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EIU Course Reviews

Eastern Illinois University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MUS 5611ROrchestra00000
NTR 5981Dietetic Internship00000
MUS 3334RAdvanced Tuba00000
MUS 5553RString Bass00000
MUS 3801Jazz Theory II00000
MUS 2502Comprehensive Musicianship IV00000
NTR 1120Introduction to Food Science00000
MUS 1133RIntermediate Euphonium00000
MUS 3400Methods and Materials of Teaching Instrumental Music00000
MUS 1163AIntermediate Jazz I00000
MUS 5523RBassoon00000
MUS 4440BAdvanced Percussion IV00000
MUS 2233BIntermediate Euphonium IV00000
MUS 5570BGraduate Composition II00000
MUS 1103Recital Attendance00000
MUS 5890Graduate Seminar in Music00000
MUS 3320RAdvanced Flute00000
NTR 4230Sp Top: Prof Development FNCE00000
MUS 0040AIntroductory Percussion I00000
NUR 3513Professional Development Concepts in Nursing II00000
MUS 1152RIntermediate Violoncello00000
MUS 3571Music Business00000
MUS 0052RIntroductory Violoncello00000
MUS 4420AAdvanced Flute III00000
MUS 1502Comprehensive Musicianship II00000
MUS 5510AGraduate Voice I00000
MUS 4555Honors Research00000
MUS 2220AIntermediate Flute III00000
MUS 5534AGraduate Tuba I00000
MUS 0221RJazz Lab Band00000
MUS 5560RPiano00000
MUS 2260AIntermediate Piano III00000
MUS 5577AGraduate Applied Orchestral Conducting I00000
MUS 0032AIntroductory Trombone I00000
MUS 5640RPercussion Ensemble00000
MUS 3101Junior Recital: Performance Option00000
MUS 5990AIndependent Study I00000
MUS 1123RIntermediate Bassoon00000
NTR 3500Professional Focus on Nutrition and Dietetics00000
MUS 3330RAdvanced Trumpet00000
NTR 5151Nutrition and Dietetics in Public Health00000
MUS 0020BIntroductory Flute II00000
NUR 1511Pathways: Health and Human Services00000
MUS 3353AAdvanced Double Bass I00000
NUR 3703Research in Professional Nursing00000
MUS 0050BIntroductory Violin II00000
MUS 3550GSurvey of American Music00000
MUS 1160AIntermediate Piano I00000
MUS 3593GSurvey of Western Musical Masterworks, Honors00000
MUS 0023RIntroductory Bassoon00000
MUS 4156Advanced Band Repertoire and Score Study00000
MUS 1310Class Instruction in Strings00000
MUS 4431BAdvanced Horn IV00000
MUS 0060RIntroductory Piano00000
MUS 4453AAdvanced Double Bass III00000
MUS 2070Electronic Music Studio Techniques00000
MUS 5100Introduction to Research in Music00000
MUS 4666Honors Seminar00000
MUS 2203Functional Skills in Piano I00000
MUS 5521ROboe00000
MUS 0204RChamber Music00000
MUS 5530RTrumpet00000
MUS 2230BIntermediate Trumpet IV00000
MUS 5550AGraduate Violin I00000
MUS 0031DIntroductory Horn III00000
MUS 5553BGraduate Double Bass II00000
MUS 2240BIntermediate Percussion IV00000
MUS 5563RGraduate Applied Jazz00000
MUS 0231RUniversity Mixed Chorus00000
MUS 5577RGraduate Applied Orchestral Conducting00000
MUS 2441Introduction to Elementary General Music Methods00000
MUS 5601RConcert Band00000
MUS 0010AIntroductory Voice I00000
MUS 5622RJazz Combo00000
MUS 2558GFilm Music: Exploring the Evolution of Music in Film00000
MUS 5702AGraduate Music Education Seminar: Contemporary Topics I00000
MUS 1121RIntermediate Oboe00000
MUS 5950Thesis00000
MUS 3156Instrumental Conducting and Literature00000
MUS 5991Non-credit Independent Study00000
MUS 0033DIntroductory Euphonium III00000
NTR 2190Honors Personal Nutrition00000
MUS 3323RAdvanced Bassoon00000
NTR 3755Nutrition Across the Lifespan00000
MUS 1131AIntermediate Horn I00000
NTR 4757Food Product Development00000
MUS 3331AAdvanced Horn I00000
NTR 5159Behavior Modification for Weight Management00000
MSC 2002Army Doctrine and Team Development00000
NTR 5982Dietetic Internship00000
MUS 3350AAdvanced Violin I00000
NUR 2823Introduction to Health and Illness Concepts in Nursing00000
MUS 1140AIntermediate Percussion I00000
MUS 3360RAdvanced Piano00000
MGT 4310SOrganizational Behavior00000
MSC 4400Independent Study in Military Science00000
MUS 0030BIntroductory Trumpet II00000
MUS 0201XConcert Band00000
MUS 2142Vocal Diction II00000
MUS 4850Jazz Band Arranging00000