seminar00000
AVN 423AInstrctr Plt-Mlt-Engn: Flght00000
AED 540Teaching Art in Schools00000
AVN 470National Air Space System00000
AFS 212Leadership Seminar00000
BEM 203Introduction to Media Writing00000
ACC 251Intro to Accounting Systems00000
BEM 302Journalism Practicum00000
AFS 312Leadership Seminar00000
BEM 330Sports Writing and Reporting00000
AEM 195Computer Aided Drafting00000
AGR 302FSheep Option00000
AFS 412Leadership Seminar00000
ACC 201Introduction to Financial Acc00000
ACC 302Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACC 523Taxation of Corporations00000
ADM 310Historical Costume & Soc Order00000
AEM 3903-D Parametric Solid Modeling00000