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EKU Course Reviews

Eastern Kentucky University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
VTS 200Intro to Veterans Studies55431
CED 100CL I: Intro to the Ed Profess00000
CIS 320Forensic Comput: Investigation00000
CON 303Statics & Strength of Material00000
CHE 715LSynt & Analytical Methods Lab00000
CDS 372Methods & Materials Comm. Dis.00000
CMS 310Team Build and Small Group Com00000
BIO 880Current Review of Biology00000
BUS 306Essentials of Supply Chain Mgt00000
CED 840Clinical X: Practicing Teachin00000
CHE 111General Chemistry I00000
CHE 574Physical Chemistry I00000
CDF 450Early Childhood Practicum00000
CHE 881Graduate Colloquium00000
BIO 757Ichthyology00000
CIS 850Management of Information Syst00000
CDS 771Neural Bases of Communication00000
CMS 450Mediation00000
BIO 528Virology00000
CON 428Sustainable Construction00000
BUS 204Fund. of Bus. Law and Ethics00000
CHE 102Introductory Chemistry II00000
BIO 547Comp Vertebrate Embryology00000
CCT 550Integrated Corporate Comm00000
CHE 325Analytical Chemistry00000
CHE 385WChemical Literature00000
CHE 502Polymers & Particles00000
CDF 363Early Childhood Literacy00000
CHE 701CChem. of Functional Materials00000
BIO 747Comp Vertebrate Embryology00000
CHE 810Professional Training00000
CDF 744Early Child Dev&Prog Planning00000
CHS 210Spec Prob in Health Sciences00000
BIO 371Neuroanatomy00000
CIS 375Networks & Telecommunications00000
CDS 487Aural Rehabilitation00000
CMS 215Business and Prof Presentation00000
BIO 801Scien Lit & Writing-Biology00000
CMS 375Intercultural Communication00000
CDS 875Adult Neuro. Lang. Disorders00000
COM 420Mass Communications Research00000
BIO 307Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
CON 325Construction Estimating00000
CED 499IC VI:The Professional Semester00000
CON 827New Construction Entity00000
BIO 535Pathogenic Microbiology00000
CHE 101Introductory Chemistry00000
BUS 302Essentials of Finance00000
CHE 105Chemistry for Health Science00000
BIO 315Genetics00000
CHE 112LGeneral Chemistry Lab II00000
CCT 300WManagerial Reports00000
CHE 361LOrganic Chemistry Lab I00000
BIO 728Virology00000
CDF 203Phil & His Fou of the EC Prof00000
CHE 425LInstrumental Analysis Lab00000
CHE 432Biochemistry Laboratory00000
CHE 501AAbs Basics of ICP-MS & ICP-OES00000
CDF 331Marriage & Intimate Relationsh00000
CHE 520Mass Spectrometry00000
BIO 736Dendrology00000
CHE 575Physical Chemistry II00000
CDF 424Diversity Awareness Prof Prac00000
CHE 701BBasic Neurochemistry00000
BIO 335Plant Systematics00000
CHE 774LPhysical Chemistry Lab I00000
CDF 547Organ & Admin Early Child Prog00000
CHE 830Applied Biochemistry00000
BIO 753Mammalogy00000
CHE 899CCont' of Thesis Research00000
CDS 275Intro Communication Disorders00000
CIS 215Intro to Business Programming00000
BIO 271Advanced Human Anatomy00000
CIS 340Electronic Business Tech/Tools00000
CDS 380Intro to Clinical Audiology00000
CIS 430Business Data Mining I00000
BIO 790Ecology for Teachers00000
CMS 200Interpersonal Communication00000
CDS 571WNeural Bases of Communication00000
CMS 300Business & Professional Spkg00000
BIO 514Evolution00000
CMS 335Advanced Public Speaking00000
CDS 772Speech and Hearing Science00000
CMS 410Human Communication Theory00000
BIO 839Co-op or Appl. Lrn: Biology00000
COM 300Exit Requirement:Communication00000
CDS 879Dsyphagia00000
CON 202Materials & Meth of Const II00000
BEM 495Video Production III00000
CON 321Boundary Surveying00000
CED 300Clinical III:Curric & Ins Des00000
CON 420Engineering Economy00000
BTS 400College to Careers Conf -SBUS00000
CHE 485Chemistry Seminar00000
CED 820Clinical VIII: Design Instruct00000
BEM 301Multimedia Newswriting00000
BIO 111Cell and Molecular Biology00000
BIO 319General Zoology00000
BIO 733Bioinformatics:Princples & App00000
CDF 243Intro Family Life Programs00000