EIU Course Reviews

Eastern Illinois University

ART 5772Studies in Metalsmithing II00000
BIO 3200Genetics00000
ART 3701Jewelry and Metalsmithing II00000
ART 5561Studies in Contemporary Printmaking II00000
ART 4251Ceramics IV00000
ART 3111Sculpture II00000
BIO 1003NLife of Animals00000
AET 4970Spec Top: Constr Cost Analysis00000
ART 3940History of Graphic Design00000
ANT 44002Independent Study II00000
ART 5100OSpecial Studies I00000
ART 4703Jewelry and Metalsmithing VI00000
ART 2602GArt in the Modern Era00000
ART 5600QSpecial Studies II00000
AET 4555Honors Research00000
ART 59902Independent Study III00000
ART 3440Art for Teachers in the Elementary Grades00000
BIO 2220Anatomy and Physiology II00000
AET 2953Statics and Strength of Materials00000
BIO 3510Plant Physiology00000
AFR 2600African American Men00000
ART 4001ALife Drawing IV00000
AET 3223Architectural Drafting and Blueprint Reading00000
ART 4401Independent Study II00000
ART 1023Ceramic Studion Exploration: An Introduction to Wheel Throwi...00000
ART 5100FSpecial Studies I (Metals)00000
ART 4910Typography III00000
ART 2330GArt Appreciation00000
ART 5510Curriculum Design and Assessment in Art Education00000
AET 4333Trends in Digital Media Technology00000
ART 5600ISpecial Studies II00000
ART 2920Digital Imaging for Design00000
ART 5613Investigating the Figure00000
AET 2043Computer Aided Engineering Drawing00000
ART 5910Graduate Exhibition Practice and Procedure00000
ART 3252Ceramics III00000
BGS 3001Prior Learning Portfolio00000
AET 4823Facility Security00000
BIO 2001GHuman Physiology00000
ART 3670Nineteenth-Century Art00000
BIO 3035Economic Botany00000
ACC 5100Sp Top:Data-driven Storytellng00000
BIO 3322Dendrology00000
ART 3912Interactive/Motion Graphics I00000
BIO 3612Plant Evolution and Diversity00000
AET 3113Manufacturing Machine Processes00000
ART 4001Life Drawing III00000
ANT 3960HSpec Top: Anthropology of Food00000
ART 4111Sculpture IV00000
ACC 5450Legal and Regulatory Environment of the Accounting Professio...00000
ART 4253Ceramics VI00000
ART 1000SDrawing I00000
ART 4582Printmaking VI00000
AET 3603Mechanical Systems in Residential and Commercial Buildings00000
ART 4755SP Top: Wearable Art00000
ART 2000Life Drawing I00000
ART 5100ESpecial Studies I (Metals)00000
ART 4920Typography IV00000
ART 2310SIntroduction to Art00000
ART 5100MSpecial Studies I00000
AET 4163Computer Database in Tech00000
ART 5500Foundations of Art Education00000
ART 2560Printmaking I00000
ART 5521Studies in Graphic Design I00000
AET 1323Computers for Applied Engineering and Technology00000
ART 5572Studies in Ceramics II00000
ART 2749Professional Practices00000
ART 5600ASpecial Studies II (Sculpture)00000
AET 4444AHonors Independent Study I00000
ART 5602Methods in Digital Media00000
ART 3051Painting II00000
ART 5673Studies in Sculpture III00000
ACC 4700Auditing and Assurance Services00000
ART 5786Special Topics in Art History00000
ART 3201Digital Art II00000
ART 5990Independent Study I00000
AET 4773Safety for Engineering and Technology Professionals00000
BCT 5001Practicum in Biotechnology00000
ART 3410Art Education for Middle and Secondary Schools00000
BIO 1001GBiological Principles and Issues00000
AET 2253Construction Equipment and Materials00000
BIO 1150Biology Forum00000
ART 3610GAfrican Art00000
BIO 2005GHuman Biology00000
AET 4903OSHA Cert for General Industry00000
BIO 2961Study Abroad Elective00000
ART 3681Contemporary Art00000
BIO 3180Introduction to Ecology and Evolution00000
ACC 3400Introduction to Income Taxation00000
BIO 3300General Microbiology00000
ART 3910Typography00000
BIO 3451AUndergraduate Research I00000
AFR 1000GIntroduction to Africana Studies00000
ART 3921Graphic Design II00000
ACC 3200Intermediate Financial Accounting I00000
ACC 3950Financial Data Analysis and Technical Communications00000
ACE 4400Internship in Adult and Community Education I00000
AET 3920Ind Study-Wood Welding00000
ART 2050Painting I00000
ART 4922Interactive/Motion Graphics IV00000